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You Have To Do This If You Want To Be Successful

You Have To Do This If You Want To Be Successful

This episode is brought to you by Dashlane;
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all your online accounts secure! Do you consider yourself successful? If not, we might know your problem. It turns you could be making critical mistakes
each and every day beginning in the early morning. Many of the people who accomplish amazing
things have habits that begin right when they emerge from under their warm, toasty blankets. The act of getting up alone is a challenge
for many of us. Because, let’s face it, why would we want
to move when our beds are just so amazingly comfortable? And that might be part of the problem for
the ever so slightly less successful of us! So, as we just mentioned, while getting up
first thing may not be pleasant for us, it is not very difficult for the highest echelons
of society. Even Sheryl Sandberg, the COO of Facebook,
is busy doing all these life-altering things each and every day yet gets up without any
issue each morning. And her days must be stressful and exhausting. We all know if Facebook ceased to exist billions
of people might just lose their minds without the ability to post a selfie or status-update. Yet, no matter how jam-packed her schedule
may be making sure all goes according to plan, she wakes up bright eyed and bushy tailed
in the mornings. So, what’s her secret? According to Sandberg, it’s lots of high
quality shut eye. Sandberg turns off her phone so she’s not
disturbed or awakened during the night. Things like practicing relaxation techniques,
dimming the lights, and going to bed earlier rather than later also help her body adapt
to a predictable sleeping pattern. As a result, she gets more restful sleep. So, while you worked, partied, or watched
trashy but oh-so-entertaining TV until the break of dawn, Sandberg did not. And, while you grunt and groan and feel a
little like you’re dying on the inside as you get up, Sandberg doesn’t. Now, who do you think will be more productive
once awake? Sandberg, without a doubt. Sandberg’s up moving metaphorical mountains
while we are struggling just to keep our eyelids from closing. And that’s after our third alarm started
to go off. Now, as they say, timing is everything. When it comes to high-achievers, this is no
exception. The successful also don’t sleep in. And by sleep in, we mean get up later than
6. Oprah Winfrey is up by 6 and at work by 6:30. Bill McNabb, Vanguard Group chairman is awake
by 5 and at work by 6:15. Caroline Burckle, an Olympic medalist, rises
and shines at 5:30 in the morning and doesn’t even need an alarm to be up and at ‘em. These are just a few examples of a popular
trend among the most successful. Further, unlike you and I who may run frantically
around because, let’s admit it, we pushed it to the absolute max by sleeping to the
last minute, these early risers take their time in the mornings. Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter and Square
has quite a relaxing ritual. He exercises and boosts that heart rate and
follows this by some enjoyable meditation. Only after he’s done with both does he go
buy his coffee and breakfast. Then there’s us. We wander around like zombies with arms outstretched
searching for that cup of joe and drink the whole thing, possibly two, before we can begin
to function. And this is on the most basic of levels. But, as we just mentioned, high achievers
do it differently. Shonda Rhimes, the executive producer of Scandal
and Grey’s Anatomy, wakes up and has a little dance party. That’s right, soon after Rhimes gets out
of bed she grooves to some Beyonce. Tim Cook, Richard Branson, and Bob Iger also
get up early to fit their exercise in, all before 6 am. Turns out movement in the early hours is good
for the brain. Not to mention, your emotions and well-being. Surprisingly, instead of making you tired,
it gives you more energy. You’re also much more likely to work out
earlier in the day than later in the afternoon. In other words, it makes you healthier. Many follow an invigorating workout with some
calming activities. The CEO of LinkedIn benefits from meditation
and finds that it gets his brain functioning on a higher level and at a greater capacity. Research has proven that meditation also reduces
stress, strengthens emotional intelligence, and enhances focus. In other words, the smartest among us get
that boost in the morning by doing other things than over caffeinating. Of course, a peaceful night’s sleep and
not waking up 5 minutes before you’re supposed to be somewhere else may also make that caffeine
a tad less necessary. And how many of us are in such a rush that
we don’t even bother to grab breakfast? Or else bypass healthier options in favor
of something less nutritious, but faster? This is yet another mistake. Richard Branson, the man behind the Virgin
Group, is a renowned healthy eater. His dish of choice is fruit mixed with muesli,
or a cereal typically chock full of oats, seeds, nuts, and dried fruits like raisins. This makes all the difference. While your brain is running on empty, Branson’s
brain is rejoicing with boundless energy. Not to mention, whole grains like oats are
generally slower to digest and so provide continuous energy over a longer period of
time. A healthy breakfast also boosts short-term
memory and enhances concentration. The most successful don’t forget snacks
either. Again, these must be healthy to help stabilize
blood sugar and provide a good source of energy. By doing this it ensures that the brain still
has fuel throughout the day. But this all-day success depends on the correct
planning in the morning. They know the wrong plan, or worse, no plan,
can result in less than optimal performance and that is the opposite of what got them
their high-end position. While they do make time for breakfast and
snacks, important people don’t waste effort at the start of the day. To them, time spent choosing the best clothes
to wear is not time well spent. To the most successful, they are selective
when they choose what to worry about and the right shoes or pants don’t make the cut. Mark Zuckerberg, for instance, the famous
founder of Facebook, often rocks a casual look with jeans and a sweatshirt. This is a conscious choice. He finds life is simpler by wearing the same
thing and instead saves his decision-making abilities for much more important decisions. Picture Steve Jobs, what is he wearing? That’s right, his iconic black long-sleeved
shirt, medium-rise jeans, and New Balance sneakers. This, again, was no accident. Now, the message here isn’t to throw away
all your clothes in favor of denim and tennis shoes. Rather, it’s to realize that agonizing over
your look each and every day is a waste of energy. Try changing it up so it’s simpler for you. Once you do this you can focus on things that
matter significantly more. Now, though brilliant and accomplished people
might start their day with some self-care and relaxation and avoid overanalyzing their
clothing, they certainly get down to business when it’s time to. It all starts with a plan. After all, without a plan you could find yourself
wasting time backtracking or losing track of what it was you were trying to accomplish
in the first place. This, obviously, is not what you would consider
success. Even Benjamin Franklin way back in the day
knew this and got up at 4 am every day for scheduling purposes. The founder of the Huffington Post sets her
priorities early as well. That is, of course, after some exercises. By doing this she can then knock everything
out, one after the other, wasting no time in misdirection or indecision. It’s also easier to focus on what needs
to get done and not get distracted by other things. Such as checking your Twitter or Facebook. Or playing with the latest Snapchat filter. Or eavesdropping on what the people next to
you are saying or wondering what the people across the room are doing. Pretty much anything. That’s precious time wasted that could have
been spent doing many more productive, though we might add significantly less entertaining,
things. This plan that’s made is often organized
by type of activity. Some know that doing things that are the hardest
first when they have the most energy and focus is what works best for them. Others, prioritize things by importance. Still others do what’s fastest and easiest
first and save the more complex tasks for later. The creator of The Happiness Project, Gretchen
Rubin, has a plan that works best for her. This begins with checking into and responding
to social media and email. Then she moves onto things that are more difficult
after. And what is a plan without a picture. That’s right, the most successful mentally
go over all they have planned and visualize what the day would optimistically be like
if all went as scheduled. A few minutes of this is all it takes to feel
better and be more confident in what will happen for the rest of the day. It’s all about seeing it and believing it. They may also be able to knock it all out
faster once they get started. While there’s a good old debate on whether
or not multitasking helps or hurts progress, Bill Gates is a notorious multitasker. Few would say he doesn’t get things done
exceptionally well. As he gets his workout in via treadmill all
the while he’s watching DVDs. This is a great example of doing things that
need to be done simultaneously without impacting your efficiency. Exercising while learning important information
at the same time is only a win-win scenario. Not to mention, when it’s fresh in your
mind in the morning your brain will continue to go over what you’ve learned during the
rest of the day. Multitasking like this is just one more way
the smart get even smarter from the start of each morning and throughout the rest of
the day.So now that you know the early habits of Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Shonda Rhimes,
and others like them, have you thought about changes you should make to your own morning
routine? Now that you’re on the path to success and
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for a free 30 day trial, and if you use the coupon code ‘infographics’ you can get
10% off a premium subscription today! Some people say that success isn’t something
you are born destined for, but rather the result of the many decisions you make. Do you agree with them? Do you think it’s worth sleeping more, exercising
first thing, eating the best breakfast, and getting more organized to see where these
things can take you? Let us know in the comments! Also, be sure to check out our other video
called I Slept 3 Hours A Day For A Week And This Is What Happened ! Thanks for watching,
and, as always, don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe. See you next time!

