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WW2 + WW1 Relics : Big Military + Metal Detecting Collection ( Eastern Front, Western Front, …)

WW2 + WW1 Relics : Big Military + Metal Detecting Collection ( Eastern Front,  Western Front, …)

The symbols shown here are only for research and historical education. Again in German … 🙂 … again the German law for the provision for displaying. This is my great-grandfather. He fought on the Western Front in World War 1. He was awarded the Iron Cross 1st class. The leader is an original image. It depended on the time of National Socialism in a school. The headmaster gave it to me. He has hidden it earlier in the attic. Meanwhile, there is no longer the school and the director is either very old or dead by now. I got it at that time 15 years ago and since he was already quite old. When I made a budget resolution at him, I got it. The original frame was broken and I had to cut the edge. Here you can see this box. Since no MP3 player in it. You may 3 times guess what I keep in the box … I make boxes full of medals. Because I have no more room in the showcases. But I have to have everything – so stack: P I have such quantities, that I have no other choice. My whole house is full of things from the wars. Here, for example iron crosses … War Merit Cross with crossed swords. Wound Badge. Many many medals … Kaiser Wilhelm order. This is a NSDAP badge. … here comes something together. I do not know myself what I have everything. There are a total along with the archaeological finds over 7000 parts. Here I want to show you an award certificate for a Wound Badge. After the war, the swastikas were eliminated. Here you can see it on the stamp. By a senior physician in 1942 awarded in Vienna. The badge was awarded in black. So the badge looked it. It is a steel helmet and the swastika. This happened also in other colors …. Here’s one for comparison from the WW1. It is the M16 steel helmet. Before we start something in advance. Everything you see is legal. I collect all very publicly. I am also on Youtube with my name on it. Let’s get started … We start from the beginning … Cartridges, spade …. These are 7.5 cm projectiles from the 1st world war from Verdun. These sleeves are made of WW2. They come from the Seelow Heights. The parts listed here are as I said from the Western Front at Verdun. Everything you still see and orange color has is derived from the Western Front. Because the soil is loamy there. This applies to everything in my collection with the orange color. The wheel is from the Baltic Sea. Igniter. Larger detonators, of course, all empty. German stick grenade. Empty – like everything. I say this only in the first few parts so that there are no stupid sayings about things. If you have any questions, you are welcome to write to me. … a food container …. a residue of a gas mask … Behind shipping containers for ammunition. The long is a transport container for grenades from the Eastern Front. The typical German steel helmet. Large ground anchor. … small bottles .. illuminating cartridges … … stick grenades … Double detonator of a grenade. That are rifle grenades. Here an open rifle grenade. Detonator from the 7.5 cm grenade. A large splinter of a larger bullet head. Two fuel canister. This is a french bottle of Verdun. It will be an officer bottle. A discus hand grenade. Various bayonets. A feldspars. Knife with imperial eagle. Gas mask box … a complete roll of barbed wire from the front. Original dynamite sticks (empty) from the studs. And as the original fuse. With rubber band around protected from water. This was used for tunneling. I have it from a tunnel in Italy. There was the WW1 front. I left the explosives there. Various bayonets. Cutlery with imperial eagle on it. The handle of a large bayonet from the WW1. A chewing tobacco outlet, a pistol magazine … Rest of a gas mask. … one floor further up … Hand grenades. … empty…. A beautiful egg-shape. Many coins. I have shown in another video where I have found. K98 cartridges and a 50 caliber bullet from the 2nd World War. … shrapnel balls … … which flew like buckshot round … This cartridge is from 1908. It is stamped with KUK. Larger board ammunition. This medicine bottle is even with content … but no idea what it is. … food container and several grenades … … 3,8 cm Flak cartridges … Various bullets to 7.5 cm grenade. A Bedford sign. Losantin boxes. Stamped with 1941 – 1942 ….up to 1945 These you see in another video as I find it. A bowl full of iron cartridges from the Eastern Front. From an MG42 nest. Ball grenade. Juice bottles. Wine bottles. Anchor for connecting wood in the trenches. Stick hand grenade with a residual wood handle !!! Large brass cartridges. Dishes from the Reich Labor Service. And dishes from the normal army. Wine bottles and a cartridge box. Remains of a gas mask and steel helmet. Cable reels for phones. Original Eastern Front winter boots. I found it in an old house in CZ. The busted are rocket launcher projectiles. For fog. A steel helmet M16 from the 1st World War. From the Western Front. In these shells was a wooden plug. They were ignited with a fuse like firecrackers. Old bottles with labels from glass. An old bell. All my closets are full …. Here you can see various grenades floors. There, the shrapnel bullets came in. Various detonators and grenades. Parts of a large wing mine. Steel helmet. Some helmets …. A barbed wire severity of the pioneers. The little pioneer spade. This cartwheel comes from the Ardennes railway. MG42 cartridge boxes. 3.8 cm cartridges. These boards are from WW1 on the southern front. From positions. A box sent to the “Adolf Hitler Street”. Various K98 systems. A MG42 barrel. Everything unusable. Coins … Bayonets. Toolbox … for vehicles. This is a MG42 body. Good to see the visor. Everything unusable. Cartridges in aluminum. K98 cartridges. Different detonators …. … all empty … … more differnt grenades … Medicine bottles. Nice detonators …. Thermometer 😉 This is a large water barrel. It has bullet holes. It comes from the Western Front and is a French one. Again, two gas cans. Various spade and barbed spears. A pair of large steel sleeves. Due shortage of materials, the sleeves were made 1945 of steel. These spears were screwed with the screw into the ground. Barbed wire was then attached above. This is the launch tube of a bazooka. Pioneer tool. An old piece of wood. From a tree with barbed wire from the WW1. Stick grenades. Edelweiss 😉 Dishes … and several bottles … Different ammunition. This is a big cable reel. This was mounted on motor vehicles. This is a masterpiece letter to butchers. One of my living room cabinets … Here I have some better stuff in there. … a student sword…. Cartridge box Afrika Korps. Different runs. Luger P08 … Map pocket. Service binoculars. Stick grenades. Pith helmet from the Afrika Korps. Different bags. This is a Pilot helmet from WW1. Made of leather. Hindenburg lights. Emergency lighting. Air protection helmet. Some guns … M16 steel helmet. Backpack of the Eastern Front. Haversack from the Eastern Front. Ancestry pass. This was for the Aryan proof. Since the pass is empty. In this picture I am particularly proud of. It is a silk screen from before the 1st World War. From the crossing “China and Japan” … Boxer Rebellion. That was the German warship. The commander was among this image. Now we come to some nice things. Many many decorations. … iron crosses…. A pilot’s watch. Chocolate 🙂 Different guns … … K98 … … machine gun DP28 … … a russian one … Buttons. Prussian saber. Lion head saber. Stamps …. Lottery tickets. F1 hand grenade. Identification tag. Adolf Hitler on a stamp. Belt buckles. “Blood and honour” “god with us” “air force” The gold is just decoration. So not real. “Adolf Hitler” This is the service record of my great-uncle. Ashtray from the Eastern Front from Russia. Blood and honour knife from the Hitler Youth. Field dressing. Money … A couple of old cans. These are original locking up. Loads of 3.8 cm cartridges. … It is too complicated to describe. Just ask …. Everything is full. Attic. Cellar. Storeroom … over 7000 parts. This wooden box called “powder box 97”. These are crates. The white box is from the Russian campaign. Machine gun 08/15 … 🙂 WW2 machine gun “Browning cal. 50” from the Americans. Stamped with “1940” Different big grenades and bombs. Old grandfather clock. Stamped with DRP. A wooden statue of an artist to 1930’s. German WW1 front soldier. Painted in 1925. These are all bills from the German Reich. 1000 … 50 … 20…. 5 … 10000 … 50000 …. 100000 … 1000000000 …. 100000 … 50000000 …. 5000000000 …. LOL This is a sham for the food bank. Butter, meat and bread. … and sugar 😉 A thick packing slips. Approximately 100 pieces. Coins …. Here I collect the documents until I have time to sort them. This was for the birthday of leader – Adolf Hitler. On the 50th birthday. A roll hoop drum of the German Navy. Wilhelmshaven. Rails of the field railway. With bullet holes. A book “Verdun”. Adolf Hitler – Mein Kampf. That are army cards. And troop movements. Position cards. Nazi dishes. Gaiters. This is a chair from the German Reich. “Swastika” A nice gun. Build in Gdansk. “1880 … Danzig” Machine gun DP28. F1 hand grenade. Still a declaration of weapons that these decorations are. Civilian things. German eagle with swastika. “DRGM” Collection command for the army.

