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Woman Claims She Only Slept With One Man Resembling Her Baby (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Woman Claims She Only Slept With One Man Resembling Her Baby (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

You may be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Salvo v. Gonzalez.
Thank you, Jerome. Good day, everyone. ALL: Good day. Miss Salvo, you claim
that around the time you conceived your
one-year-old daughter, Amaiya, you carried on
a sexual relationship with the defendant,
Mr. Gonzalez. Yes, Your Honor. Today you say you
desperately wanna prove Mr. Gonzalez
is her biological father because it will break
your heart if she has
to grow up without a dad. Yes, Your Honor. (AUDIENCE GROANS) Mr. Gonzalez, you state
you’re also hoping Amaiya
is your daughter. Yes, Your Honor. But because of
Miss Salvo’s repeated lies, you have no idea if it’s true. Yes, Your Honor. In fact, you argue
that Miss Salvo had sex with multiple men,
including your best friend, and any one of them
could be her child’s father. Yes, Your Honor. So, Miss Salvo, how involved has
Mr. Gonzalez been in your
daughter’s life thus far? Your Honor,
I can’t stand him. He knows… He knows
Amaiya’s his daughter, but he refuses to take
care of her. I’ve never, ever had sex
with any Hispanic man but him. I prefer my…
I prefer black people. I don’t like Hispanic men. I was intoxicated
at the time. I was drunk,
he came over. He got me
at the right time. Okay, so you had sex with him
just one time? Yes, and he’s claiming
it’s been multiple… No. Mr. Gonzalez, you’ve only had
sex with Miss Salvo one time? No, Your Honor.
It was more than six times. So tell me about the nature
of this relationship. All right,
I started off with, um,
her mom knew my mom. I knew Ashleigh. So we would go over, we would
drink, we’d have, um… We’ll watch movies and stuff. One thing led to another,
we started kissing, we started
touching on each other. We went to the room,
we had sex, um… Did you use protection? No, ma’am. I was thirsty, I got up, I went to get something
to drink in the kitchen. When I opened the fridge,
I was naked. Her mom saw me,
and her mom was like, “Wow.” Her mom didn’t
get mad at me or nothing. (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) Wow? Yeah. (SCATTERED LAUGHTER) Okay. You were naked
in her kitchen, and she said, “Wow”? Yes, ma’am. All right, so go ahead
with your details, ’cause I will say this… You have come prepared
for court with your details. Okay. Uh, go ahead. So… So you had sex
with her that night? Yes, ma’am. Did this relationship
continue? Yes, um, I had a fiancee
at the time. JUDGE LAKE: Oh! She knew it. She knew I had a fiancee
at the time. So I used to tell my fiancee I’m gonna go to
the hair salon or something and go get my braids done, but really, really I used
to go to Ashleigh’s house to go get my hair done
and get a little treat. (AUDIENCE GROANS) You’re saying that this was an
ongoing sexual relationship. Did you ever use protection when you were having sex
with Miss Salvo? Maybe once or twice. Just once or twice? Yes, ma’am. And now, Miss Salvo, you claim that
this testimony is false. It’s incorrect. Yes, Your Honor. The whole part, six times,
that’s ridiculous. It wasn’t even good,
so why would I keep going? AUDIENCE: Whoa! So you had sex
with Mr. Gonzalez one time? Yes. The sex was protected
or not? It wasn’t. And so it is your contention
that that sexual encounter is what made
beautiful Amaiya? ASHLEIGH:
Yes, ma’am. Now, he claims
in his testimony
you were with other men. I had a current boyfriend
at the time, yes. You did? Yes. Okay, so were you also
sleeping with the boyfriend during this
same time period? Yes, Your Honor. Were you using protection
with your boyfriend? I, uh, periodically,
but not as much. Not consistently? Yeah. And so is there any reason why your boyfriend’s
not in court today as one of
the potential fathers? The reason we stopped
with contact because, I mean, he did help me
financially when
I was pregnant, because at first I thought
that she was his. But when I had her… When I looked at her,
I just knew it wasn’t his, because my current…
My ex-boyfriend, he is black, and she…
She doesn’t look like that. She looks Hispanic
to the fullest. My current kid…
His current kids look a lot
different than that. It’s… So, now is that the
only reason you excluded
your ex-boyfriend is because you felt
like Amaiya looked
Hispanic and not black? She has
too much of him. She looks way too much… The dimples, she has
one dimple just like he does. The shape of his eyebrows,
that’s him. Her nose. I have a picture
that I could show you. They’re just…
They’re twins. What is that
you’re holding, ma’am? It’s a picture of my daughter
with her one dimple. Jerome, will you please
pass that evidence to me? Thank you. So you claim Mr. Gonzalez
has a dimple, and here Amaiya,
I see that one dimple. She’s so cute.
