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Zakładanie akwarium – Zakładanie krewetkarium – podłoże SL Aqua Cz. 1

Zakładanie akwarium – Zakładanie krewetkarium – podłoże SL Aqua Cz. 1

hello guys it’s shrimp time here and today we gonna talk about making another shrimp time setup this time we’re gonna use sl-aqua products and under gravel filtration I hope that you notice that the channel and shrimp time has got a new logo hope you like it and you can write me some comments below so that I can know what you think about the saga but getting to the tank we will use this magic powder from as a aqua it’s nothing more but yeast it’s used in the tank to mature the tank and they purify the bacterias from sl-aqua the method is quite known I think among the shrimp keepers because they use it not only for aqua products but also for starting the other among Sanya tanks first of all we’re gonna put some sl-aqua soil to our tank as you can see the space near to the glass is empty so that I can cover the ceramics and under gravel filtration so the tank will look a bit better I will use something like three or four liters of of the soil and according to the produce and manual we have to put the magic powder inside our soul in the middle layer of the soil so I will even the soil and after that I will add some soil to my tank add some magic powder to my tank as you can see I’m adding quite a big amount of this magic powder there is no special amount that you should add I think that we should add quite a bit of it and after that we will cover it with with another layer of the soil so I tried to figure out the the idea behind using the yeast for for shrimps for maturing the tank and in my opinion there are some processes that are used to develop the shrimp tank according to to the produce and we have to rise our temperature for 30 degrees of Celsius in the maturing time I think that this is due to the fact that we need to allow the yeast to develop and to breathe inside of the tank but it will also consume the carbon sources I think that it used sugars or it has got some kind of food in the magic powder and after that it will produce co2 to the tank due to the fact that co2 is produced in the tank and we have higher temperature the algae starts to develop in the tank and the algae is used for two main reasons the first reason is so that after the nitrification process starts the algae will eat no.3 po4 and this to clear the water yeah because the bacterias will we will change our n NH 4 for no.2 and afterwards they no 2 will be changed into a node 3 yeah and the entry and po4 is used by by the plants to feed yet to develop and to fit when we when this process happens we our tank is starting to mature we have to remember that we should grown mature our tank using the light 24 hours a day now as as you can see I’m curing the RO water to to the tank and this is another interesting thing that we use for the maturing time they are all water and we do not memorize it I use this plate so so that my soil will stay intact and coming back to the process the second important thing that that algae is needed in the tank and that yeast is needed in the tank is a food for another organism in the tank so when it all starts to develop we start to get another organism in the tank and and our tank is maturing the algae also is a great hair algae of course is a great source of food for the shrimps because when you when you put some amount of the hair algae to a shrimp tank you will notice that the shrimp’s love to feed on the hair algae they it eat it very well so the next stage of this development after acting after pouring the water and covering the soil is to wait 1 or 2 days so that the life in in the soil will establish will wait for for the bacterias to grow will wait for for the yeast to develop we will also add to the tank the putrefy purify sorry and purify is the source of bacterias for our process so as you can see after after filling my tank with with our water I’m starting to to add the bacterias and after adding the the bacteria’s will wait two days so the tank will develop yeah this is sl-aqua purify I hope that you can you all can see it we need to shake it before adding to the tank and afterwards we can add I’m using quite a big amount of those bacteria so so that my tank will develop quite fastly we are now we will transfer to another day after after waiting for the tank to mature and we will add our water so that the tank will be filled and we’ll also start our filtration as you can see I still I’m still using the plate so so the tank is and so the soil will remain intact and I’m adding the water in in a quite slow motion for you it can be quite fast because the video is going three times faster that I used to pure the water to the tank so that you won’t have to wait too long to see this process we need to remember that we can use different types of filtration for those tanks and according to this method as I said there is another a very important thing to do to use is to add a hitter because the process developing the algae and developing our bacterias needs high temperature so during the maturation process the maturation time we’ll keep our tank in 30 degrees of Celsius on the heater yeah and after the the process will start and after the process will finished we will keep till then the temperature high and we can use different types of filtration in this tank I’m using under grab gravel filtration with ISTA ceramics but I will try to do another tank same way with with normal sponge filter you need to remember as well that if you want follow this manual you won’t get the glans because I got another tank started similar way but without adding the temperature I used the light but I didn’t raise the temperature in the tank so so I saw the biofilm developed but I didn’t see a match of an algae yet the algae didn’t developed in duct in that tank if you want I will I will be able to make a movie showing two tanks started in the same way and the difference be between maturing the one tank the first tank in the second tank we need to remember that when we add our water we need to add the bacterias remove the plate so so that our tank can start developing and can start to mature you can see that the bacterias are added and we’ll use our light as I said 24/7 yeah you can you at the end of the movie you will also see the results after two weeks of muttering the tank I will keep this tank empty for one more week so the process will last 2025 days something like that before I will add the shrimps and please let me know what kind of shrimps you think I should add to this tank I hope that you will come with interesting ideas and for today I think this is all remember to add a hitter and see you in the next movie bye you

Reader Comments

  1. what will happen if someone doesn't use such products like powders during the setup? I mean, setting up the shrimp tank just with soil and sponge filter
    such products are really expensive

  2. Witam.Zacznijmy od loga 😀 Poprzednie nie było złe, nowe jest spoko w skali do 5 dam 4 (ale to wszystko kwestia gustu).
    Co do krewetek które ja bym chciał zobaczyć w tym zbiorniku to Ghost Bee bądź Red Bolty.
    A teraz mineralizator tutaj bym chciał aby Pan przetestował produkt QualDrop (nie wiem czy dobrze napisałem 😀 ) i podzielił się z widzami opinią.
    Po za tym łapka w górę, cały czas bacznie przyglądam się kanałowi i widzę, że się rozwija przede wszystkim merytorycznie za co szacun. Czekam na kolejne filmy. Pozdrawiam

  3. Drożdże prócz co2 produkują głównie alkohol. Jak się przeleje bimbrownia to alkohol zabija zwierzęta. Tu jedyne wyjście aby tego uniknąć to brak pożywienia > cukrów dla drożdży, czyli ich śmierć. Nie rozumiem sensu dawania drożdży do zbiornika, mechanizmu jaki ma tu zadziałać.

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