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YouTube Under Attack (Boycott Taylor Swift)

YouTube Under Attack (Boycott Taylor Swift)

boycott Taylor swift i mean, that is if you care about youtubers and youtube in general the fact is this woman seems to be worth $200 million and apparently she’s been complaining because she’s not getting enough money. are you fucking kidding me. anyway these musicians are mad at youtube because despite youtube paying out around 3 billion dollars to musicians, that still isn’t good enough for them I ask you guys, where the hell would Taylor swift be without youtube? if you type in Taylor Swift to google literally the whole first page is just youtube videos people have literally made millions off releasing their videos on youtube because of the fallout of them selling merchandise, the add revenue from the videos and of course concert ticket sales this obviously greedy socially unaware wants to deprive her fans more access to her content on youtube individual is not the only problem here’s also Paul McCartney who clearly thinks he needs to be more wealthy as well his net worth apparently being 1.2 billion dollars i don’t even know why he would want more money but of course youtube, who has payed out billions to the music industry, is somehow the bad guy the article this image was pulled from also names U2’s lead singer what is his name, boner? with his apparent net worth of 600 million dollars so if you ever upload a video with boner playing in the background he may just lose his mind because for some reason he thinks you promoting his music is going to result in people watching your video again and again just to hear the song in the background which is magically going to take away from his album sales and the people who attend his consert because everybody wants to hear the sound of your voice over his track and not just his track by itself a lot of the time that’s exactly what’s going on in youtube video’s let me give you an example *in different voice* so when i was a kid i was always a bit taller than usual. i was like fourth tallest kid in my class on average and then as i grew and grew basically my height stayed consistent where i was almost always one of the tallest kids *back to normal voice* you got that? if that was Bono or Taylor Swift or Paul McCartney’s song in the background they would likely be flipping shit over it and trying to add to the stacks of money they already fucking have because your just a paycheck to these people even if you didn’t use the whole song even if the song wasn’t stand alone enjoyable due to the fact your talking over it none of that matters even Trent Reznor lead singers to my favourite bands is being a little fucking bitch Trent Reznor being the saddest for me Trent reznor being the least wealthy of all the people we’ve covered so far but i dunno i’m pretty sure that 99.9% of people watching this video only dream of having 70 million dollars some day what Taylor Swift and her coincidentally white male first world problem mother fucking friends do not realise that when you have one of there stupid fucking songs playing in the background youtube has been known to take down that entire video that you may or may not have put a lot of effort into giving all the profits you would have gotten to someone else now because a fraction of your video may have had their song in it we’re talking about likely some of your favourite youtubers many of which may or may not be able to pay their bills sufficiently victimising these multi-millionaires by not even devaluing their products. see if i where to take a song and upload it to youtube and play only that song and not alter it whatsoever play its entirety in this video while not talking over it then yes i can see how that could devalue their music because people could go to my video to listen to their song in staid of buying their album to listen to their songs but what Taylor Swift here seems to think is… duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh *in stupid voice* if they play ten seconds of my song then i am not going to get any more money your upset because your delusional enough to think 1. because you think the millions of dollars you already have isn’t enough to think 2. people that don’t mostly have six figure incomes are a threat to you. 3. you have the right to claim a nine minute video that that only plays 20 seconds of your song at most. and 4. your completely ignoring the fact that youtube has already payed out an enormous amount to the music industry mean while what the hell does Facebook pay you because last time i checked adds rarely if ever run on Facebook video’s which means little to no one is making money off them and on top of that how many Facebook videos have your fucking content in them? at least with youtube the music industry is making something and by something i mean billions of dollars where as the obvious real enemy here is Facebook who is not only constantly stealing youtube video’s and giving them nothing back but also stealing work from musicians and seemingly not giving a fuck about it this hundred millionaire first world white girl is expecting us t feel sorry for her when its the rest of us who are actually on the short end of the system a lot of videos are already getting claimed if you simply sing a cover of their song you don’t even have to have the original song in it like for instance back street boys #am i your fire, the one desire# by saying more of the song than i already just did i could be totally fucked that is how fucking greedy musicians have gotten fans practically can’t pay tribute to the bands they love anymore because fucking uh oh the bands that they love don’t fucking love them at all so i’m calling for a boycott of these first world country white people Trent Reznor being the saddest for me but i only listen to sick songs of his over and over again so i’ll just go and fucking delete those off my i tunes and bye Trent Reznor fuck you to lets just ignore the fact that once upon a time Trent Reznor said this shit I’ve been doing a lot of complaining about the ridiculous pricing of Cd’s out there my record labelled all around the world hates me *voice muffled by crowd cheering* i didn’t get the chance to check has the price come down at all? *crowd shouting* no! well you know what that means steal it! *crowd screams and cheers* that’s right Trent Reznor just told his audience to steal his music he’s saying these music companies are greedy he himself is apparently worth 70 million dollars he is part of this war on youtube happy to boycott your shit for you trent reznor then you might get the point that we fans are not here to serve you you are here to serve us. so if you act like a dick in staid of serving us fuck you, fuck buying your albums and Paul McCartney fuck you to your the richest of them all. how the fuck dare you act like your not getting enough money. so we’ve established that youtubers are getting more screwed than anyone because a lot of them are the ones actually struggling to pay their bills when their not even using very much if not any of these individuals copyright material only to have percentages of their income taken away ignoring fair use and all these other laws that protect no multi millionaires its essentially these multi-millionaires against all these little youtubers who much of the time are obiding by fair use laws and yet are still getting royally fucked despite how insignificant the use of these multi-millionaires content they actually put in their fucking video’s its a fucking joke i strongly believe the world should live by my policy which is if you and your family are healthy your fucking loaded shut the fuck up but the world does not live by that so i think its time the smaller people take a stand for smaller people by boycotting Taylor Swift, Paul McCartney boner and Trent Reznor so these laws that are designed to screw the small people don’t screw us any more than they already are. this is a huge problem and its becoming even more intense. if these musicians keep getting what they want there’s a good chance that a select few amount of musicians will thrive and the rest of the world who uses apps like, vine, youtube, ect. their likely to fucking struggle it is the 99+% vs the less than 1% fuck you Trent Reznor fuck you Taylor Swift fuck you Paul McCartney and fuck you boner fuck you very much

