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Wildland Fire Field pack Setup w/Military Surplus Gear, SHTF Prevention

Wildland Fire Field pack Setup w/Military Surplus Gear, SHTF Prevention

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  1. Sir, you just solved a year old problem for me, with the way you secure your gear.

    Sure, I'm more "tactical", but still, thank you.

    I also think your job is interesting; I never considered how comms were maintained during very rural forest fires

  2. Thanks for the compliment. No, its not correct, its a 100 oz bladder. 100 liters would be a bit too much. Thanks for watching.

  3. Very cool insight into how to deal with Fire, also interesting getting a bit of background into what you do out there. Very very cool.
    I have an older H-Harness sitting in my gear closet. Haven't put it to use…until now. Keep the awesome info videos coming, Thanks.
    E6 (SS) USN Retired

  4. Roger that, comms guys, I need to get a new speaker in my Bendix it blew last season it is my personal radio so i need to fix it for now i just use a mic, I am sure you'll be busy this year it's already picking up. Good luck and be safe thanks for the support

  5. i found this very informational! You opened my eyes up to making my "own gear" gathering peices of other equipment and combining them to make personalized gear. thanks Thumbs up!

  6. A good reputable place is BKRADIO (dot) (com) part# LAA0813. As far as the fire shelter as a space blanket, I dont know, it might work. You could fit two people in there, snug up against each other. yes they can be folded back into the carrier, though not as neat.

  7. Where do I buy that 18" antenna?
    I am interested in the fire shelter. Would it be a good prepper replacement for the cheap foil emergency blankets? It seems like it would work well to keep the cold out.
    Can they be refolded back into it's carrier bag?

  8. Oh wow, thanks man, appreciate the kind words. Yeah, I was in during the early 90's, didn't see a quarter of the stuff our present service men & women are going through now. Have a great Memorial day weekend.

  9. Hey man. Love your videos. I'm a recent subscriber. I check them out almost as soon as you post them. They are great. Keep um coming! Where you in the Marines? I noticed your ribbons in the back ground…

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