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alright guys so I just got back from the art sales and I'll just do a rundown of like what I got so first I picked up a couple patches from this guy he had um some other uniforms and stuff I didn't get him they weren't patched or anything but this is probably the coolest thing I got from him it's a helmet cover it's got the infrared duct velcro tabs on them they can remove them put it back on and this is for a size medium helmet and the contract is 2001 most of them are so I'm not sure if this one would have gone on the older Kevlar helmet or like a newer ACH ones I think within this time frame could have gone on boat yeah this covers a pretty good condition it's no faded on top and torn but yeah that was cool I got picks them up for 5 bucks for all I think that's pretty fair and then next we didn't really find much but at this one yard sale they had this hanging up I've never seen anything like this before I've seen the army like issue like a MOLLE vest you know like the load carrier type thing this one's very similar to it but it's actually like a survival vest CMU 33 slash P 2 2 P 18 and the contract date is a 1 so it's obviously like global war on terror Iraq Afghanistan numerous you yeah and it seemed like a new shape except for there's little hole on the pocket flat and inside this pocket it's also got the contract number and it says Air Command survival general yeah it looks like these pouches you can remove and put them anywhere you want just like the Molly stuff so it came with these three just general or four actually for general small and then there's one big one with a double snap part yeah this is a have to do some research on this and I'll probably find some pictures and you know might add like some additional pouches do this I appreciate this is for like a knife or some sort of tool some sort of cover on the shoulder I'm not really sure though yeah apparently he was retiring or something but this is all he had that's pretty cool and then next we went to down the street a little bit there's this guy here and a whole bunch of like a lot of like five tactical tailor pouches and he wanted 25 for the lot but I didn't really want to pay that much so I just picked up I offered him five for this admin pouch it's pretty used you can see tactical tailor it's got the malice clips and it's actually really worn that like this back kind of part for both of them is actually like stuck in place you know it's like folded out so I thought that was pretty cool yeah it's got the velcro so you put patches on it and then I picked up this other tactical tailor radio pouch she had another one but he wanted to keep that one too he took it to Iraq with them and I understand that this one also has some malice clips on it it's pretty cool I forgot about radio a statuses for but it can't be too many an army only has a certain number that they certain a couple up they used it's a use condition to which I like you know shows character but all in good working order you know and next I went God how long do you back pretty nice has T Jack written on it TJ AC not sure really I just their generic laundry bag and I was looking for a duffel bag cuz I only have one but I add now that I – I can put gear in one and closing the other yeah that's pretty cool it's got some neat like Nestle I'm bottom kind of cool don't know what it means but yeah this is like really good condition just the straps are kind of faded yeah just here generic you know government-issue a duffle bag and then went to nearby park and this guy had like bins of his army stuff I actually bought some patches from him last year but this time I got a just a you know issued mag pouch and I was able to pick up his beret so this is 10 296 sustainment battalion I believe it's attached to the 2nd Infantry Division first Stryker Brigade so I thought that was pretty cool I have another brain but it's just a generic 2nd Infantry Division pin on it so yeah that's pretty cool and this pouch will go on I have a tamale vest so I think got three of them now which is what you need but I also need to triple mag pouches and two grenade pouches to complete it he also had this nice woodland load carrier like the that's like the new Molly when they came out the Molly to replace the load-bearing vest or the load-bearing suspenders things they had the MOLLE vest and it was really used it had the canteen cover and two grenade pouches I don't believe there are any mag pouches though but he wanted 25 for it which is pretty much retail and I wasn't gonna you know wasn't really worth it for me and I didn't really want it you know so that's pretty cool and then my brother he got these to cover up the name but you got these two Chaplin uniforms and free bin I thought that was pretty cool but again the second Infantry Division and you can see the chaplain insignia so yeah they're medium short and pretty good shape the patches are really nice yeah chaplain stuff is fairly uncommon you don't see a lot of them like get any period of eternity like memorabilia type things so it is newer so but it's still pretty uncommon yeah so it's pretty fun I saw a lot of stuff but last year seem to be bigger for some reason there's a lot more people selling stuff but it's just sound like good deals you know I think I only paid like probably 30 bucks for all this you know oh one more thing I got this some free wood I'm really happy about actually because uh it's nice thin not really any cracks you know in good shape and I'm gonna make some more patch boards like one I have in the back so I have some some of the leftover felt I'm gonna use and uh attach it on the board and put some patches and maybe using these smaller ones I can like get put groupings you know patches I get from the same person or something I can also like just put fabric on it and maybe like so some patches or something like that I don't know I'll figure it out I'll probably do a video on it – just like tutorial I know there are tutorials out there that's what I used but if you look at like do-it-yourself like more I'll patch board oh yeah pretty nice and that's it so please like and subscribe and I'll see you next time whenever I go to an estate sale or yard sale or whatever

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