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Wool greatcoats, and pea coats

Wool greatcoats, and pea coats

hello there YouTube Devin here again today I figured in good spirit because winter seems to be just around the corner I'd show you some awesome winter coats I have I've got some pretty old ones as you can see here by the fact that they are still wool and they're one of my favorite versions of winter coat and that would be the great coat great coats are awesome they're still used in ceremonial purposes a lot of times a lot of military still use them usually like officer classes will have them as part of their uniform and everything like that but historically pretty much everyone got a great coat at some point and right now there's kind of a big transition going on here in one of the major branches of the US military the Navy in particular where they want to go away from their wool pea coat to a more modern kind of synthetic gore-tex s parka and you guys can go online right now if you just type in Navy pea coat and you'll find a site where you can sign a petition to get them to keep that I actually have a navy pea coat as well a couple different versions of them they're very awesome jackets if you can find one they're running around fifty dollars on eBay right now which is a great coat for which is a great price for the coat that you're getting in that so if you're a collector like me and you like wool like me that's a very very good option as far as winter coats go it's also very stylish that pea coat style is in very good fashion right now so what would I have here for you is a traditional great coat and they cut down great coat now this cut down great coat here that you see up top if I move it over it is a double breasted design you can find them in from various militaries and everything like that in double-breasted designs and single breasted design all that double-breasted means is see how the buttons are off-center here and they're also off-center on this side as well as you can see so that's why it's double breasted you could wear it on either side now this one you can't actually wear on either side but I have another one of these that is a earlier wartime produced one and that one has buttonholes on both sides you could wear it if your left or right handed on either side so most of them you find will have buttonholes these ones they saved it to didn't cut those in to save manufacturers so it does only go one way unfortunately the older one I have does go the other way too whereas this one you can see has silver colored buttons my other one has gold colored buttons this one has fabric belt loops whereas the other one has the brass hooks they're in the in the waist to hold up the belt now this code actually started its life as a greatcoat it was made in if I could find the date here on it this one this one's the newer one so this one was made in the 40s at some point um off of a newer made greatcoat now the other one I have was made in 1928 the original coat and then it was cut down during the war into this shorter gray coat and these shorter coats were made were initially made out of a very long kind of almost mid-calf length coat and they were cut down at about the waist for troops operating and that needed to be more mobile and environments and stuff like that such as mountain troops and everything that needed the insulation which is Switzerland's pretty mountainous so that's how this basically came about was at the request of mountain troopers until that needed the extra insulation but needed this to be cut down because the giant long tails of the coat that went down to your mid caps were inhibiting the ability to climb and use equipment and things like that but these also came about due to a shortage of tunings of combat tunings so they pulled the liners out of them the heavy liners and they put a lighter liners in them cotton ones and stuff as you can see and put big bellows pockets on them and everything like that and basically modified them into what could be combat tuning improvised combat tunics without having to be too hot so you could wear them in the summer time as well so this is a really cool design this is a big in fashion item as you can see it's the shorter one but we'll move on to the more traditional winter pea coat here now this is something I have two of they're very very nice these one of these I like to wear all the time which is this one the other one I have isn't this nice because I use it for reenacting and it's kind of beat-up it goes to my Korean War outfit and this is a Canadian double-breasted great coat now this one is true double-breasted as you can see the buttonholes are here on the coat and on this side as well so you can you can wear it like this with the left side over the right side or you can wear it right side over the left side any way you want now this coat as you can see here the date it's kind of worn off you might not be able to see it very well because of the tag but if I can inch myself closer there you might be able might be able to see it if I get the light off of it as you see there it's made by Rubenstein brothers it is made in 1952 I believe it's when it says on this coat this is the 49 pattern great coat it fits a size five seven two five eight it's a size 10 as it says right here it's for a height of five seven two five eight but I'm 510 and this fits perfectly these were cut a little