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Will a BULLET PROOF Tesla actually stop bullets?

Will a BULLET PROOF Tesla actually stop bullets?

Behind me I have a bullet proof Tesla. No one has ever shot a bullet proof Tesla
before. We’re going to be the first. Let’s get started. [Intro] [Music playing] So Tesla does not sell bullet proof Teslas
– it’s something that has to happen after the fact. It’s an after market upgrade you could say. So with a bullet proof Tesla, they have to
add bullet proof glass for the windshield, the driver’s side, the passenger side, the
rear trunk, and they also add bullet proof paneling inside the metal doors. So no matter where a projectile might enter
into the vehicle, whether through the window or through the door panel, it’s going to stop
the bullet in the car instead of letting it inside of, you know, the cabin area. The goal is to kind of protect the passenger
area like a cocoon Bullet proof windshield, we have a bullet proof A post, B post right
here behind Star Man, and then C post back there. All of those have the bullet proof paneling
inside of them. So since this particular Model S Tesla has
been bullet proofed to withstand, you know, hand guns, it did add about 430 pounds worth
of weight, you know, between the thickness of the glass and the body panels and the door. If this Tesla was bullet proofed to withstand
rifles, you know, it’s a bigger bullet, you know, more power, it would add about 700 or
800 pounds. But Tesla’s are already pretty heavy vehicles,
you know, that’s why they are so safe. They don’t roll over. So adding 400 pounds isn’t that big of a deal. It still has an insane amount of get-up-and-go
and it still looks almost the exact same as it did when it first came from Tesla. So one thing that is different with this amoured
Tesla is the bracket right here around the window…there’s a little bit of structural
integrity added to the glass because on Tesla’s it’s a free floating panel. So the armoured portion is this thick part
of the glass right here, and then this is a rebated edge. If there were a projectile to come in through
this window, this glass would stop it. If the projectile were to come in through
the thin portion, it would be stopped right here up in the A frame. You might be thinking to yourself, but what
happens if someone shoots out the tires? There is a solution to that. Dan from the YouTube channel What’s Inside
made a video about how the tires can still keep rolling even if they’re flat. I’ll post a link for that video at the end
of this one. Make sure you check it out. So for this video I’m going to be using a
Glock 19 which is a 9mm hand gun. So this is a regular 9mm bullet. It has the solid tip on the end. But we’re also going to be shooting with this. This is a hollow point 9mm bullet, and so
when it hits something, these little phalanges on the end spread out and it has a little
bit different of an impact area. We’re going to see what happens with the bullet
proof glass when hit with both of these bullets. [Music playing] Three, two, one! [Shooting sounds] That was sweet! That is insane. I can still hear the glass….listen to the
glass…[cracking sounds]…that’s crazy. It hit right here in the center and you can
see that this top layer of glass shattered out. And there’s no hole yet, so pretty sure that
the bullet didn’t go through. We’ll hit it a couple more times in just a
second. So on the Tesla right here we have the point
of impact and we have a little bit of pulverized glass right here along the edge. So when the bullet hits bullet proof glass,
it just kind of disintegrates. It just dissolves into nothing, and all the
energy, the forward momentum, gets distributed into the glass itself and kind of like fractures
outward because the glass is made up of multiple layers. If we open it up from the inside, you can
see the underside of the glass is completely flat and smooth right here. My fingers are not getting caught with any
of the glass shards because this layer underneath is a poly-carbonate It’s kind of a plastic
of sorts that absorbs the energy from the bullet. So now we can kind of see the different layers
from the bullet’s hit right here. The glass on the outside has a little ridge
on the end. As soon as it hit that poly-carbonate, that’s
when the bullet stops going into the glass. So a lot of people think that bullet proof
means that the…it’s like Superman – the bullet’s going to hit it and just bounce off
and leave no damage, but there’s a lot of energy in a bullet, so that has to be absorbed
into the glass. And it’s going to leave some damage, but the
bullet didn’t penetrate, and that’s what we’re after. There’s a safe cocoon inside of the car that
allows the person inside just to be safe. So that first shot was done with a 9mm bullet. This is the little guy right here. It’s just a solid tipped, you know, normal…this
is what you’d buy to do target shooting or something like that. Now we’re going to shoot it with a hollow
point. This bullet is a little bit different. This one actually has a hollow tip with little
phalanges along the side that will open up and hit the glass, and we’ll see if it has
a different impact radius or if it affects the glass any differently than the original
bullet. [Music playing] Three, two, one! [Shooting sounds] It has a smaller impact radius. That’s interesting. I would have thought for sure that the way
the bullet expands after it hits something, it would have been bigger. And, because we compromised the glass the
first time around, I thought for sure the next one would be bigger, but it’s actually
a smaller impact zone. That’s interesting. That looks sweet. [Dan] Better shoot it again. Yeah, one more time! Three, two, one! [Shooting sounds] Right there. So that was another non-hollow point and it
looks about the same. So I think the hollow points are more for
soft objects. And you can still hear the glass like cracking. Right here there’s a piece of glass. That’s awesome. A lot more glass…pulverized glass down here
at the bottom…just disintegrated. So no matter where a bullet hits on this Tesla,
it’s protected. Where the bullet hits the glass obviously,
but also in the A pillar, the B pillar, the C pillar, and inside of the door panels. The whole thing is just kind of like a cocoon
of safety inside – and not just for bullets, you know, the whole car is more sturdy as
it is right now because of the added support and internal structure. Whether it’s random acts of violence or a
roll over, you know, Tesla’s are pretty safe as they are, but you know, a little added
protection never hurts. It’s kind of like having a case on your cell
phone. You don’t want to damage the important stuff
inside. So just like with regular glass, here on the
outside my razor blade won’t be able to do any damage. It’s not leaving any scratches. Obviously, we did it with a bullet a couple
times – that will do the trick. But on the inside, right here, we can see
it’s still, it’s completely flat on the inside. Nothing’s getting caught on my fingers. I can rub my hands totally safe on the inside
of the car, but there is plastic on the inside. You can tell that my razor is leaving a mark
and that’s because of the poly-carbonate inside of the Tesla. So glass is glass, and glass breaks…but
poly-carbonate can stop bullets. So is it possible to put bullet proof glass
on a cell phone? Not really. With how thick it is…you know, a cell phone
needs to sense where your finger’s at and bullet proof glass with the thickness and
the different layers…it just wouldn’t work. It’s not financially feasible either. Bullet proof glass is kind of expensive. So when companies are advertising bullet proof
screen protectors or explosion proof screen protectors, that’s not the case. On Dan’s channel, we’re seeing how bullet
proof the tires are. I’ll leave a link for that up here in the
corner. And yeah, huge thanks to ArmorMax for letting
us shoot their Tesla. I hope we’ll be back again someday with a
future project. It’s a different way of testing stuff, but
I enjoyed it. Thanks a ton for watching, and I’ll see you
around. [Music playing]

