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WW2-Vietnam military collection

WW2-Vietnam military collection

hey YouTube do Ehlers to everything 995 and I just I was bored tonight so I thought I might as well make video on my military collection I have a wide range of things from Second World War to Vietnam and her and modern more matter than that so um I'll start off with I'll take all my stuff and I'll lay it out on the floor so it's easier and yeah I'll be back in a so I have everything laid out here and I have no idea where to start I guess I'll start with the web gear up here well this here I just recently picked up at the flea market I've been looking for it but the single hold belt with this type of fastener here I haven't been able to find it it's uh it's around I'd say it's around Korea maybe maybe early early Vietnam and these are the suspenders you they don't really know what the setup is it has two machine gun pouches that came with it for 25 bucks I scooped it up and then I put on this machete case it's kind of creepy because it looks like it has blood just Ross but um that's that set I I store it with this here this who can keep it the canteen I don't know I got it in auction for a little bit it's aluminum so it looks kind of like World War 2 American but says Made in Japan so I kind of guess not buttons I have no idea could just be escaped something like that this is a Vietnam full almost basically full set of web gear it has the ammo pouches here canteen case with the canteen but pack let's say what's it called medic pack or whatever you want to put it in I guess I have some spare camping gear a starter pistol just never I'm camping and another another ammo pack so I guess after those all go back over here to this United States m9 gas mask bag I really like these bags I got this fruit oh gosh 5 or 10 bucks it has these snaps and the nice thing about them is when they're closed they're airtight watertight whatever these numbers here I don't know what they mean but the SL could be the size I'm not sure it's a very nice a nice bag just to have I put it with the Korea web gear and move down the line here this is the Second World War Signal Corps signal lamp setup don't know how well you can see that says dated 1942 move on to the ammo boxes this is the earliest World War 2 30 Cal m1 animal box it's filled here it I guess it's filled with animal that I'll show you in a minute my camera's just about to die so I'll get new battle I didn't run through there too quick these darn cameras just suck batteries like they're nothing anyway I'll open this saml box they have us stamped on the side a little symbol there these were meant or at least they could snap on two machine guns like the Browning m1919 or or anything like that nice to have these box just because they there whenever there's healed their water three on six round all kinds other twenty two smokers shots kind of a little bit a little bit more difficult to close modern ones like these over here but they're still pretty good this is a ammo box for well right on there says pretty much it says for MGM sixty darn glare there that's another nice thirty caliber ammo box and then this is a modern thirty caliber and blocks it right now it's just filled with shotgun shells another other junk that doesn't really matter I guess I'll move on to the m1 pot helmets this is basically a Vietnam setup m1 American pot helmet take up liner here it's pretty nice I um I forget I think I bought this at the at the market but it's I like to keep on the shell here because the actual helmet itself has its beat up pretty badly I might turn that into a medic helmet for your soft or whatever this is almost other than the scratches right there it's almost a pristine shell right there it's very nice and I don't know what oh gosh I don't think I can zoom into there no not really but right above my thumb there is a a symbol of symbol of anchors so I don't know if that is positive with Marines or what but this is the oldest helmet shell at least of the group I don't know it could have been natto or something that painted green over it because you can see right through there's blue under it it and the shell I don't know about it either it's not second world war because there's the ring on the bottom if it is and I who had it I guess his name was Morse because it's on the inside of the helmet shell wants on the liner too but that's that's a this is probably the helmet that I use I use it the most or or this woodland covered one here this here it's a 100 millimeter well they're artillery shell and it's dated sorry about the camera it's dated 1977 so could have been the end of actually I have no idea it probably it was just a test round or something like that this is a little right angle flashlight US military the brand is called Albright I haven't found it it says made in USA all bright flashlight takes two large D batteries and if you switch it up one it's meant so you hit the button and you can flash it send whatever you need to send and then if you put it on totally it's a nice flashlight it's not at all too strong though if you hit the button it turned off sometimes kind of temperamental but it's a nice thing to have this is basically trench art it was a fire starter if you put kerosene in there and you had a big big kind of ball on the end of a stick and you dipped it in there and put it all over your fire and it has no markings left on it anymore but it was an artillery shell turned into that this is probably from my great-grandpa or so Canadian Army 300 soldiers pay book all kinds of writing on there and moving on to this Brodie helmet American or Canadian hit on the back here is dated says C dot L / C 1942 and you can see the 42 on it there and then this is a bayonet knife used for a gun like an ak-47 but it's always told otherwise is something else it's missing the leather part to go on here but it's a Russian bayonet though looks like someone cut in the notches they do more damage I don't know if it saw action or not but by the looks of it is pretty busted up and stuff it might have this is probably the nicest at least my grandma or my dad was very lucky found this on the side of the road believe it or not but it's a ooh us mark one knife very very nice moving on this little first aid package never never opened field dressing pack these American medals Korea Second World War and those are NATO different NATO or something this is a Canadian civilian gas mask it still had the box when I got it but it doesn't look like it was ever really used it's it's nice it's pretty good for ten dollars I think this is uh I want to start to get a British or Canadian web gear set this is the beginning of it pretty much it's a mark one or two Bren gun ammo pouch it's all rubberized material with that type of hookup on the backs they must have scratched something out there normally the date is right there I think it says 1940-41 or something maybe later I could be wrong after this pineapple grenade and Canadian medal I only have the one metal on the bars for the rest for my great-grandpa that's could be his division I'm not really sure he was a chef in the camps all the badges this is a nice Black Watch Regiment badge and I think this was on that's a neck collar badge I think our Canadian Army badge and infantry Corps this is a mark for alien field 303 British mark for bayonet we have a mark 3 rifle at my grandma's and I keep forgetting over there keep forgetting to try to bring it up and this is a machete that goes in the case so sorry just cut out there that's basically my collection of Canadian British and American stuff I'll go over just quickly this is all that I have of German German artifacts from the Second World War this is just a desktop lighter that would have been in a hotel dated around the war in Germany I don't know what it says right there some sort of lettering and this this was a lucky fine by me is 25 cents I don't know if you can see that that's the eagle holding the swastika 25 cents in a random bin of coins at a coin store and this is a with the Box First World War did in 1914 the only First World War thing that I have it's nickel silver for second class I think I was told the dub you stand for Wilhelm I think something like that and then this is a Second World War Nazi badge date of 1939 its third class I think it's nickel or something and then that's a Nazi belt buckle it's all the lettering around it so that's all I left over here nothing really important big anti-aircraft shell 12-gauge 410 those are modern and then this is right here's 30-odd six this one and I have a couple of I don't know there's a 303 savage right here not used in the war I don't think these both bullets I don't know they're dated 1942 and weird symbols on them I'm not really sure about them and this is a third tooth special I think revolver and 45 or 40 caliber and then nine millimeters one of these here for a Luger or whatever then down here just spare stuff there's another pouch there have no idea really what about it that's the box for the and it still has the pan flip for the a civilian gas mask and then around a whole kind of a big link set up of machine gun heavy machine gun whatever it is and oh I thought was just me messing around trying to make netting for one a helmets didn't work too well and not to spare well cut out on it again yes that thing I have I've done too much anyway I hope you liked this video I guess they tune in for more I might have a couple more once I get this this set up I might single out some of the sets or something like that and until then have have a good life with whatever you're doing thanks for watching bye