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  1. Woher will man eigentlich wissen, dass alles davon wirklich Teile des zweiten WKs sind? Könnte auch sonstiger schrott sein…einiges leuchtet mir ein, aber manches finde ich ein bisschen weit hergeholt.

  2. ich finde es echt beeindruckend, was du/sie immer finden. Könntest du/sie mal ein video mit tipps zur suche von repliken machen.

  3. Ich bin so extrem neidisch auf dich! Wie gerne hätte ich so eine Sammlung… Ein Kollege von mir hat von seinem Opa eine in Ölpapier eingewickelte Uniform gefunden und sie verbrannt!

  4. hey .. 🙂 also wenn du mal was los werden willst z.B das N.S.D.A.P abzeichen würde ich mich gerne zur verfügung stellen 🙂

  5. 25:45 kann sein das ich mich vertue aber ich bin mir ziemlich sicher dass es im ersten Weltkrieg kein Afrikakorps gab

  6. wen du nicht weißt wo du mit dem ganzen Kram hin wilst kannst du mir was schenken ne ne war Boß Spaß is cool was du machst 😉

  7. musst mal eine abschleppen und ihr die sammlung zeigen da werden mädels ganz schnell feucht im schritt bei dem anblick ;D

  8. I just ran across this video. Great video. I have a friend who collects ww2 German stuff from the Workers Party. German Workers Party under NSDAP, etc,. Anyway, he has a house full of stuff he bought from the soldiers who returned home. Not just from the workers party, but weapons, etc,.
    Great video and thanks for the english subs.

  9. boa… das is so ein Haufen Militaria… das sieht man ja in manchen Museen nicht…

    sind viele echt schöne Sachen dabei!

  10. ist aber echt schade dass grade diese schönen Historischen Waffen demilitarisiert wurden..
    nur ohne entsprechenden Waffenschein leider die einzige Möglichkeit die Finger überhaupt zu besitzen…

  11. Naja man wäre ja auch ganz schön blöd wenn man sich scharfe granaten und bomben ins haus stellt… 😀 irgendwie selbstverständlich

  12. Fantastic collection. It is a true glimpse into the past. The picture of Adolf Hitler (1:07) is very good. His "iron will" body language shines clear. I am glad that Germany is strong, rebuilt, and good partners with the U.S. and other peaceful countries. One hopes that those who gave their lives in past wars can be remembered and honored as good and brave soldiers fighting for their country.

  13. awesome it looks like my opas house ..My opa was in the German paratroopers in World War II I have all of his stuff still ..awesome video hope to see more

  14. Awesome collection! Be glad you don't live in America. The liberals would try to destroy it. They are over here tearing down American Civil War monuments. Can only imagine what they would do with Nazi memorabilia.

  15. Du kannst richtig Stolz auf deine Sammlung sein, man kann richtig spüren wieviel Herzblut und Liebe als auch Fachwissen drin steckt.

  16. Hey Alex here buddy I just subscribed to your channel I think that is the most awesome German collection I've ever seen I've raised my son with collecting German stuff we are only into German stuff I am from the United States but I'm only interested in German stuff it is the coolest stuff I think your collection is totally awesome I also think and like to hear you speak in German I also build models and I only build German tanks and German troop trucks

  17. Wo bitte bekommt man das alles her? 🙂 Ich meine du hast ggf. aus deinen alten Videos aus dem Boden gefunden. Aber der Rest? Ist das dann alles von Militärmärkten zusammengekauft?

  18. I am 11, and I love collecting anything military , and I have 3 iron, fake, but still cool. I mostly have American metals. Real, and fake, mostly real. And I just love watching people show thier collection. Your the lucky man alive in military collection whys. Do you know any websites that seller military stuff?

  19. Wow tolle Funde dabei,von mir einen Daumen hoch 👍schau doch mal bei mir vorbei 🙋‍♂️
    Gruß Quatermain

  20. Amazing collection from history. I bet you would have a fortune if you sold to collectors. Thanks for sharing.

  21. My great grandfather Was a [email protected] S.S. high rank officer…….
    An he lived happily and abundantly an awesome till the age of 94 years old. Openly telling anyone He was a German Officer in Argentina e Brazil….
    With farms, beach houses and a bunch of employees!!!!!!!!!

    ANd by the way I`M A Fuc#$%%ing NEW YORKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bro…. Don`t be ashamed of our heritage!!!!!!!!
    People just have no idea about how was Germany before 1945!!!!!!

  22. I`m American!!!!!! “National Socialist German!!!` Italian!!!!!! and Brazilian !!!!!!
    My great grandfather Was a [email protected] S.S. high rank officer…….
    An he lived happily and abundantly an awesome till the age of 94 years old. Openly telling anyone He was a German Officer in Argentina e Brazil….
    With farms, beach houses and a bunch of employees!!!!!!!!!

    ANd by the way I`M A Fuc#$%%ing NEW YORKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SUCK AND SLEEP ON THAT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    EUROPE.UK, COLOMBIA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Ich habe auch noch ein paar Orden Zuhause. Ich habe keine Verwendung dafür, wenn du sie willst kannst dj die haben.

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