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Worst nuclear disaster in US history is a secret

Worst nuclear disaster in US history is a secret

an in-depth investigation from NBC 4 out of southern California just revealed that the US government hid the worst nuclear disaster in American history no one even knows about it yet it was a total catastrophe with horrible consequences it happened in Los Angeles in 1959 in 1947 the North American Aviation Corporation opened a nuclear test site in Ventura County right outside the San Fernando Valley it was called the Santa Susana field lab or SS FL their researchers performed top-secret nuclear tests it operated fine for 12 years then on July 1st 1959 high levels of radiation began to leak workers were able to clean up the contamination and successfully stops the leak and reactor for two weeks but on July 13th a power surge occurred in one of the reactors and workers weren't able to shut it down that time NBC 4 track down a worker who was there on that day and he said the radiation got so high it went clear off the scale and he said that workers weren't able to contain the leaking radiation he says workers were left with two choices let the reactor explode like what happened in Chernobyl or open the reactor and just let the radiation flow out into the atmosphere faced with such a terrible choice they went with the ladder even though it would mean releasing radiation right into the neighborhoods with their families lived NBC fors investigation documents that workers opened the reactors big door and dangerous radiation was released for weeks going wherever the wind blew it the worker who was interviewed told NBC 4 that employees were sworn to secrecy and the whole thing was buried the report indicates that the radiation released surpassed levels during the three mile and incident making it the worst nuclear disaster on US soil and no one even knows about it the Atomic Energy Commission only reported that publicly six weeks later and only as a very minor incident and now almost a half a century later studies have found a 60% increase in cancer rates in areas surrounding the disaster site families have been devastated and the list of terrible stories Islam so the US government totally hid its worst nuclear disaster ever and they did it pretty successfully makes you wonder if they can hide that successfully what else have they hidden from us tonight let's talk about that you

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  1. Any American paying attention to anything from RT, a RUSSIAN sponsored news agency is an idiot… You might as well go live in Russia where the only news you get is what they want you to get. So why willingly subject yourselves to being treated the same as someone who lives in a restricted society with news programs that orchestrate how you think?? Do you not want to live in a free society? If you don't, go catch a plane to you know where, where you can watch as much RT, TASS, Pravda News and Sputnik News as you want.

  2. Wow lets hear it for the USA boys, there are really so much smart then us when it come to working with radiation.

  3. Except the 3 Mile Island incident released no dangerous amounts of radiation. Did this one? Because I notice you give NO details on what the actual levels released were. Meaning this is probably more fake news. Because everyone knows, the only people you can trust less than the government…..are the media.

  4. If this is not a reason for a fuckin revolution I would hate to think what it's going to take for the "99%" to slap some sense into the top "1%"….. Seriously

  5. We do not know how much radiation was released from three mile island. So there is no way to prove that this was worse than three mile island.

  6. –L.A.'s Nuclear secret . . . ….

  7. Wow, incredible reporting. The U.S. Govt. "Totally Hid" the accident did it dudester? Gnarly… That was in Simi Valley, near the Simi Knolls and LOTS of people know about it! It's no secret honey bunch. In fact that's the area that the Manson family hid out in early into their "careers". Maybe that's why Manson is so crazy? Conspiracy theorist better get working on that that one! Thanks Russia Today – you are always so spot on. hahhahahahaha

  8. jesus, that intro bit with her prancing about like a tit is awful.. well this presenter is awful herself, as a presenter. Jesus, so affected, "let's be hip" and hype it up.. when it clearly doesn't need that.

  9. Why is this person so angry? I watched the whole video and I don't get her rage. She reminds me a lot of myself, in high school.

  10. Most excellent report!

    The most obvious hidden agenda is the brainwash of negative ideals, philosophies and "cultural" norms.
    Those all are the root cause of needless and preventable violence in almost all capacities.


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