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Yugoslavian M57 Tokarev Pistol -Zastava 7.62×25 Military Surplus at Atlantic Firearms

Yugoslavian M57 Tokarev Pistol -Zastava 7.62×25 Military Surplus at Atlantic Firearms

hey guys Matt down here at the table today and we're taking a look at a new surplus pistol that we just picked up to see the zastava arms m57 turk roth copy this is a licensed copy of the Turk lofty 33 pistol that the Russians produced and it's produced by the stava the stava still produces these pistols to this day and they're making them now in a nine by nineteen configuration instead of the wonderful 760 by 25 cartridge that this particular pistol takes doesn't that look like a neat cartridge guys looks like a little rifle cartridge it's nice and hot and it's a powerful little round for what it is and just really neat little offering nice piece of history these Turki rafts were all over comm block different countries all had their own variants of these things to go with their Kalashnikov so great thing to complement your a K in your collection as I said this is the M 57 model these do have import marks on the slide these do have an external safety that's added after the fact these never came with the safety like this this had to be added for import reasons and you can see that here on the side these also do have a slightly longer grip than the standard Turker off t-33 these take nine round magazines instead of eight round magazines and that's specific to the Yugo variant really cool little pistol that also does come with an extra magazine and a cleaning brush you guys can check these out on our website landok firearms comm you can also send any questions you may have to sales at Atlantic firearms comm or you can check us out on Instagram Facebook or YouTube available all those places and we look forward to your feedback guys keep checking us out check out the surplus pistols thanks again for joining it surplus m57 pistol it's a cool Turk off variate made by zastava arms just imported by PW Arms really cool little pistol some neat features unique to the m57 are the longer grip frame takes a nine round magazine instead of eight round magazine this one also for import reasons this is the safety selector over here on the left side as I said they needed that for import there was never never one of those safeties one of these guns from any of the military Arsenal's real cool gun chambered 760 by 25 and like just a great classic piece of firearms history something that you would want to add to your collection especially if you're in the comm block style guns so as I said this is the you go variant let's go ahead and shoot this thing have some fun nice shooting pistol guys

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  1. No offense but i dont know why you would want a copy in that caliber…it should have been done in 9mm as a copy

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