She’s adorable. ASHLEIGH: Thank you. So you believe this is
the reason why she’s ultimately
his biological child? ASHLEIGH: Yes, ma’am. What other reason, though? I mean, just the dimple
and the appearance? I mean,
Jerome can attest to this. We see in this courtroom
all the time that looks
can be deceiving. ASHLEIGH:
Well, I believe it. We do. Is there
any other reason? I mean, if I had a picture
of my ex… My current
ex-boyfriend’s kids, they have no type of
resemblance. She doesn’t look…
She looks nothing. So you know what
your ex-boyfriend’s
children look like, and you say there’s absolutely
no resemblance to him? I helped raise his kids. Well, you know the
only way to truly exclude a potential father
in a paternity situation is a DNA test. Yes, ma’am. Did you test your ex
at all? I did test him? Oh, you did? Okay,
and what happened? He’s not the father. Well, that’s what
your evidence is, Miss Salvo. Okay, so you had
your ex tested, and it would reveal that he
was excluded as a possibility? Yes. So now that you know
her ex has been tested, are some of your doubts… My doubts is…
I took my best friend
over there to her house. Five days later, I get in
the car with my best friend. He’s Hispanic, Puerto Rican. He tells me,
“I’m sorry, Julio, “but I gotta
show you something.” I’m like, “What you mean
you gotta show me something?” He showed me naked pictures
of Ashleigh like this… Really? Yes, ma’am. Your Honor. Your best friend had naked
pictures of Miss Salvo? Yes, Your Honor. Miss Salvo… He is… You know what,
I’m not even gonna…
He’s lying. ‘Cause, one, I don’t
even send naked pictures. I don’t ever even let nobody
take naked pictures of me. So, Mr. Gonzalez,
was your friend claiming he had had a sexual
relationship with Miss Salvo? Yes, Your Honor. And he took the pictures
from his phone. So you think
he could be the father? Possibly. Oh, he’s pissing me off. Miss Salvo, were you
with any other men during this window of time? No. Besides your ex-boyfriend
and Mr. Gonzalez? I was with nobody. I don’t even know who his
supposed-to-be best friend is because he didn’t even talk
to nobody. So, as you think back,
there’s no one else? No. So, Mr. Gonzalez, I want
to understand more… All right, Your Honor. …about your doubt. One night I was over there, and I got my hair done
and everything, and she went out to the mall
to… I don’t know… Supposedly go
do something at the mall. She took hours and hours, and I’m like,
I’m not just gonna sit here
and keep waiting, you know, for somebody. I started walking home.
I started walking home. She calls me
and she asks me why I left. Because I felt like I was
getting played. Why did you feel like
you were getting played? ‘Cause she went
to meet up with a guy. And you know that
for a fact? Yes, ma’am. How do you know that
for a fact? ‘Cause, um, it came out…
It came out that night. Um, her mom
and the guy, they told me
that he dropped her off on the motorcycle
at the mall. And that’s when
I got up and left. And did he say they were in
a sexual relationship? She… I don’t wanna talk
bad about her, but she…
She slept with guys. So it’s your assertion
she was promiscuous at that time in her life? Okay, Miss Salvo, do you remember
that afternoon,
that evening? Your Honor,
the day I went to the mall it was to meet up with
my current ex-boyfriend. Yes, I was supposed
to do his hair, but, I mean, I’m not gonna just mess up my
relationship at the time, even though I already did,
by having sexual intercourse
with him, and then not be with
my boyfriend at the time. He’s been more supportive
through even my emotional
distress than he really is. And then the part
about being… I guess what
you would call a fast… That was when 18 or under. Yeah,
I was young and dumb. I used to…
I was a kid. I did everything with
whoever at that time. I conceived my daughter
at 19… 18. So you had grown up
that year? I wasn’t grown up. I wasn’t
grown up, no. So, when… And I say that because
you admit that… You, when you were young,
you were promiscuous. You were having sex
with different people. Yeah, but I didn’t
know him. But what I’m saying is
it’s his assertion that that’s exactly what
he believed you were doing when you all were in
a sexual relationship. So I’m asking you
at that time, did it stop? You were only having sex with
two people at that time, and you’re certain of it? I’m very certain of it.
I stopped… That was before
I even met him, so he has no clue about me
at that time. So I don’t know
why he keeps saying that. So, basically, it’s your
promiscuous past that’s haunting him? ASHLEIGH: Yes. And he had no clue
about the past. I guess my mother must’ve
told him about my past, and he didn’t know
nothing about me at all. I never told him anything
like that. JULIO: I’m not here to make
her look bad or none of that. I don’t wanna talk
bad about her. One night,
one night… And this is another doubt
I got in my head. One night we were all hanging
out next to my mama’s house. We were eating,
partying, having fun. This Mexican guy, he kept
looking mad at me, looking mad at me, like… Like he wanna fight me
or something. I was, “Ashleigh,
why that guy so mad at me? “Why he look
like he wanna fight me?” “Oh, ’cause he wanted
to be the baby daddy, “but I told him
you’re the baby daddy.” (AUDIENCE GROANS) Was that your response to that
question, Miss Salvo? Your Honor, he was… That boy’s been obsessed with
me since elementary school. I have been with him
since elementary school. He said he wanted a kid by me. You’ve been with him
since elementary… No, not with.
