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Women in Basic Training | Boot Camp

Women in Basic Training | Boot Camp

Women in basic training. Women have come a long way in the military. Don’t be fooled guys, women have it as tough
as you in basic training. Let’s talk about some tips for ladies. Bring enough undergarments to last you about
a week because having time to do laundry is scarce. If you want to have a short haircut go to
a salon before you leave, shoulder length hair. Also pack light. I’m not trying to be sexist here, women tend
to pack a little bit heavier than men. Most of it’s going to get confiscated. Work on developing your upper body strength
before you arrive at basic training. Ladies, a good way to do this for push-ups
is to do push-ups on your knees. You can build those triceps and chest muscles
up quickly, without having to rely on your entire body weight. Follow these tips and you’re gonna make basic
training much easier on yourself. Good Luck.

Reader Comments

  1. I do appreciate anyone going into the service, but it was my observation in Nam that women will always be our weakest link. They simply can't take the strains of combat like men can. Could you hump a 60 pound rucksack, a 12 pound weapon, and 50 pounds of ammo for 8 to 10 hours a day for up to 2 weeks in 130 degree heat? I did for 18 months. I do wish you the best; my dad and I did 30 years in the army,3 tours of Nam, and it's the best job you'll ever have, and the pension is great. Good Luck!

  2. None, thank god! Bitch and complain all you want, but you know that women are and always will be the weakest link. Look what a liar Jessica Lynch turned out to be. I don't expect you to like my point, but if you're wrong, someone could die just to keep you happy. Do you want that?

  3. I really can't recall what lies Jessica Lynch told, though others certainly told a number of them about her. Eleven people died because of the incompetence of her commanding officer, however. He was male …. that OK with you?

    Since you acknowledge you never attended basic training with women, why not stick with subjects you are familiar with, and forget about basic raining.

  4. i'm 12 and already have decided to join the army i told my mom yesterday and these were her words: "guess we'll have to make you an obstacle course in the backyard then"*sigh*
    i thought it was funny


  6. I don't mean to cut on you, but you have six years to decide on whether or not you want to join the military. It took me a couple years after I graduated to decide on joining the Army. I once knew a guy who at your age was super gung-ho about joining the Marines and he decided he didn't want to do that. Just give it some thought, man. It's a big decision and you've got a lot of time on your hands.

  7. Ummmm….I think you should pay more attention. We have had women in the military for a loooong time.

  8. well i've thought about it long and hard and decided a long time ago if my plans for my dream career don't work then i'll join the army or the marines so yeah and i was doing it mostly because a lot of my past family members have gone into the army so i was just passing tradition on

  9. Well I've got one thing to tell you about dream careers, you might not be good at it. I found that out the hard way. Do what you're good at. If you're good at whatever you want to go into, hey good for you, but if you aren't, then you can of course join the military, but maybe try something you're good at. Like I said, man, you've got a long time until you're able to join the military.

  10. well let me tell you this it's my dream career and i'm really good at it so why not take your own advice and get a life you have no right telling me what to do okay

  11. I'm not. As far as you and I are concerned I'm just some guy on the internet. I didn't mean to come off sounding like I was ordering you around. All of what I said was mainly suggestions.

  12. I don't mean to sound blunt, but no shit, Sherlock. Go visit some of the armpits of the internet, like 4chan.

  13. In training with females have to do proper push ups because I can't even do more then 5 of them but I can loads on my knees.. Any advice for basic training ladies? 🙂

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