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Zhao Liying’s latest update and My Top 6 Underrated Chinese Dramas [Chinese Entertainment Update]

Zhao Liying’s latest update and My Top 6 Underrated Chinese Dramas [Chinese Entertainment Update]

Hi guys, Marcus here and welcome to Chinese
Entertainment Update August 22nd 2019 edition. In this edition, Zhao Liying makes a public
appearance and my top 6 underrated Chinese dramas but an upcoming costume
drama starring Alan Yu and Xing Fei and they held their booting ceremony on August 19th. At the moment the English title is The Moon
Bright For You. Alan Yu plays a young man who on the outside,
seems like a goodlooking playboy, but underneath, his true intentions are to
exact vengeance for his clan. That is until he meets a quirky and earnest
girl, played by Xing Fei, who eventually becomes Master of the pugilistic world. Alan Yu recently starred in The Legend of
White Snake with Ju Jingyi while Xing Fei starred in Put Your Head on
My Shoulder with Ling Yi. The drama also co stars Mi Re who was recently
in Please Give Me A Pair Of Wings and Zheng Fanxing who was recently in The
Untamed. Speaking of The Untamed, the drama starring
Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo recently ended it’s run but not before inspiring some awesome
charity from it’s fans. In the past, I’ve done some videos about fans’
misbehaviors – whether it’s berating actors online
or just recently fans buying Wang Yibo’s phone number illegally and calling him
or even more recently Xiao Zhan got trapped in revolving door because people accosted
him to take his picture – well this time I’m happy to share that a fan
has done something really positive, and you guys know I’m all about spreading postivity. On August 21st, the China Youth Development
Foundation posted on Weibo to thank a Wang Yibo and Xiao Zhan fan
for donating to Hope Primary School, a project which aims to bring schools into poverty-stricken
rural areas of China. According to the donation certificate, the
amount was for 500,000 RMB. According Chinese site Sina, for a regular
office worker, 500,000 is equivalent to ten years’ salary,
and is enough to buy a house in third and fourth tier cities in China. The donation, called Bo Xiao Hope Primary
School, was named after Wang Yibo and Xiao Zhan
and carried the slogan ‘Where there is life, there is hope’. So many of you have been asking for Zhao Liying
updates and for the longest time she’s been resting at home taking care of her family
but yesterday, she made her first public appearance after becoming a mother in March. On August 22nd, Zhao Liying attend a brand
event for Honor smartphone in Beijing. Before the event, fans waited patiently outside
the venue and at 3pm Zhao Liying arrived in a white velvet dress. Even though she’s stopped working for about
a year, she sure looks like she hasn’t missed a beat. Zhao Liying had taken a hiatus mid last year
but even then rumors of her professional and private life didn’t stop. There’s one floating around online which says
that she will work with Li Xian in a drama entitled He Comes From Fire. There’s another one that says she will work
with Wang Yibo in a costume drama entitled Bandit. Not sure about the legitimacy of these but
we can always just laugh at them if they don’t materialize. The ones that I find aren’t cool are the ones
about her private life. Like recently there was one about her husband
Feng Shaofeng having an affair but his lawyers quickly came out to deny it and threatened
to take legal action. So lately I’ve been discussing some popular
Chinese dramas but what about those that are less popular but still really good? Cause you know, sometimes you come across
a drama and you really like it and you wonder why aren’t more people watching it or why
does it have such a low rating. I’ve come across a quite a few of these and
I’d like to share them with you guys in a segment I call My Top 6 Underrated Chinese
Dramas. No. 6 Princess Silver
Princess Silver stars Sophie Zhang and Aarif Rahman
and tells the story of a princess with amnesia who, during a time of political complications,
is set up with a prince who doesn’t want to marry her. It received a 6.0 rating on Douban. I didn’t think Princess Silver was a super
awesome can’t miss drama but I thought it was better than a six. I thought Sophie Zhang was very charismatic
and the two leads did have a happy ending. No. 5 Bloody Romance
Bloody Romance is a wuxia drama which stars Li Yitong and Qu Chuxiao
and tells the story of a girl who is sold to brothel but escapes and trains to become
an assassin. It received a 7.2 rating on Douban. I think the 7.2 rating is fair but I’m surprised
it doesn’t get mentioned more often when people talk about wuxia dramas. For a smaller budget drama it had great cinematography
and I still think this is Li Yitong’s best work to date. No. 4 A Love So Beautiful
A Love So Beautiful stars Shen Yue and Hu Yitian
and tells the coming of age story of a high school girl who falls in love with her neighbor. It received a 7.2 rating on Douban. This was Shen Yue and Hu Yitian’s break out
drama and I thought they were adorable in it. 7.2 is not to far off, I would have given it something
like 7.5 but as a youth web drama it certainly surpassed
my expectations. No. 3 The First Half of My Life
The First Half of My Life stars Ma Yili and Jin Dong
and tells the story of a rich and pampered woman who gets divorced and is forced to be
independent and enter the workforce. It received a 6.3 rating on Douban. Overall it was a well-written and well-acted
modern drama about relationships and about between doing the right thing vs listening
to your heart. Ma Yili and Jin Dong had great chemistry and
I thought it deserved at least a 7 rating. No. 2 Nothing Gold Can Stay
Nothing Gold Can Stay stars Sun Li and Chen Xiao
and tells the story of a street performer who rises to become a respected business woman. It received a 7.2 rating on Douban. Too low in my opinion, I thought it deserved
at least an 8. Sun Li’s performance was terrific. There’s so much I could say about her range
and commitment to character but I just want to talk about one thing – her ability and
willingness to cry on cue. Actors are trained to cry on cue but it’s
still an extremely tough thing to do on set. Not only do they have to go to that place
in their mind but they also have to do several takes of it and that can be draining. Many actors just choose to use prop tears
but Sun Li is one of those few actors who will do the real thing
and as an actor myself, I admire her for that. No. 1 All Is Well
All Is Well stars Yao Chen, Ni Dahong and Guo Jingfei
and tells the story of a woman who’s great at her high-paying job but struggles with
love and her dysfunctional family. It received a 7.8 rating on Douban. Many might disagree but this is one those
9 rating dramas for me. It’s my favorite drama of the year so far
and it is my favorite modern drama ever. The acting’s on point, the story’s touching
and it’s just one of those perfectly assembled pieces. It’s also one of those few dramas that I didn’t
skip a minute of and binged several episodes in one sitting. Even though All Is Well isn’t as popular internationally,
in China it’s a huge hit. It broke viewership records and won many awards
including the Magnolia Awards. So there you have it guys, six dramas for
your consideration. And before I let you go, I want to give
a shoutout to Vanessa Hsu who just became a patron on my Patreon page and sent a lovely
thank you message. Thank you, Vanessa, for your support for it
allows us creators to keep creating videos and sharing with everyone. PS, Nirvana in Fire rocks! And thank you everyone for watching, I hope
to see you all in the next one. Cheers!

