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YOU vs THE TERMINATOR – Could You Defeat And Survive Him? (The Terminator Movie 2019)

YOU vs THE TERMINATOR – Could You Defeat And Survive Him? (The Terminator Movie 2019)

Imagine you’re relaxing at home one day when
suddenly the power starts to fluctuate. Your lights brighten and dim and you can taste
electricity in the air, then suddenly what looks like ball lighting starts to form in
your backyard. As the entire neighborhood experiences a blackout,
the ball of lightning dissipates just as quickly as it arrived, and you’re shocked to find
a fully nude and very muscular man kneeling in its place. In one fluid motion the bodybuilding nudists
stands and locks eyes with you, with one word escaping his lips: Terminate! Hello and welcome to another episode of The
Infographics Show’s You Versus series, today we’re putting you, the average joe, up against
the deadly time-traveling cybernetic assassin, the Terminator. Throughout its history Cyberdine Systems has
developed a wide repertoire of hunter-killer robots in its war against the human resistance. At first these bots were nothing more than
killing machines, which proved effective in the battlefield. But in response to being overwhelmed by superior
firepower, the human resistance fled underground into fortified subterranean bases. These bases were so heavily fortified and
so deep underground that even deep-penetrating munitions proved ineffective in their destruction,
and their well constructed defenses proved all but insurmountable without dedicating
overwhelming amounts of resources to their destruction. Yet even when one base was taken, the protracted
defense allowed most of its inhabitants to flee to a secondary location, and Cyberdine
would have to start the hunt all over again, while having lost innumerable amounts of resources
in the effort. This strategy was ineffective, and combined
with constant raids against its manufacturing and mining operations, would ultimately have
led to Cyberdine’s defeat. Cyberdine needed a new strategy, and very
quickly into the war it came upon the idea of sending humanoid infiltrator units to penetrate
the defenders and eliminate them from within. This resulted in the T600 series of infiltrator
units, which were nothing more than a titanium alloy skeleton with a rubber skin coating. The rubber skin proved easy for resistance
members to spot, so Cyberdine looked for a solution, and found it with the formidable
T800 series- the same hunter-killer that just materialized in your backyard and is now out
to Terminate you. But just what are you up against exactly? For starters the most obvious feature is the
T800’s realistic outer shell, which allows it to easily infiltrate human strongholds. The flesh sheath, as it is known, consists
of living tissue, though unlike real living tissue does not require food or nutrients
to sustain itself. Instead the tissue converts electrical energy
from the Terminator’s power core into chemical energy via some unknown process- admittedly
the resistance has been a bit too busy fighting for its life to stop and study the chemistry
of the terminators sent to destroy it. The T800 also features several improvements
over the T600 which it replaces, mostly in the form of a more dense and durable endoskeleton
made up of titanium and other unknown alloys. This endoskeleton makes the Terminator all
but invulnerable to most small arms fire, and it has proven extremely resistant even
to military-grade assault rifles in the 5.56 and 7.62mm calibers. The endoskeleton is also extremely resistant
to explosives, and is able to shrug off several close proximity hits from 40mm grenades, albeit
with the near total destruction of its flesh sheath. Tough, but not invulnerable, the T800’s endoskeleton
is vulnerable to explosives landing at or placed inside critical joints in its infrastructure,
although catastrophic damage that results in loss of limbs or even decapitation is sometimes
not enough to stop the unit. The resistance has found great success though
in using .50 caliber munitions such as Barret .50 caliber anti-material rifles, .50 caliber
machine guns, vehicle-mounted 25mm cannons, and plasma weaponry of various caliber. Depleted uranium munitions and thermyte have
also proven very effective against T800s. As if being all but invulnerable to most weapons
wasn’t bad enough, the T800 also sports impressive physical abilities. The unit is able to travel for short amounts
of time at speeds up to 22 miles per hour (35kmh), and its endurance is all but unlimited,
with a power core that can last for up to 120 years- although when operating in a power
save mode its lifetime is many times that, though ultimately unknown. The T800 is approximately 8 times stronger
