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World Youth Skills Day – Army Foundation College | British Army

World Youth Skills Day – Army Foundation College | British Army

[Applause] [Applause] we're here at the army foundation College Harrogate for world youth skills day which is a day where the Army has invited schools from across the country to bring groups of school children to gain an insight not only into the army but for some of the skills that we need in the army that they critically will need as they go forward in life whether that's through education and into employment it stands I'm doing today are different come on tars cyber challenges that's something speaking with each other and getting to communicate together my brief introductions about what we do in four cities showing good leadership skills got team working skills good brilliant communication skills a lot of resilience when things haven't just gone quite so well we'll be faced with a difficult task and it's really enabled them all to build a bit of confidence in their own abilities just at that point in the year term when starting to think about what they're going to do with next year after Jesus this is amazing for their confidence gets them out of school gets them doing you know challenging them putting them to the limits helps to build up the teamwork and the communication skills and then there are some who perhaps didn't think they could do it but couldn't wait to get the harness on and ultimately get to the top of those frames so it's absolutely super fun

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  1. My dad was a Lieutenant in Royal Signals at the end of the war in Burma. 🙂 Seeing the gymnasium reminded me of a story when he was learning Morse transcription. The officers on the course had to take down with the least errors a long message while instructors distracted them with loud noises etc. One of the parts right at the end was "If you can read this you are dismissed for the day." So he got up and left. He obviously was told to return, but I always remember that story. 🙂

  2. It's a shame the lefty clowns in the National union of teachers banned the armed forces from attending schools for this very kind of thing years ago. I remember the Army training team coming to my school years ago to do command tasks. It was really exciting. Majority of kids are missing out on this nowadays due to silly political decisions made by ignorant senior teachers union managers years ago!
    All the best Army, keep up the excellent work!

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