Reader Comments

  1. Really the rating company do rating personal really they don't what there they're doing maybe is in China but is compared here I believe others countries all the dramas you talking there super dramas all deserved better ratings I don't believe the company put that bad ratings thanks

  2. 💓❤️💖🙏🏻Thank you so much Sir Marcus for the update of my most love idol ZHAO LIYING , wish for more 😍❤️😍💖😍💓😍💗😍❣️💃💃And also wish for about her baby boy and her husband ….

  3. The Bloody Romance was SO good. It's unique and it's gory, but maybe that's also why people didn't really like it as many would choose more familiar genre and/or plot

  4. Oh definitely agree with you. i watched all of it except Bloody Romance. Looks like it will be on my to watch list after Im done with Novoland Eagle Flag.

  5. Thank you I’m going to check out All Is Well. I’m a Historian Drama girl but a good Modern is worth watching.

  6. I stopped watching silver princess because of subtitles. I will say I did enjoy watching it and was looking forward to where the plot was going. The lead male is not bad, but I will say his role here is similar to the one he played in swords of the legend.

  7. I found your videos very informative and entertaining. I love watching wuxia dramas. My favourites are heavenly sword and dragon sabre 2019 and snow tower. I watched Princess Silver too, it's actually quiet good.

  8. Thank you Marcus for bringing us news of ZL. She is one of my favorite actors and I can’t wait for her next project. She looks lovely!

