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World of Tanks – Chinese Tank Destroyers Review

World of Tanks – Chinese Tank Destroyers Review

China is diverse. It’s a big country. The north there
is different from the south, and the west has little
in common with the east. The same is true for the Chinese
tank destroyers. The branch is diverse. Ah… The first vehicle is the T-26G FT.
Not a bad TD for Tier II. No armor, but there’s
concealment, and there’s a gun. Accurate and quick-firing,
this TD performs well as a sniper, but can also dismantle
the enemy in close combat. The next vehicle is the M3G FT.
It’s based on the Stuart light tank. So it’s fast and agile. It’s played
differently, depending on the gun. The Chinese variant of the ZiS-2 has better armor penetration
and damage per minute. The ZiS-3 gun is more accurate
and has higher damage per shot. The SU-76G FT
awaits players at Tier IV. If you’ve researched the Soviet TDs,
you might experience deja vu. Its layout and gameplay
are very similar to the SU-85B. They have similar characteristics
for the gun, armor, and view range. The SU-76G is better
played from the back line. From there, it’s convenient
to use its accuracy and rate of fire. The 60G FT differs from other
Tier V TDs in two parameters. The first is durability.
Only the AT-2 has more hit points. Unfortunately, it won’t
affect its gameplay much. Its armor is weak and its size
is big, so in order to survive, it’s better to stay as far away
as possible and avoid being spotted. Another feature of the 60G FT is damage
per minute. It’s the best at Tier V. The gun is generally fine: solid damage
per shot and good armor penetration. This TD has a casemate at the rear. There could be problems
with gun depression angles. But it’s okay: the gun
depression angle is 8 degrees. While the 60G FT has a lot of HP,
the opposite is true for the WZ-131G FT. It has the lowest amount
of HP among all Tier VI vehicles. How is this compensated? Regular gun. Excellent
concealment. Awesome mobility. The WZ-131G FT should
be perceived as a light tank without the turret and view range.
At the top of the list, it can not only play the bushes, but also trade
shots due to its good alpha strike. In the middle of the list, it’s best to play the first half of
a battle firing from behind the bushes. And then use its great mobility
to go finishing off the opponents. When playing against Tier VIII vehicles,
it’s better to hide in the bushes using the vehicle’s
concealment. If you want, you can take out the artillery
at the end of the battle. In general, the WZ-131G FT
is a very interesting vehicle. The next TD is the T-34-2G FT. It doesn’t have a lot of hit
points and it’s not well-armored. But it has excellent concealment. View range and mobility is above
average. The gun is good as well. The T-34-2G FT can hide in any
bush, put on a Camouflage Net, get out its Binocular Telescope,
and fire at the enemy with impunity. You should act differently in the
town. Look for the weakest target, roll out, and gun it down
using your alpha damage. And now we’ve come to the most powerful
vehicles in the Chinese TD branch. Tier VIII. The WZ-111-1G FT, a vehicle
with the hull of the WZ-111 heavy tank and the improved gun
used in the WZ-111 model 5a. Armor protection is above average.
The casemate front withstands hits from most Tier VI-VII vehicles
and half of the Tier VIII vehicles. Mobility is close
to that of a heavy tank. View range is standard.
Concealment is average. The gun. It doesn’t have the highest
accuracy or fastest aiming time. But they are higher than expected considering its damage per shot
of 560 and armor penetration of 271 mm. When the vehicle
is at the top of the list, a careful head-on skirmish
with heavy tanks is what it needs. You should play between the
first and second lines of attack. You may also try
to push through a flank. In a battle with Tier IXs and Xs,
rushing forward is not a good idea. The WZ-111G FT is an attempt
of the Chinese engineers to create a powerful
TD in all parameters. It has impressive size,
leisurely pace, decent gun— only the Strv 103-0 has a better
gun at Tier IX—and thick armor. You should hide the hull. However,
the casemate front resists the hits from guns with armor
penetration less than 250 mm. In this respect, it’s one of the
best among Tier IX tank destroyers. The same ideas live on
in the Tier X vehicle—WZ-113G FT. This vehicle has impressive
durability. 2,100 hit points. Only the Jagdpanzer E 100
has more among all Tier X TDs. The WZ-113G FT is well-armored. From the front, it’s protected
by a 230-mm thick glacis plate. The vehicle isn’t fast. It has
average speed and maneuverability, which isn’t surprising
considering its size and protection. Damage per shot is 750. This is standard
for most Tier X tank destroyers. Reload time, damage per minute,
and armor penetration are normal. Concealment is good for such a size. There are different
ways to play this TD. It can push through flanks
and fight actively on the front line. It can also support
the team from the second line, playing from behind the
bushes and scouting passively with the help of Binocular Telescope.
You can combine these tactics. The WZ-113G FT is a diverse vehicle that allows for acting on the
battlefield depending on the situation. The Chinese TDs have
another excellent feature: the number of crewmen
is the same for all vehicles. There won’t be a situation
where you have to add a rookie to the trained specialists.
This is convenient. That’s all for now.
Good luck on the battlefield!

Reader Comments

  1. Yes they are a tiny bit "German looking" but the Chinese got at the least some inspiration

    Like creating anything you need inspiration, Chinese got a bit of inspiration from the Germans, Germans had strong tanks Chinese wanted some of that German muscle. yaaay win win!

  2. The vehicles get a resounding "meh" from me. The best of them are very similar to existing Soviet vehicles, but I'm not too inclined to grind a 4 skill crew in something I basically already have. I'm not averse to new vehicles in the game, but if the vehicles are blurring the line for a possible re-skin of existing vehicles, I lose a lot of interest. My 2 cents.

  3. Wargaming, please stop using Google translate when making your scripts for these videos. Just get someone who actually speaks English to write them.

  4. I think a big part of the reason the Chinese td line isn’t as popular as other td lines is because of the names. They don’t stand out. A tank with the name “wz1111gft” doesn’t sound very appealing. Not to mention, they are very similar to the russian tds. It’s a shame, because the higher tier Chinese tds seem very powerful; good armor, nippy and good guns.

  5. chinese copied russian tanks are not the same as the original all because of one important thing… they are not built using Stalinium. Also I am still disgusted with Chinese tech tree line because my favorite tank, the IS-2, is a chinese heavy. GIVE IS-2 BACK TO GLORIOUS MOTHETLAND

  6. Now if they can add tank destroyers and artillery for China, Japan and Czeckoslovakia for the console I would be very happy. I also would like to see Italian tanks make an official appearance along with new maps.

  7. USSR: hey communist China copy our design of the tanks
    Communist China: Umm ok sure as long as I win!
    USSR: umm ok we will send troops to Help you defeat the KMT

    Koumintang china : hey allies!
    Allies: what?
    Kuomintang: The USSR is helping The communists make tanks so will you help me?
    Allies: sure copy our design

    Battle zone
    Communist: hehe The USSR helped me
    Kuomintang: The allies helped me hehehe
    Japan: can I get in on this

    =second sino Chinese war

  8. Steals america tank hull*
    put a gun on it*
    go camp*

    Dominates the WoT sever*

    Chinese TDs are really Fking OP in low tiers
    playing in low tier battles with them is the most fun

  9. I see people complaining about these fantasy tanks but there are tanks in other countries that only existed in blueprints I don’t see what’s the problem

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