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World War Nerf

World War Nerf

Sir come on, lets go lets go OMG Medic,Medic Yes sir, *ah* YOU HOLD STILL, Yes sir Kid whats the plan, just scope out the area, YES SIR! Captain *blows up* Is it bad, we got you bro come on come on *bugle in back round* Get to cover, *tank blows up* Hey Andrew here and hoped you enjoyed the video remember to like and subscribe.

Reader Comments

  1. Absolute Respektlosigkeit gegenüber all denen die ihr Leben im 2ten WK ließen 😑 finde es überhaupt nicht witzig.

  2. Who see the guy who got been shot in the eye twice that brutal
    EDIT: 0:14

    Army:runs toward tank and lets it eat the buulet lol that is lunch?

  3. College Teacher: Ok class we’re going to have a nerf war!

    Girls: no the bullets hurt too much!

    Boys: This Video

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  5. At the Omaha beach the allied forces were having troubles landing due to heavy German enplacments 1944 colorized

  6. This is why this video so good there’s literally a nerf tank WHY ISNT THERE A NERF PLANE OR BOAT OR TANK IN ANYTHING ELSE!!!!!!!!

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