  9. Thanks very much for the INFO Marcus
    From your list only watched already silver princess
    Prefer to watch only those drama plot developments which I find interesting
    Not a fan of Zhao liying
    Current ones watching
    Novoland eagles flag episode 50/62
    Love and destiny episode 16/60
    Conspiracy of love episode 6/24 ( great drama plot developments)

    Cheers on lookout for new dramas based on my own interest

  10. ill give them all a 9 because i enjoyed all of them ! all the respected actors are good in their characters

  11. The first half of my life is in my top 10 all time favs. A well written and acted mature drama that tastefully deals with a somewhat taboo topic. Hugely underrated 9/10 is my rating

  12. Princess Silver I stopped watching at episode 30…I was so frustrated with the back and forth between the leads and I had 2nd lead syndrome too lol, I didn't want to see the General not win her love

  13. I enjoyed Liatening Snow Tower and Oh My General also, I feel they are underated… I'll have to look up All is Well

  14. Bloody Romance is definitely underrated. It should've gotten more hype. The plot is quite unique from other drama and not to mention the romance

  15. Hi Marcus
    Thank you so much for your great work as ever 💓💓. I agree with your list totally and if I may add some I think not many international audience hear about and I really loved for unique storyline:
    Wu Xin: The Monster Killer
    Rookie Agent Rouge
    Spy Hunter

  16. So happy that you mentioned Bloody Romance because I loved it very much!!! It was so emotional!! And the music from drama Is absolutely gorgeous!! Bloody Romance made a big impression on me.

  17. Totally agree about Princess Silver!! A very decent drama indeed. And Bloody Romance was easily the most moving drama I watched last year. Wang Duo was fantastic and the cinematography and story was gorgeous. Will look into your #1 overlooked choice! Love the female lead.

  18. Thnku for gvng update abt zhao li ying
    Also bloody romance is d bst drama in my eyes i dnt knw you fis drama hve low rating i also knw mny of D international fans liked it

  19. Mi hermosa actriz muy trabajadora todo se lo a ganado a pulso la,admiro profundamente y a su bella familia esposo y bebé. 😘😘😘😘😘❤❤❤❤❤

  20. I’ve seen The other Half of life and it’s a good drama also all is well…but Marcus how can I go Patreon?

  21. I would say BL series 'love is more than a word' and 'till death tears us apart' are pretty much underrated chinese BL shows.

  22. Yes A love so beautiful is nice and entertaining. It has been popular in other Southeast Asian countries. Thanks Marcus. I’ll try to see Princess Silver and bloody romance.

  23. Yes to Bloody romance I really enjoyed it and really powered through that show was really shocked its not a drama thats more well known. Also happy to see Zhao Liying coming back slowly I miss seeing her but also want her to enjoy motherhood and family time.

  24. a new wuxia? sorry all i heard was pugilistic world and i went into fan mode. please please i want updates on that drama of alan yu!!! thank you in advance!

  25. i don't know how these people can recognize celebrities on the street. i can honestly randomly meet and chat with these people and i wouldn't know who they are until someone pointed it out to me later on. i don't understand these hard core fans. honestly as much as we hear about celebrities giving regular people hard times, it is also to hard to hear that regular people are giving celebrities hard time. i admire the restraint they have to not give into violence sometimes. i'm just glad wang and xiao are safe, given the hype around them after The Untamed.

  26. Nothing gold can stay is one of my all time fave! I thought that drama was amazingly well done👍👍👍👍 😍😍😍😍😍😍 ty for this update! 👍

  27. I love Bloody Romance. The first cdrama that i wish had longer eps! Added Nothing gold can stay and All is well into my plan to watch list now!

  28. Hi I just found your channel today. And I must say I enjoy it.
    Do you have any recommendation for a drama where the main couple are mature and cool headed? or at least the main actress being that way? thanks.

  29. My observation is that popularity does not equal quality. Eg. The Untamed is such a huge hit. But truth be told, the acting of the overall cast was pretty amateurish at best, the story line was just too corny, the CGI was terrible, the editing was …. well, could be much better. A further factor is that many viewers prefer to escape into a fantasy world . And dramas like "the first half of my life" and "all is well" just hit too close to reality.

  30. Two things about "Untamed", the first is that it's well worth watching and the second is that it's easily accessible and available with English subtitles. I wish "Untamed" more than a billion billion views.

    Thanks for the list though "A love so beautiful" is quite popular. I have one CDrama that is underrated I guess but I really enjoyed watching.."About is love".

    "About is love" is only 25 episodes or less and I watched it in one shot and enjoyed it thoroughly.

    Ignore the name in English. CDramas have mostly got grammatically wrong English names ..the Q must be turning.