than the average human, able to punch into solid concrete with no damage except to that
of its flesh sheath. It’s vision system allows it to track multiple
targets simultaneously, and its basic color vision mode is supplemented with infra-red
and night vision modes. Lastly, the T800 sports a low power short-range
radar system which it can use to triangulate and locate the position of hidden snipers
upon being hit- assuming it survives the initial hit. When in search mode it can use this radar
system to track moving prey with decent, if not perfect, accuracy. So now we know about its strengths, but what
are its weaknesses exactly- just how the hell are you going to beat this thing? Well for starters, it just doesn’t have many
weaknesses. It doesn’t get scared, tired, hungry, sad,
doesn’t feel pain, and is single-minded in its focus, which is to kill you at all costs. When you’re running away from the Terminator,
it’s still coming for you. When you stop to eat, it’s still coming for
you. When you stop to sleep, it’s still coming
for you- we think you get the picture. However, while it is extremely resistant to
most weapon fire, it does have some weaknesses that can be exploited. As mentioned depleted uranium munitions do
have some effectiveness in penetrating the very dense endoskeleton, and a lucky hit from
a very large caliber anti-material rifle with a DU round can even blow one’s head clean
off. Just beware, because the unit is still able
to communicate with the chassis via wireless link, and lead it to the location of its head
so it can reattach it, which it can do with some rudimentary effectiveness that leaves
it still combat capable. The power core is itself incredibly vulnerable,
and very dangerous if penetrated, resulting in a very powerful explosion. Unfortunately it lies beneath triple-layered
armor plating, and is the single most well reinforced part of the Terminator’s anatomy
aside from its CPU. The CPU is itself vulnerable to electronic
attack, but only if set to read and write mode which can only be accomplished by physically
switching it from one mode to the other. The physical switch proved vital for Cyberdine
to protect its Terminator units from remote hacking by resistance operatives, as it requires
someone to physically change it from read, to read and write mode- something which given
their incredible combat capabilities is, to put it bluntly, not an easy task at all. In read and write mode though a Terminator
is just as vulnerable to being hacked as most other computers, although still sports formidable
security measures. At first the resistance was puzzled why Cyberdine
would create units capable of read and write mode, and thus potentially vulnerable to being
seized, yet these special units ‘learn’ from their experience in combat, and can transmit
that experience to Cyberdine which uploads the new data to all current models, making
each unit a hardened combat veteran. As with any electronic system, Terminators
are also vulnerable to electromagnetic energy, which can overload and burn out circuits. However the T800 series features military-grade
hardening to ground its vulnerable hardware, but this is not completely foolproof. A very near proximity burst of electromagnetic
energy can still severely, if temporarily damage or degrade a unit’s combat abilities. Ok, it’s time for the fight. You have the future of humanity to secure,
so how are you going to overcome this unstoppable juggernaut? First, you need to run. Forget about fighting back, and forget about
whatever Billy Bad Ass ‘Freedom Arsenal’ you’ve built up for yourself out of fear the guv’ment
was coming for your guns- nothing you have on hand is going to put a dent in this thing,
and if you try to fight back at this point, the T800 is simply going to politely thank
you for the hardware as it pries it out of your very cold, dead hands. You need to seriously upgrade your firepower,
but first, you need to fight smarter, not harder- and this time we mean it literally. The T800’s endoskeleton is a futuristic blend
of titanium and other artificial alloys. It is extremely dense and resistant to all
forms of damage, in effect making each Terminator a walking tank. Yet in the end, it’s still metal, and like
any metal, it is woefully vulnerable to chemistry. If you’ve watched our past videos you know
that we’ve often touted chemistry as the ultimate weapon in mankind’s fight against all forms
of evil, and today it’s our weapon against futuristic robot assassins from a timeline
we can’t avoid. If you’ve followed our advice you ran for
your life, and now it’s time as usual to set up your battlefield. Metal, even futuristic titanium alloys, is
