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WWII Vehicle Maintenance

WWII Vehicle Maintenance

for nearly two centuries vehicle maintenance in the army meant fuelling and maintaining your horses with the dawn of the Industrial Age and rapid developments in mechanized transportation in the early 20th century the US Army was quickly trying to move from an army that moved by foot and move ten army that moved by motor and wheel the mechanization of the army meant horses were sent to pasture and engineers and mechanics were needed to design and maintain the vehicles after World War one the Bible for American soldiers was the Army Field Manual the Field Manual was used to help soldiers perform their duties vehicle maintenance often topped the list oftentimes a cry was heard the shop truck technical manual describes a responsibility of the engineer mechanic it reads in part a message to the engineer mechanical much of the power of the Corps of Engineers depends upon you upon you engineer shop truck mechanics your attitude toward work the way you use the tools and your ability to keep the engineer equipment rolling depends the ability of engineer troops to perform their mission this exhibit includes a shop truck it is a motorized maintenance facility capable of any work performed at a well-equipped repair establishment it came prepared with a drill standard vise lathe bench grinder hydraulic pump 10 and 100 ton press generators oxygen tanks and a master mechanic toolset it had a full complement of hand tools gauges calipers and extractors this two and a half ton 6×6 is a shade tree mechanic on wheels designed to support soldiers for the front it could support the repair of a truck in you well teeth for tanks hedgerow country or build a Bailey bridge in less than 40 years the army went from wagons and horses to tanks jeeps Dusen halves and chopped trucks the whole range of mechanized equipment was born new vehicles new film and is a whole new kind of army with this new equipment came the necessity of maintaining it the army had to properly train soldiers to complete that task PMC s preventive maintenance checks and services every soldier regardless of rank has had among other things in common the joy and sheer frustration the full Monday of chores while conducting PMC s PM CS is required by maintaining these vehicles kept the army on the move through Europe on to victory this Signal Corps photograph illustrates the versatility of the Jeep an extra gun rack is wanted on the Jeep belonging to the Signal Corps photo unit in patella France in September 1944 using the tools of the shop truck the unit anticipating a warm reception when they entered Germany loaded up on firepower sergeant Aaron Lubitsch of the 166th civil photo company filmed this soldier conducting PMC s outside of Dusseldorf this soldier came into the army without any mechanical skills and left with the ability to open his own repair shop back home what started on the Assemblywoman in cities and towns all over America became the tools that led to the rubble towards victory the gentle take of a jeep the war of a to salute the growl of a tank the new mechanized army maintained by soldiers brought victory and the American soldier

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  1. Wish I could find more, my grandpa follow the fleet across France and fixed them on the go with his 6×6 truck

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