  31. Would you know why was Zhao Ge not put out? They did finish it, but didn't air?
    And thanks for the update about one of my favorites girls.

  32. I know this is such a superficial thing to say, but I just can't get into dramas that feature that half-shaved hairstyle. I forget what era it is, but Korean dramas have one too…it's just so distracting. Really liked Bloody Romance. Couldn't get into Princess Silver – also, Youtube removed it due to copyright infringement.

  33. Hi Marcus, of the 6 under rated dramas you've mentioned, I have only watched 2 with much enthusiasm, Princess sliver which is good and All is well, that got me hooked on other modern drama apart from those only with William Chan. I would like to try to watch bloody Romance again, the story line is very interesting. Anyway you do have an interesting list which perks my curiosity enough to wanna try and watch them.

    Thank you Marcus, for always updating us. Keep it up and Cheers ❤️🥂🌹

  34. To all fans of drama love and destiny
    A quick change in the drama plot developments in episode 16
    Yao mo before feng up by jiu chen transferred his mo qi to ling now wanted to find her.His subordinates went around looking for girls around her age in order to take back the mo qi.The girls would die in the process
    Jiu chen and his men were now investigating on the deaths but did not know the reason
    But jiu chen knew that ling xi has the mo qi in her so taught her martial fighting skills based on her wristband.
    The last part at kun lun ling xi to look for her pet wu wan while the bad guy was looking for that creature to achieve mo tao
    Then the episode ended

  35. Drama love and destiny
    Seen to episode 18

    Zhong hao, assistant to yao mo found that the girl is ling xi with the mo qi.he told his adopted son to capture her.

    It was a dramatic and heart thumbing scene as wang mu of kunlun looked for ling xi at jiu chen ' s place and the inquisition at the the tien gong palace to establish if she has the mo qi.luckily jiu chen gave an ornament to her to wear at her waist

    The end part where ling xi was packing and Judi chen told her no need over the new residence would have everything and if she continued he would pack her into the cases

    Cheers a great change in drama plot developments

  36. Bruh, you thought bloody romance was underrated…I waited for the “just kidding” sentence after you mentioned it.
    I’m still going to subscribe though 🤣😂

  37. Marcus thanks for your insight. I have seen a few of the dramas you mentioned that have low scoring. I think that bloody romance was a great drama. I guess that a lot of people like me were not to happy with the ending. I speak for myself when u say I love a happy ending. But I have learned by watching a lot of dramas that happy endings don’t usually occur. I will take a look at All is Well, I trust your insight. Thanks for your hard work.

  38. I prefer to watch the fantasy period dramas. But, they have to have beautiful scenery, actresses/actors that I like, interesting stories and happy ending. For example, The Journey of Flower, Eternal Love and Ashes of Love. I can watch these 3 dramas over and over again without being bored…and even though, I already know the stories by heart, but every time I go back and watch them again, I can always find something that I missed when I watched them the first few times. When I'm bored and I have nothing else to watch, I would go back and watch these 3 dramas again and again.

    Your number 6 drama, I watched it a few episodes, but I didn't like it. The story isn't that bad, but I don't like the main lead guy. For number 5, I like both leads, but the senseless killings are too much for me, so I give it up. For number 2, I don't like this period, I only follow the fantasy period and although I like Sun Li, I don't like Zhao Liying's ex. For numbers 4, 3 and 1, I rarely watch the present time dramas, so I don't follow this type of dramas with the 2 exceptions…Boss and Me (because Zhao Liying was in it and it's an awesome, cute story, plus Liying was super adorable) and My Sunshine (the story is very good and even though Wallace Chung has never been my cup of tea, but for some unknown reason, he was extra attractive in this drama).

  39. Agree with Princess silver!! Its a very good drama and the screenwriter and producer do a great job to be differwnt with the novel! I hope it can get more attention!

  40. THANK YOU,you're the one i'm looking for Chinese updates🤗…

    If Zhao Liying & Wang Yibo will have a project together, I WON'T MISS A THING!!!! my first Lady Warrior and my Lan Zhan😍😍😍🤗🤗 AMAZING!!!!! hoping..🙏🙏🙏

  41. I heard Zhao Liying return back to Work. Please make Princess Agents 2 . We are a fan of Princess Agents will die by waiting for so long. It's been 2 years now but we didn't hear any status or details of filming Princess Agents

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