No, no, no, no. He was just a friend,
but nothing sexual’s
ever occurred. But was that the statement
you made to Mr. Gonzalez? I told him specifically
that he wanted a kid by me. He… No, no. All right.
Now you’re raising Amaiya. ASHLEIGH: Yeah. By yourself? I’m…
My fiance helps out a lot. She’s more of a father figure
than anybody else. And so I’m sure
it’s been difficult. And you say Mr. Gonzalez
has not been there? JULIO:
Excuse me, Your Honor. When that baby was born,
got her, um, formula, diapers, um, baby carrier,
um, crate… Everything. JUDGE: A crate? Excuse me,
excuse me. Where
the baby sleeps. A crib. JULIO: A crib. Right. I got everything. ASHLEIGH:
Excuse me, Your Honor… Okay, so you got her
a crib. That’s a bald-faced lie. First off, he has not
came out of his pocket
not one single time. Oh, let me take
that back. He bought two
itty-bitty toothbrushes and some toothpaste
for my daughter. That’s it. So all these things he named
off you’ve never seen that… His mother bought that. And the crib
that he got her, I don’t even think that… I think they found it
on the corner of the road. I don’t think
she purchased it. I’m not quite sure. I’m not quite sure
on that fact. But other than that,
my fiance is the one who keeps buying
her diapers. I don’t never return
anything for my daughter, because, one, I struggle
enough as it is, even trying to get her
diapers without their help. Well, speaking
of your fiance, I’d like to hear
from her. Ma’am, please stand.
Step up to the podium. You name, please. Telisha Millender. Miss Millender,
thank you for joining us. Miss Salvo says
you’ve been there to help her with the child. I’ve been there since day one
since Amaiya came out. Really? Oh, really. So was Mr. Gonzalez
there? Not there? No. And so what do you know
about this situation? Oh, I know I feel like
I’m the daddy, but I don’t even have no
equipment to be the daddy, (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) but I am the daddy,
because he ain’t… He don’t even much
do nothing. I buy the diapers.
I buy the wipes. My mother bought some stuff,
bought everything for her. But since I’ve been working, I’ve been diapers
and wipes, buy milk. I buy everything. All right, so in the opening
statement to the court, Mr. Gonzalez, you know, it seemed as if
you were hoping Amaiya
was your daughter. I want Amaiya
to be my daughter. You do? Yeah. I don’t want her… It’s not her fault
she’s here in this world.She’s an innocent
little girl.
The baby used
to come to my house,
and she used to eat
at my house.
My mom used to get
her stuff, everything.
I swear it. My mom’s not here,
my mom passed away, but if my ma was here,
she’d tell you. My mom would feed her, my mom would
get her everything. One day, because my mom didn’t
want to pay her phone bill, she started, um,
talking junk to my mom. So this testimony
you’re saying is to affirm the fact
that you’ve been there, and you do have a relationship
with the child. And if she is
your biological child… I would like
to have weekend… …you’re gonna step up
to the plate… Yes, ma’am. …and do what needs
to be done to care for this
beautiful little girl? Yes, Your Honor. Well, Jerome,
I’m ready for the results. These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics, and they read
as follows… (EXHALES) In the case of
Salvo v. Gonzalez,
as it pertains
to whether Mr. Gonzalez is the biological father
of one-year-old Amaiya Salvo, Mr. Gonzalez, it has been
determined by this court… That you… Are not the father. (AUDIENCE GROANS) (SHUDDERS) Excuse me, Your Honor. Can I still come around
and see Amaiya
and help her out if I can? ‘Cause for a year
and four or five months, she’s been my daughter, and she’s still gonna
be my daughter. And I told her that
before she came in. I got on my knees
and I told her that, that no matter what,
even if they say no, I still wanna be
part of Amaiya’s life, ’cause my dad raised me since I was six weeks
in my mom’s belly. And that’s a real man
right there. I never met my real dad. JUDGE LAKE: Miss Salvo? (VOICE BREAKS) So… Mr. Gonzalez has
expressed love and commitment
for your baby. Miss Millender is there
for you and Amaiya. He’s asking if he could
possibly remain in her life. Please. Yeah. JUDGE LAKE: Now, this court
has resources for you that can help you
begin to process this
particular result and how you can begin
to take those steps. There are better days
ahead, okay? (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) Trust me. Trust me. Trust me. I wish you
the best of luck. I’m gonna check on you guys. And remember,
focus on the blessing which is
your beautiful baby. Yes, ma’am. I wish you the best.
Court is adjourned. (GAVEL BANGS) I’m so sorry that it didn’t turn out
the way you wanted it to. You know,
I hear Miss Millender speak with love
about your baby, Mr. Gonzalez speak
with love about this baby. And you and your baby
are gonna go forward, (SNIFFLES) you’re gonna be able
to handle it because that’s
what moms do. Things we can’t handle
for ourselves, we can handle it
for our babies. All right,
good luck to you. Thank you.

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