Reader Comments

  1. Seriously. Geometry Dash is awesome. It can set anything that's music from Newgrounds to a game. ANYTHING.

  2. I cant believe trent would do that, he has been giving his albums away for free for a decade now… strange

  3. ok playing the "there white males" card dude really? you are starting to sound like those professional victims from fem Freq

  4. Paul McCartney is one of the most successful musicians ever, and I love him but idk why he's gotta do it. U2 also released their album for free that automatically downloaded to everyone's iPhones!! but not every artist is like this thank god

  5. I was such a NIN fan many moons ago but yes, I will agree Trent has definitely become a twat throughout the years. Thumbs up!

  6. omg I love how you called Bono Boner made me choke on some water. Everyine knows he's an asshole but you made it hilarious. Now im going to think of him as Boner πŸ™‚

  7. Gamers, like Markiplier and JackSepticEye always have to make sure any music in a game isn't copywrited. Part of the reason I don't make videos. And because I have no equipment or ideas. Like maybe a cover of songs

  8. Praise! truer words have never been said. I sure hope Paul McCartney does enough to help the world in general to justify such greed.

  9. Onision needs to start procreating!! this world needs more Onision DNA!! Please like this comment so heΒ΄ll start asap!! hahaha

  10. See Ryan higa had videos that he lip synced to taken off his channel and that was like two years worth of videos! Not fair

  11. If you're already a multimillionaire, wtf do you want more money for? You already have way more than you need. And you already have everything you want. Fucking billionaires that want more money. WTF come on.


    Goodbye, now.

  13. I think why these artists are being such a$$holes about Youtube is because of websites that can help you download videos for free. Still, I'll bet the music industry won't be happy until they make the fans pay for each time they want to listen to a song.

  14. ahhaha my last name is bono & literally everywhere I go it's a never ending boner joke. thank you Onision !

  15. The worst is when I use music with no words whatsoever and I get someone claiming it's their song go to their song and it isn't even close!! like what do ppl just run around filing copy right claims hoping nobody disputes them?

  16. I am a huge fan of Paul McCartney's work as a Beatle, but seeing what he's been doing lately and then this, I'd say "Thank God for dead musicians".

  17. Glad to hear Greg does not have his anti-cuss policy in play in this video, … the point was executed exquisitely with the use of profound language.

  18. did we forget about when u2 hacked iTunes and gave us all their piece of shit album for free and it was almost impossible to delete.

