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Winter fashion trends: ′military look′ is in 겨울 트렌드: 밀리터리 룩

Winter fashion trends: ′military look′ is in   겨울 트렌드: 밀리터리 룩

Onto our next item for arts and culture,…
It can be tricky, keeping up with the day′s ever-changing fashion trends.
But a couple of looks… are shaping up to be the favorites of this winter season.
Our Yim Yoonhee joins us with more. It seems like there′s always a new, hot
trend out there. And although I will admit I don′t follow
them all, here are a couple I believe are quite “do-able” for the every day.
What′s the hot fashion trend coming down the walkway this winter?
As the coats begin making their seasonal debuts, this winter, be sure to keep your military
style apparel on hand. Camo print jackets and sweaters are turning
out to be the “it” items this season. [KOREAN ]
“With casual military styles, on the linings you′ll see luxurious pearl studs, making
it look like a premium piece.” Another look you′ll be seeing more of this
winter is the “cocoon” coat style. Ditch the tight coats and shoulder pads, and
go for a casual yet chic look with the generous cocoon coat.
[KOREAN] “The shoulder parts are rounded and loose,…
and it′s slightly a free style, so pair it with leggings or tight pants to look slim
and pretty.” Plus, you can′t forget the fur.
Whether it′s a little accent or a full coat, it′ll keep you warm, while still keeping
you fashionably up to date. This winter, steal the scene with these hot
looks. The military style is nothing new. What makes
it different this time? I′m not a fashion expert, but I did a little
homework for you guys. With the camo look, or military style, it′s
something we′ve seen before, but this time it′s going to have a much more utilitarian
look. Which means, colors are going to be more neutral,
with khakis and forest greens being the most popular.
Also, it′s a look that is applicable to almost everyone and is very practical for
the daily wardrobe. This is a look I have definitely seen in dramas
recently. That′s right.
The military look has been a popular choice for dramas, so it′s no surprise that you′ll
be seeing more of it, especially here in Korea. It′s not uncommon to see a certain style
or look on popular starts, and pretty soon you′ll start seeing it in the streets.
I′ve heard many people talking about something called “normcore.”
Can you explain a little more about that? Yes, it′s a recent fashion trend that also
seems to be popular this season. It stands for “Normal-Hardcore” and can be
described as a very casual yet chic look. With normcore, you′ll see strong jackets
paired with casual trousers, and the colors you′re looking for are blues, navies, and
grays. It′s all about the simple yet classic pieces.
Thank you. You′re welcome.

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