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Zeltbahn or Laavu for Preppers Survivors and Bushcrafters

Zeltbahn or Laavu for Preppers Survivors and Bushcrafters

nylon Poncho's and their Big Brother the shelter sheet are great they're lightweight they're waterproof they're versatile however they don't work well with abrasion and they are very susceptible to damage from sparks and camp fires if we want to use open fires while bushcrafting the alternative is to use some cotton or canvas type of shelter we've already seen the Hungarian self bomb now we'll have a look at the Polish larval tent or rather the Polish larval tent matron two shaped cotton ponchos the Hungarian poncho uses aluminium buttons to fasten together they're thin and they're very sharp and with cold hands are very difficult to put together quickly so it's usually a good idea to have one side completely fastened and the other side half fastened so you can get the thing pegged out and put up as quickly as possible the metal buttons are very sturdy and they're riveted on if one should come off it's fairly easy to sew on an ordinary button or better still use the top button of a pair of jeans you can buy these in just about every haberdashers and all you have to do is put the stem through and Hammer the button on the two parts of the larva button together quite easily however the thread can rot and buttons can come off but it's easy enough to repair as you can see here for setting up the tent down easily it's a good idea to keep them fastened together until you need them start by taking out one corner then the other three so you've got a rough square shape put the poles inside the tent in two sections before you join them together then put them up the center holes once you've got the rough shape pull out the signs and tension it using all the pegs that you have to set up the lab have it button together but make sure you can get in and out one gap pick out one corner then introduce the poles putting them together inside and erecting them then pick out the other side then the third then the fourth till you've got the rough shape then using the other pegs pull it out till it's taut the takedown procedure for the top bun and the larvae were very similar pull the pegs out from the front until it collapses then remove all the pegs and store them then take out the tent poles pack it all up in the bags roll it up and fasten it down the larva is slightly bigger and a lot more comfortable as you've got substantially more space more than you think by looking at the two structures okay so do you want the scale bar or a larval the simple old technology that makes them easy to repair and they're robust they can be waterproofed as well however they are heavy and even heavier when they get wet you can't store them wet you've got to dry them off before we put them away you've got to take care they're not overly large especially the top bond which is ideal for children and small people but not for people of average height especially as both itself van and olavo have a middle pool to get enough room to use them properly you either hang them from a tripod or an overhanging branch or make a v-shaped pole to make the space-saving poles I used the rubber walking stick end the Y shape from an old tent and some dowel each self bond has a set of which will allow it to be put up in total I made for extra polls – how it said the easiest way to put up the scalp barn let's pick out the back put in the bipod pull out the front peg it down and then peg it out and then adjusted by moving the pegs once the bipods in place and you've got it pegged out it's quite a comfortable size from one person I'm a lot of gear you can use a plastic disc to keep the rain out I'm providing you packing it up in a logical manner you won't lose anything and it would be ready for the next time you want to go out similarly lay out the lava put in the pools put the pools up hug them out and just shelters ready Botha lava under salt barn can be used singly to make a windbreak or Sun Shade so lava under salt bomb make is sturdy if somewhat heavy alternative to nylon cheating that's ideal for use in bushcraft where fires and sparks are involved if you've only got a little bit of time you can get out there and practice putting up your tent and sorting out your gear so get out there get training you know it makes sense it will serve you well

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  1. Love the mod you made for the two slightly different tents ⛺️ if you could find some spare fibreglass poles at a camping shop, they would bring the weight down 👍🏻
    Just subscribed 🙏🏻

  2. Hello mey Friend
    Polnisch Lavu it not Nva Tarp.
    I haven Nva Tarp
    LG Waldfee Christine Tinnes 🌲 🌼 🔪 🇧🇪

  3. What's wrong with just using a DD tarp? Why all the need for joining 2 pieces together when a tarp comes all-in-one????

  4. You sir are a genius. I hate the idea of one centre pole in the way. It's awkward to move around inside. Bipod is the answer.

  5. I own two of the polish ponchos. Realy nice and comfy tent. I mostly search for three big branches that I can use for a tripod so I have more space inside.

  6. Awesome review Nigel will have to get one of those hungarian zeltbahns I really like that camo pattern 👍

    Take care mate

  7. Hello, I was wondering how much the polish lavvu weighs without the poles and pegs. I'd be using different ones. So just the canvas. Thank you😊

  8. Useful tips there ! How long does each half of the bi- pod need to be please as I was going to buy some trekking poles and use them… would 53 inches be big enough for each half? Many thanks

  9. You clever so and so, ive watched umpteen videos trying to figure out the best pole system, fab idea cheers 🥂

  10. fantastic wee video , love my Lavvu but the Zeltbahn is next on my list a big thumbs up and subscribed, if you are interested i have a fb group called…Polish & Hungarian Lavvu owners Worldwide

  11. Great video mate, I've got the Polish laavu and have been pondering getting the Hungarian zeltbahn so it was awesome to see them side by side and with the dimensions thank you👍

    Take care mate

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