very vulnerable to sudden changes in temperature. If given time to adjust, some metals can tolerate
extreme heat and cold just fine, but sudden drops or spikes in temperature can attack
metal at the molecular level, severely weakening it. For our T800, we think that it’s time this
nudist time traveler had a bath- ideally a bath in pure liquid nitrogen. A quick call to a local materials supply company
can set you up with delivery of a 6 ton liquid nitrogen tanker truck for about five figures-
that’s a hefty price tag, but the future of the human race is literally on your shoulders,
this is no time to cheap out on us. The key is going to be to lure your Terminator
to the vicinity of this truck full of liquid nitrogen pressurized at 6,000 pounds per square
inch and a temperature of -320 degrees Fahrenheit (-196 C). The added benefit of such low temperature
chemicals is that the cooling of the ambient temperature will weaken the effectiveness
of the Terminator’s heat vision mode, forcing it to rely on night vision or true color. You don’t want to be easily seen, so to defeat
the Terminator’s night vision mode simply set up large infrared spotlights around your
battleground- infrared light is invisible to the naked eye, yet visible to night vision
and so bright, that it will overpower any electronics operating in night vision and
completely white out the image. This means you can set up a battleground full
of shadowy places to hide and force the Terminator to rely on its normal color vision. Unfortunately this leaves its onboard radar,
but if you choose an area with plenty of cover you can block outgoing radar beams and leave
the Terminator confused on your exact location. Now that you’ve hidden from the Terminator
and avoided being killed in one shot, it’s time to spring your diabolical trap. With the Terminator in proximity to your tanker-truck
delivery of liquid nitrogen, you’re going to remote detonate a simple IED explosive
attached to the rear delivery valves of the nitrogen tank itself. We’re not going to tell you exactly how to
do this, but we’re sure you’re smart enough to do the simple google search it takes to
gain the knowledge to make a very easy, remote-detonated IED- just don’t blame us when the FBI comes
knocking on your door. Making sure that your IED is low yield will
create a small explosion which will release the pressurized liquid nitrogen in a concentrated
steam, dousing the Terminator unit in super-chilled liquid nitrogen. Metal can become extremely brittle at such
low temperatures, so we’re pretty sure you know what’s coming next. A fan favorite, and a favorite of the US military,
the Browning .50 caliber machine gun has been affectionately named the Ma ‘Deuce by US service
members. For you, old ma ‘deuce is going to be coming
to your rescue as you light up your popsicle T800 with several hundred rounds of armor
piercing incendiary overkill. Under regular conditions the T800’s endoskeleton
would do a pretty good job of stopping even this high caliber fire, at least a good enough
job to let it get to safety, but having superchilled its metallic endoskeleton, you’ve left the
normally tank-like inner shell very vulnerable to the dense penetrator of a .50 caliber armor
piercing round. At this point, the incendiary part is just
adding insult to injury, but you’ve got to teach those time traveling Terminators a lesson
or they’ll never stop coming. As you’re firing though make sure you’re careful
of penetrating the very volatile power core, because if you’re standing at a range closer
than 100 meters, well the resulting explosion will have done the Terminator’s job for it. But let’s assume you’re safely out of range
after all- congratulations, you’ve killed your time-traveling assassin! Hope you’re up for the task, because Cyberdine
is definitely going to be sending another, much sexier, model after you very, very soon-
and ultimately, if you defeat that one you can rest assured that Judgment Day is still
coming, the future is inevitable, and ultimately all of your fighting is for absolutely nothing,
because the future can’t be changed. How would you defeat the Terminator? Is Judgment Day truly inevitable? Make sure you check out our other You vs videos! Go ahead, I’ll wait until you click. It’s right there on the screen!

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    T-800: "Phased plasma rifle in a 40 watt range."
    Shopkeeper: "Hey, just what you see, pal."

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  9. Thermite it's very easy it burns at 2200C while it only takes the titanium reaching 600C in an environment with oxygen to ignite resulting in a fire that cannot be extinguished

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