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I this is a pair it's a mismatched pair do two different colors of leather being used in the factory for the straps no if you see that that's got a black finish that's got a neutral ton finish it's a pair together world war ii german army combat get this for the ankle boots um whether it's worth a reenact their spending forty five pollen on original pair on a post-war west german fair it's it's up to the individual would the only difference is that the world war ii and the post-war ones and identical except that the world war two ones somewhere will be in significantly Megamart amount of a laugh and I'm stumped on them but also much lighter quality and these ones are wife and stump and the Miramar it's so insignificant that you can't actually see it's actually stump on there but unless you're not got an oddish however in lieu of the original World War two ones which sell first yearly money the post-war bundes rear ones which are these ones you have aluminium alloy balls were talking them that exactly the same as the world war two take these these are post-war West German and they do exactly the same job for your reenactment but they cost about three four pound appear about hundreds of these in the past and I've got no trouble selling them and so post-war West German anklets or gaiters they're visually there aren't the only gonna go around the lower part of your leg above the ankle boot nobody's gonna really notice that's a post-war Bundys via one West German army that's an original World War two issue you want another see a movie we're not one whether you win that one it ain't gonna make any difference there most world war ii german re-enactors now detent there a lot of them to be honest our selves now in that the old golf or the or you must have the original stuff in lieu of the pasta for the post-war only one it does exactly the same thing nobody's going to notice except you so it is it is acceptable and so that's the quick word about the post-war German get this and the World War two ones and so we'll see it for a little bit so now

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  1. $15 sounds like a cheap price….they sound like the M38 the Uk they retail at about £20…roundabout $35-$ to pay $15 in US seems reasonable.

  2. Quick question for you. I was at an auction the other day and saw what I believe to be a pair of US issue gaiters from what i believe was WW2. They were canvas with leather and buckles for closure. They went for $15 and I was wondering if I missed a chance at something cool. Thanks.

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