large just you know and if it's a size 42 42 breast circumference and it was made in 1951 it says right there it's a little rubbed off though this coats a little a little old so that doesn't surprise me now this is kind of your general issue winter coat now you see these used all through basically this design hand changed since World War two and later this these carried on well well well into the Cold War and even the modern era Almo almost too long so might say because it's a huge item and it weighs a lot and it's very hard to pack around but it's really hard to find something better than this as far as winter environment clothing layers go because wool is going to be naturally fire resistant water-resistant hypoallergenic antimicrobial to keep you warm and wet everything like that but it's just it's just a bit heavy that's the issue with it it doesn't really pack small it takes up a lot of space and they're very very heavy but they're awesome coats for what they are not has the gold buttons on it the standard Canadian has the cross swords the maple leaf Tri branch maple leaf on it and the crown with Canada underneath it see if I can get one of those up there for you to see there you can see it there Canada they're just traditional hook-and-eye buttons now this does has a stand-down collar or you could wear it up as well it does button up really close to the collar you can flip the collar up on the inside it is lined with polyester as you see here kind of like you would get on an M 65 field jacket that same kind of thing except it has a polyester cover rather than a nylon cover like the M 65 field jacket the seam is kind of coming apart down here that won't be too hard to fix pretty much everything you can fix on these jackets are very easy to fix with just hand sewing all these seams are finished as you can see down here with a polyester kind of ribbon over the edges to keep the wool from coming apart and it's only padded basically up in the chest region which kind of saves a lot of weight as well as saving a lot of density for the jacket which helps you pack it even though it's quite large has a small pocket over here for watches and stuff like that it has flattened for attaching anything you would need to or as well as holding a spare button spare buttons up here as well everything like that it's just a real big coat it has two it has a breast pocket here in the right breast the left breast does not have anything the sleeves are fully lined on it and the shoulders have epaulette spots it's a great coat super super heavy though super super robust it's gonna last you a long time if you can find one they still make a lot of these to today not this exact one but you can you could buy a great coat today and be very very warm through the winter as well as quite fashionable I just wanted to do possibly I get this out here to see if you guys are interested in anything like this as well as apologize for not making a video last week I had plans to last week this week I'm on vacation because I was at a huge wedding down in Ohio so I had to drive like 12 hours which was kind of a long time I spend a lot of time down there and then I was hung over for like four days and everything like that but I'm back now hopefully you guys like this video you subscribe if you like this sort of thing we're back on the tripod for this format today as you can see with some of these larger items and everything like that this is a work in progress jacket it needs some minor repair so I got a good deal on it and now that it's getting colder and I'm on vacation I'm gonna do some repairs so thank you so much for watching I'll see you guys in the next video hopefully you like this sort of thing if you have any questions on wool wool maintenance good recommendations for jackets of this type or any other kind like this feel free to leave those questions in the comments and I'll do my best to get to them once again if you leave a question in the comments that isn't really pertaining to this video I'm probably not gonna answer it I'm trying to get you guys to stay on focus with your comments please a lot of people just tend to ask me whatever in every video please keep the comments on topic thank you so much for watching thank you for getting me to a thousand subscribers you guys couldn't have done it without you and hopefully I'll see you guys in the next video bye

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  1. Well darn now I'm cruising on ebay looking for great coats in the middle of May. Truly thank you for sharing all of your knowledge Devin.

  2. Great video my man! I am very fond of these kind of coats, I have an old German one, from ww1. By the way, I seen earlier in a reply you made, that you ordered an Altyn or k6-3 helmet, not sure. Has it arrived yet?

  3. Winter is coming! I'm already using my m65s with the liners and also my ECWCS gortex jacket. Thanks for the upload Devin!

  4. Do you know any good military uniforms for tropical countries? Cuz its hot here than it suddenly rains out of nowhere

  5. I have a Cold War era Bulgarian greatcoat, British officers Greatcoat from WW2, Swedish pea coat and a Russian bekesha navy version but in cream. I use the Bulgarian one the most because it's really made for hard wearing. But the Swedish jacket is really nice to wear and when it get's stupid cold the Tulup comes out.

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