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  1. What concerns me is that no battery protection was mentioned. While it's not a IED-proof car armouring and no one is going to shoot the car from below, the bullet hitting the lower part of boot or entering below the door, could easily reach the battery. And when a half a ton of 18650 cells perform a gradual compulsive detonation under the car, it becomes much safer to be outside the car under gunfire.

  2. This question is as Logic as:
    Is an ip68 certified phone waterproof?
    Does the bugatti Chiron actually has 1500 hp?
    Is Donald Trump a Good president?
    Is water actually liquid?
    Is a Glass bottle made out of Glass?
    Is a Plastic bottle actually made out of Plastic and Bad for the Environment?

    I think thats enough lol

  3. I’m 18( I can’t buy one I’m broke broke) but I always wonder if there was a car with such thing and finally I found it. Getting a Tesla is going to be my goal. I’m really impressed by this car I wonder what else it does ?🤷🏻‍♂️

  4. It’s funny how you guys talk about bullet proof cars, since it’s so common here in São Paulo – Brazil… To the point I was once telling a friend my own car was bullet proof and she asked me if my dad was some important politician lol

  5. I siriously love all your videos!I am a big fan of your channel, though where is your moes picks check on the durability of the glass and you should have done a super slow motion of this Tesla being shot that definitely would have been cool.
    Anyways thank you so much for all you time and effort making quality youtube content I absolutely love your videos and cant wait for new ones to be uploaded.
    Congratulations on your wedding love you both.

  6. WTF?!?!! before you said about bulletproof phones i thought : yeah if that glass on a phone it ain't breaking anytime soon. I mean are you a magitian?

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  8. What happened, Zack, with the third shot? You anticipated the recoil and dropped your aim!!! Guess it happens to the best of us!!

  9. i watched hundreds of videos in this channel yet i forgot to subscribe and now i did.. haha
    and mr.jerry try to get a suit and have a black car it'll be a lit one " Agent 47 "

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