  19. I think I'm the only person who looked at the side of Onision's head and immediately thought "Oh my god his vessel is breaking"

  20. While this is incorrect from a legal standpoint (anyone who's read the Fair Use "laws" would know it's only a defense that can be used in court), I do agree wholeheartedly with this from a moral standpoint. Great video, and I definitely won't be supporting these musicians anytime soon.

  21. I've seen so many youtube videos violate copyright protection. And so many times "fair use" is being grossly abused. If the musicians own the copy right, its their property. Unauthorized use is stealing. Just because you think they have a lot of money doesn't make it "right" to steal from them. YouTube should negotiate a blanket license for their creators–or something like that. That way creators could legally use the music.

  22. This is why Brendon Urie and bands like his is awesome. He literally showed us how to illegally download his music because he knows how much we love his music and he loves us. He goes to target and buys $4 shoes. Yep.

  23. Greg, you don't fucking understand.
    their lives are horrible. fucking horrible. they can't fill up an entire pool with hundred dollar bills, so they want a bit more so they can dive into it.
    I can only pray for them

  24. why doesn't youtube just ban taytay. be like 'we're tired of your shit bitch. lets see how you score without us'

  25. You can't just use someone else's intellectual property for your financial gain. It doesn't matter how rich they are or how rich a YouTuber isn't. You don't have the right to that song. It's the musicians' property. I'm sure with most of them it's not even about the money. It's about the principle.

  26. Wow! You have an amazing way with words! So glad we came across your videos, and although at least one of these musicians is an all time favorite of ours, your opinion is on point! Love listening to what you have to say and how you say it! #insupportofOnision

  27. a video of mine got copyrighted by U2 because I used their song. I removed the song but they are still taking money.

  28. It's likely that these people didn't get as rich as they are by being charitable. I'm completely on your side but you can't say you're surprised that rich people are greedy.

  29. In all fairness, YouTuber's complain about the same thing. You guys should be lucky to even get paid to upload videos of yourself onto the internet. Most people don't even consider that a job…

  30. ye agree greedy bastards.George micheal gave all his music royalties from1996 untill the present day to charity and generously gave much more to charity anomously god bless george micheal he was'nt one of the greedy one's

  31. My mom uploaded a video where a Beatles song was playing very softly in the back ground so her sister could see it. So now in some countries people can't see it. Hell, most people can't even hear it unless they really focus on the video.

  32. True, I can't believe she said she isn't getting paid enough…maybe drop the over the top house and vacations and jets and donate that money and buy you know the bare essentials and then a little spoling..

  33. this is why I like Brendon Urie he literally said on periscope to got to his music video open a new tab and go to listen to youtube copy and paste the URL and download it THIS IS THE LEAD SINGER OF PANIC! AT THE DISCO WHO ISWORTH $4 MILLION SAYING THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Most of these musicians said these things to help smaller musicians who don't get paid enough, they didn't do it for themselves…

  35. You idiot.

    You can have all the money in the world, but you have to get PAID for what you do. Everything you do. Why? Because it’s your JOB. You don’t have a job just to pay your bills when you don’t have enough. Musicians make music because it is their job. The amount they get through their success is determined by the world. But in the 21st century, artists aren’t being paid like they used to before. So they might do something in order to get more money. BECAUSE IT’S YOUR JOB. You have to get paid for it, no matter how rich you are. You could never have enough money. There is no such thing.

    Why don’t YOU get that stick out of your ass and go fuck yourself? Oh right, because you’re too retarded to do so. Have a terrible day.

  36. Yeah if I actually have that much money that these so-called celebrities make in a year I wouldn't cry my ass off. Complaining that I'm not getting enough money. I mean do you have any idea what people could actually do with that revenue?

  37. THIS inspire me to do one thing:
    To earn money by making my own music and most of the profits to be donated for charity efforts and promoting vegetarianism.. feed the poor and homeless… Abandoned orphans and elderly… Provide them with proper shelter, clean food and water.. Clothe them better.. GIVE THEM MORE QUALITY OF LIVING !!!! I'M NOT A SAINT, BUT THAT'S WHAT I'D DO IF I'LL THAT MUCH MONEY !!!!! Also, I'd invest much as I can in conservation of natural resources and preservation of wildlife and the environmental habitat!!!! If I'll make it tho someday!!! Hopefully. If I try my best!!!!

  38. I don't think paul McCartney would care he likes ppl listening to his music I don't believe that and I don't see any u tubers my age on here there are hardly any young ppl listening to paul just ppl my age who is so old I remember the Beatles on the radio and Paul McCartney and wings I was born in 72

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