Reader Comments

  1. i did one year internship at facebook last year and i’m telling you the managers come to work at 11am after they walk their dogs lol only the low level workers arrive at 8am and i heard Zuckerberg works 3 days a week so its easier to wake up 4-5am 3 days than to 5-7 days straight

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  6. Im up at 4:30 every morning and dont work until 7. It helps my day to no end by sleeping atleast 7 hours and having a relaxing slow starting morning. Everthing said in this video is fact!

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  10. A reminder to do these if you want to be successful

    0:00 : Have a predictable sleeping pattern the previous day.

    2:07 Don’t sleep in (beyond 6a.m.)

    3:24 Exercise early with calming activities after

    4:11 Have a nutritious healthy breakfast

    4:52 Have healthy snacks

    5:03 Correct plan = optimal performance

    5:21 Don’t waste effort at the start of day. Have a simple routine for choices of clothes and for other things that aren’t priority

    6:00 schedule , don’t be distracted

    7:19 prioritise tasks in a way that works best for you.

    7:44 visualise what a day will optimally be like if goes as scheduled.

    8:03 Multitask without impacting the efficiency of tasks

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  14. There's absolutely no need to be like CEO of Facebook, Jeff Bezos, and so on. Those people find happiness through ultimate success, wealth, social stance. Not all people find it enjoyable working all day and waking up really early in the morning, even if said "success" is given. This is not a "How to be successful" because almost all of people consider "success" a happy, relaxed, human-like lifestyle. No one should wake up early in the morning if there's no reason to do so.

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  18. one thing you guys forgot that, everyone of those are also a millionaire of some kind.. most of us dont have 9-5 job like they do.. most of us have to work overtime or even a 2nd job and some of us have variable schedule like myself… i work in shift which could be graveyard shift… so when the CEO of facebook and twitter went to bed, I'm working, and when they get up, I'm still working…

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  20. Im in the Army we get up earl…..oh i forgot we dont sleep much but still needs to be in full condition thats why im sleeping like a baby every time i have a time and still im successful in my career in the army.

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    Out of that subject, great video as always infographics!

  22. I wake up at 4:30 or even earlier and at work at 5:30 eventough my shift starts at 6, I work 12 hours and I do get very tired because of the nature of my job but it's ok. My secret isn't relaxing or turning off my phone, my secret is: I work night shifts, waking up at 4:30 makes you feel like you're waking up late and well rested, contrary to waking up in the morning, I hate that.

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    Leave public education.
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    brush your teeth what? Its not daily? Did they not brush? No wonder Hoomans have a smelly breath

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  34. No it’s not that hard fro me to wake up I just wear uncomfortable clothes and I always wake up at 6:30am for school PS my work out is walking to school which is 1.9 miles away and I do that for 5 out of the 7 days of the week

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