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Wright Field: Top Secret World War 2 U.S. Air Force Test Center -1943

Wright Field: Top Secret World War 2 U.S. Air Force Test Center -1943

Armie five seven eight calling right tower for instructions on me five seven eight come in for a closer look yes the newcomers soon discovers the scope of the work that goes on here from the varied amount of aircraft which daily wheel above right field he gets his first idea of the diversity of our many projects all manner and description of planes are flown in for analysis testing and exhaustive study foreign ships like the hurricane and the deadly little spitfire the p39 which is making such a great name for itself on the Russian front the p40 Chennault flying tiger the p38 fork lightning the p-47 ready for battle above the ceiling of any plane in the air today the a20 the attack bomber which axes munition centres know all too well the b25 from shangri-la to Tokyo the b-24 Rommels Egyptian headache the b-17 the PMDD Flying Fortress and the b19 the largest land bomber yet built a promise of things to come these planes and many more constantly are being studied broken down in a search for defects of all kinds here work on every type of apparatus pertaining to aircraft goes forward ceaselessly these are listening devices they are the magic years which spot the enemy when he is miles away this is a laboratory of aerodynamics its wind tunnels are geared up to subject wings to the stresses and strains of any kind of atmospheric conditions the study of airflow is a right field specialty here is an interesting demonstration but a plane is flying properly these bits of yarn by flap on both the wings and tail if it goes into a stall the air burbles and the yarn behaves like this until the pilot once again has control in the propeller shop the most advanced techniques are formulated which pertain to this so important part of the ship Master Craftsmen these mechanics go about their tasks with the care of jewelers working on delicate watches deliberately with patients and the utmost care balance is their watchword and they seek it until the propeller is affected by the weight of a piece of ribbon one of the fields most celebrated techniques is that of magnetic inspection first the methyl is given a magnetizing charge then it is subjected to a bath of cleaning fluid under this continuous wet method cracks and breakage anywhere in the object show up so clearly that they may be instantly spotted and the part discarded the perfect units then our demagnetized and sent for their respective jobs plus with a perfect propeller when it is necessary for a pilot to feather in order to save a disabled engine he can do so immediately equally severe tests are given every inch of a plane's lifelines the tubing exact gauges examine the flaring then enormous hydraulic pressure is driven into the tool if the player is faulty it gives way if well made it will hold even when the tubing itself reaches its breaking point thus a combat crew may go about its task knowing that the hundreds of feet of vital connectives beneath it will be down there in the heat and strain doing their jobs strongly and securely continual study is made of improvements on the hydraulic system these lifts which do so much to streamline ership control the flaps also the landing gear and the doors of the bomb bay brakes have an obvious importance they are given terrific punishment in order to reveal any possible imperfections in the different units good pilots use their brakes only in an emergency but when brakes are needed they must be there to do their job efficiently this severity of experiment is a usual procedure throughout all parts of the test center while these researchers are as exacting in tough-minded a group as will be found anywhere in this warning world these men are experts on the harmonization of guns and sighting devices already the accuracy of American firepower is a legend from Bataan to Berlin and these mechanics are a good part of the reason why checking searching off new techniques the ceaseless quest for absolute accuracy goes on night and day that's why fighter pilots of the Army Air Forces hang up the records they do they are backed by the skill ingenuity and persistence of a bunch of lads that Hirohito would rather not think about but the little yellow destard has to think about it orb or signing like this gets results like this good anti-aircraft crews don't just happen they get that way through practice on tow targets here's our development in this field operation and handling of the target by a windless which thus permits perfect control in target practice when the AK Act session is over a ring is left onto the cable and a target thus released over an open space where it can be retrieved and used again a careful watch is kept on the development of incendiary bombs this stuff has been geared up to burn through metal like so much cardboard and it's just as potent on cement imagine anxious a doll when these are dropping over back to Scotland like so much carnival confetti any raid if carried out at night brings with it the responsibility of a safe return right field is given the air force's equipment whereby the returning pliers can make landings without drawing the enemy to a lighted field lamps such as these are set up to outline the home port or an emergency field if necessary which the pilot doesn't even know about when he takes off by picking up a beacon he manipulates his instruments until he's on the landing beam and the field lights become apparent to him alone he then slides home in perfect safety to all concerned this chamber can be made cold enough to test all types of clothing peculiar to flying conditions that's the new electrically heated suit being given a tryout in this chamber oxygen can be so regulated as to permit a study of the reactions of men who must endure the high-altitude conditions of combat flight the sergeant one of our vast group of anonymous researchers has volunteered to act as a guinea pig for this experiment with the air being removed from the chamber he virtually goes up to a dangerous ceiling unprotected by the mask which sustains the other flier as the pressure decreases the man with the mask helps himself to more oxygen while the sergeant grows increasingly groggy by such fortitude on his part coupled with a skill of engineers and observers knowledge is obtained to forestall that ancient dread of all fliers black if the player has had a bit of hard luck which requires him to obey lout he does so knowing that his chute is as perfect as ceaseless experimentation can make it new fabrics are tested for strength by weight drops new shapes and the shoot itself are tried out new combinations and the men who go over the side have come to have the implicit belief in their equipment which comes only from utter and prove dependability that load of silk has been earmarked by those paratroopers for delivery back to Japan there they go the high-flying dealers in destruction to those who would threaten our democratic way of life and as they go they take with them a knowledge that they are born by planes that will take them to any destination Tokyo in this case and bring them back they fly proved ships use tested material for operations like these daily underscoring the belief of general Jimmy Doolittle that the men behind the pilots are as important as the pilots themselves you

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  2. Nice tribute to the planes used by America's Greatest Generation in WW2. That was a different time in U.S. History when America was "Fighting Against Fascism". These planes & their brave crews did the job & then some. To all U.S. Veterans & our Allies, job well done & thank you from my generation to yours for your service.

  3. A lot of this film was taken sometime before May, 1942, when the red "meatbal" was eliminated from the center of the star. It was thought the red might cause friendly fire incidents in the Pacific. something that later proved not be the case. Nevertheless, by June 1942, every plane in service had the red center painted over with white. Rather than showing anything "secret" at Wright Field, most of the film is prewar or ealy war at the latest. The "listening device" was a very early version of SCR-270 radar from late 1940, and whose existence was already known to the enemy. The SCR-270 was considered obsolescent by 1943 as we had developed higher frequency and cavity magnetron radars. Electrically heated flight suits were already in common use by mid-1943. It appears that the purpose of the film was to show the "advanced" testing of aircraft to the American public while not revealing anything actually advanced to the enemy.

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