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Worth the Cost? – Hilleberg Nammatj 2 – Real World Review

Worth the Cost? – Hilleberg Nammatj 2 – Real World Review

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  1. One of the best 4 season tents on the market…
    the type of tent that will take whatever you throw at….but for the price, you better be throwing some major at it.
    Not a tent for everyone but for those who want to explore the wilder side of winter, it is a fantastic purchase.
    – Luke

  2. I'm getting out in the CO back country more and more as late as late October. Can get some big storms then. Maybe one of these days I'll have an opportunity to get one.

  3. Meanwhile I camp in the Winter with nothing but a canvas Tarp, two wool blankets and a down sleeping bag.

  4. I keep coming back to this product and to your review. At 75 years old, I am taking my late-life five-year-old grand twins 'backyard camping.' I would like to do that in cold weather in our fairly mild Virginia foothills location. I watch Survival Russia and maybe you do as well: He has a large and VERY HEAVY winter tent system that is marketed now by Amazon and it includes a properly sized wood stove that he demonstrates. Just this week, I have seen another Northern European tent, the CRUA TRI that also looks seriously winter-hardy. THEY use a sort of heavy felt inner tent that we know will be highly insulative. No stove option for heating. It is marketed as holding light in and as keeping light out and it has a good vestibule. Maybe you have seen it. I am attracted to the Hilleberg products for all-season use because of the mesh inner tent you mention….and because of the ample ventilation. Condensation that forms over cold nights on the inside of a waterproof fly DOES DRIP as it melts in the morning sun.

  5. Partly good review, although as someone who actually makes tents myself (hence i know atleast something about the materials) i feel like you are regurgitating what you heard from some hilleberg commersial about some things:

    1) kerlon is nothing special – its just 40d silnylon.
    2)ykk are not the best that money can buy (where did you get that from?)
    3)the DAC poles are actually quite cheap.

    Other than that this is no doubt a great tent – but i would say you can get a much better deal with some other tents. (For the money)

    Edit: also kerlon is not breathable. It is silicon covered.

  6. I would be thrilled to spend $800 on a tent…I can't. No chance in hell I could afford that on my current income. I would though. Does that make a difference?

  7. I've wished I could buy from Hilleberg for years. They have freestanding tents too! 😀 The red colour is for visibility in snow.

  8. I use Keron 3 gt. I bought the footprint, sand and snow pegs, paid almost 1500 bucks. Lot cheaper than an RV.

  9. Expensive but worth the money,i had a Nallo2 for many years it never let me down,if i could i would take this one… Hilleberg Are The Best

  10. hey Mr. luke i was wondering if you could compare

    The North Face Mountain 25
    Moki 4-Season Mountaineering Tent
    Hilleberg Nammatj 2
    msr fury 2

    they all are suppose to be 4 season but you gave the hilleberg such a great review but most places rank it 4-5 down the list (example :
    im wondering if they are just in it for the money i come to you cuz you are no bullshit and i really really like that i actually have a msr fury 2 tho i have not used it just yet waiting for back surgery. i may get something else tho i really want a bullet proof super high wind snow and rain proof tent, as i would be facing a lot of super heavy wind even in my own backyard of 50-60 mph wind do to flat area

    what are your thoughts on these tents =D super cool channel i watch pretty much everything you do.

  11. Mark, your doing a great job with your reviews! I like that you give all the dimensions, but I wish you’d give the tent pole dimension, as folded up, dimension……. also, could you or would you, do a side by side review or compare’o with the crua tri with this tent?
    Im looking at both these tents for winter car camping…

  12. My mate has this tent. I have the Tarra and the Enan. Hilleberg tents are amazing. Love products that are 'set and forget'.

  13. Luke, I am loving this pure tent porn. Great channel and content for us outdoor enthusiasts. You have sold me this tent, you say it will sleep the wife and dog as well. If my wife ever finds out how much I'm going to be spend on this bad boy, me and the dog may end up living in it, either that or I'm sleeping on the sofa for a long time.

  14. My family and I go camping during the summer months. We have started to camp in the deserts. Any recommendations on tents that can stay cool in direct sunlight ? It was so hot last year we ended up resting in the car with the AC on.

  15. I'm actually a licensed barber and I heard the "I would never spend…" complaint so many times when it comes to some of the more pricey hair products. Yes. Many brands tend to feel expensive for the sake of a name and yes, you can use dollar store shampoo all your life with no problems. But those higher tier brands have extracts instead of chemical substitutes. Water softeners. Beeswax instead of petroleum. People looked at a product and said "I'm going to push the envelope and make this the best there is."

    Same with products from Hilleberg, Patagonia, and Arc'teryx.

  16. $800 for a tent that lasts 20 years…

    You didn't mention the cordage they use and brag about it that you can get s full footprint of the same material as the bathtub floor

  17. Hi dear Luke. I want to ask the backpack name and its model in this video 19:20 minute. Thanks 🙂

  18. Hi!

    I'm about to upgrade my FjÀllrÀven Abisko Shape to Nammatj 2 GT. The only concern I really have is the package size. What are your thoughts on using a compress stuff sack with the tent to save some space in your back bag?

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