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Ww2 setup

Ww2 setup

hello guys it's me money abroad and yeah we're gonna do a video on my setup and yeah going to show you everything from this area I'm going to sleep open night tonight open I oh yeah open air sorry and well we first come in or out actually this is an all-over view that's part 2 / 11 forever over there is good friend of me yeah our boots drying in the Sun no socks because we were walking in a little river and then yeah all my foot oh my legs were right so yeah it's drying an old water bag that's dated 45 or 43 or yeah I don't know just a water bag from the Army when first come in it then over here we have the washing area with a jerrycan of water and that's an empty one our dining area this is my my place that's his place my helmet play nice and also my new Zippo which is a black croco which is really nice and yes I'm a food and distant matches and all a little bottle just show the cooking thing that's an expert stove and domestic fuel tablets sleeping area my bed is bad mi you money with corn pie just really nice corn cup really nice um some more equipment the motion bag and wire my bag my new set up a new gear the signal panel is the orange one not the pink one kind of my knife my wool blanket g be back with some stuff in there some magazines blasting caps fun show to keep everything dry from equipments my carbine and he's cleaning lately so he saw doc of it yeah sorry about that this mo can is full from cereal bars with some cereal box and then half and some this is the emergency light that's that job you could lights and some more food for tomorrow and yeah attend in case that it's going to be too wet and stuff like that and yeah it's tough and yeah that's him um yeah that was it hope you like it and yeah thanks for watching comment rate subscribe and I also check his channel better throughput water off whatever yeah he's gonna make some more videos hopefully well I'm not gonna make any videos anymore till I get better videos to to stuff better camera yeah okay that was that yeah as always thanks for watching guys and yeah thanks for watching

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  1. u speak good english from a guy from belgium and nice equipment and do a video u have the gear and live in were a big bad hrrible battle took place alot lives lost and if live near woods make one in there

  2. Love the video man!!! The thing is that i wish that we had in america is that the fact that you guys start learning new languages from the start of your schooling. We start learning languages in the 7th grade. And by that time you guys know english already which is amazing!

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