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WINTER CLOTHING PICKUPS PART 1 | feat. Urban Outfitters, Alpha Industries, Boda Skins

WINTER CLOTHING PICKUPS PART 1 | feat. Urban Outfitters, Alpha Industries, Boda Skins

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  1. Great video. The flight jacket was not designed to be worn with a shirt hanging down below the jacket. This is uniform apparel. If you want to wear a shirt like that get an M65 field jacket or an N3B parka. They are longer for those who don't want to tuck their shirts in.

  2. I've never been the youtuber or social media person to usually leave comments unless something really moves me and Jae i gotta say you are probably one out of a handful of youtubers I rock with. I started out as a sneaker head but over time became obsessed with fashion and style. I'm not going to lie when you went on your hiatus I stopped looking for your videos but when you popped up in my recommended and i saw you was making vids again i was excited to see what you have done and I must say it is some of your best work. All i want to say is keep your head up and keep the great work up man you inspire me to share my love & passion in clothing. But remember man you reap what you sow brother your efforts will be rewarded.

  3. Hey Rio, how tall are you and what is your sleeve length? I'm asking specifically because of the leather jacket. I'm 6'4 with a 38 inch sleeve from the neck area, so I just wanted to get an idea

  4. Hey rio how tall are you? I know you usually let us know most of your pieces are size L but I'd like to know about what your size is so I can have something to compare to. I'm about 5'9", 170lbs, pretty average build and I have trouble with picking between Medium and Large at times. Sometimes Medium is a little too short or fitted for my liking but i always worry if I just always buy Larges online that I might be too short for them or they might be too baggy with ought trying them on first? Any advice? Anyone else have the same problem?

  5. How tall are you bro? In CM's? I bought a boda skin to & it's to big. I picked 3XL. Because I like it saggy to. But it's to big. I'm 1m80. What would you recommend me?

  6. would rather have the fashion/style vids. there's 100s of sneaker tubers out there, but the fashion/style vids are dope bro!

  7. there's a youtuber i like that goes by eddiewin, his channel is what i would consider a healthy mixture of fashion and sneakers. after looking at his most recent vid his view count and subscriber count is very similar to yours. the only difference i see is that in this video you've projected that you arent too satisfied with view count after you've put in hard work and effort vs in one of eddies videos he's openly stated he puts in time and effort because its fun for him and he enjoys it. its purely a part time thing for him and he plans to keep it that way because if he doesnt he's afraid he'll lose interest. everything else that comes along with his video production like view counts subscribers and free products are all just compliments to his passion for fashion. His outlook on producing videos vs your outlook seem to be the main differences so you might just want to reconsider whether or not if you find this whole youtube thing fun to begin with

    but, to explain why your viewer count is low even though your subscriber count is high is probably because youtube changed their whole algorithm on what subscribers get to see on their feed on youtube based on how long a video is and how fast you can produce your next video and have that next video be a fairly long one. but im pretty sure youre already aware of that if not just look it up on youtube there are many people that explain the whole algorithim and complain about it. so it might not even be that youre producing bad content to begin with because i was subscribed to you last year and completely forgot that i subscribed to you because your vids werent showing up on my feed anymore.

    on a positive note, im glad i rediscovered your channel, and i personally really like the stuff youve been producing. im pretty certain that you enjoy creating content, so just keep continuing what youve been doing.

  8. There's def a market for men's fashion that isn't your typical high fashion stuff. Just stay consistent and keep it up. The views will come eventually

  9. Don't falter, your style is amazing and influential af. Don't do boring sneaker shit if you don't want too. I fuck with you and your channel is for me.

  10. Dope man I rock with you. I feel you though. The YouTube world is small when it comes to men's fashion like you and I and others are doing. There are a lot of sub niche categories out there that bring on the views (for me its hair videos) and for others its sneaker videos or whatever it may be. But it'll come around slowly and when it does we'll be the originals. Keep rocking man I know it can be discouraging but you're all good.

  11. I just love your videos man! No matter what you create, put out, etc. I watch it…that's me though. However, one thing I would like to say is to not let the view count, comments, sub count etc. impact your attitude toward making videos. Keep pushing forward…your "real" fan base will stick with you no matter what.🙏🏼

  12. Look for inspiration from other channels start doing thrift store runs, challenges walmart challenge we wanna see stuff that makes us want click your vid instead of others

  13. Aye bro, make the videos you wanna make and enjoy the most. Real supporters gonna rock with you regardless.

  14. All your videos are really amazing, but you really seem frustrated, I am a person that came to see sneakers but i founded in your channel one of my favourites if not my favourite. I hope that you can notice that you have a lot of people that appreciate you as much as I do! Keep going man and you will soon get the amount of views that you are searching bro! You have here a fan!

  15. ay ik you've been goin through some shit, but i think being consistent will definitely improve the traffic in your channel. keep it up.

  16. Bro dont stop man I defiantly appreciate but it goes unnotice i defiantly have notifications on & I sometimes wondering why you haven't posted in over a week but keep uploading I enjoy yours vids man bless up

  17. You shouldn't do YouTube if it's to get something back from it you know this, but do it because it makes you happy not because of the views.

  18. I don't think your consistency is really a big deal anymore. You put out quality stuff, and that draws people in. I've been here pretty much since the beginning. The complaining may turn people off.

    I personally only comment on a YouTubers vid if they ask us to comment a specific thing toward the end of the video. Maybe try asking your subscribers for video requests or their opinion on a popular topic.

    The last vid I commented on, the YouTuber was like "get this vid to 10,000 comments and I'll do that video y'all been requesting".

    I want to see you be great man, keep up the good work.

  19. Bro you're my favorite youtuber. But I cant relate to you if you cop a $550 leather jacket lol

  20. I love your content bro… I'm the kinda guy who loves fashion and sneakers, not just sneakers. I think you do good work, just not enough. A lot of the big you tubers drop videos daily, sometimes twice a day. Some also showcase one of their videos on another big you tubers channel to get more exposure. Definitely wanna see more from you. Keep it up

  21. dude i really don't know why these people ain't fuckin wit u. u put out great content i look forward to every vid

  22. Hey thanks for showcasing some KNYEW pieces .. I've been curious about sizing for quite some time .. and their price points make it difficult for me and my budget to make a purchase based on the listed product measurements alone. But the tees look dope!

  23. these 10/14 min videos be too long bro. Love the videos but try and chop them in half. That way you have more videos. instead of having 1 long ass videos

  24. I was wondering why your not up with the subs either been following you for a while. The only thing I can think of is consistency of content that separates you from like say bull or tony. Definitely appreciate your content and I getting into YouTube and I know now it is hard as hell to edit lmao. Keep grinding bro.

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