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  1. 2:06 sorry but those are not original vietnam era us pouches those are later varients but not us isiu

  2. All of your helmets are Vietnam era. I'm not sure what the anchor stands for, but i know all of the chinstraps that style have that marking. You can find the anchor on other Vietnam gear pieces

  3. Hey you should start collecting some modern gear to. Like for example you can get a Mitch 2000 or something like that for like 170 to 300 bucks

  4. Really nice collection! I collect Military medals of WW1 and WW2, got a couple vids already up but more to come, check out my channel!

  5. Nice Collection. I collect military stuff also.. I just subbed your channel. Check out my videos/channel.. thanks

  6. The canteen in the beginning was made like a wwll u.s one but its acually a commercial one. I know because i have one just like that says made in japan

  7. The unknown web set is british 58 pattern webbing which replaced 37 pattern ww2 webbing and it was serviced in the northen Ireland conflict ( if you don't know what it is look it up) and the Falklands war and was taken out of service in 1995 I hope u find this helpful bye

  8. Your 37 ammo pouch is not just for a bren it's a universal mag pouch for all ww2 Brit guns, we seem to like larg mag pouches. Also it's not a rubbrised metral let just old and mk 2 I believe.

  9. The anchor on the chinstrap is the manufacturing mark for North and Judd. North and Judd was purchased by Gulf and Western Industries in 1967 and the anchor symbol was no longer used dating that chinstrap pre 1967 but Post WWII. Nice collection.

  10. I may be wrong but it looks like the blue on that helmet was put on there from the 3rd division infantry. One of the most famous divisions because of Audie L. Murphy

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