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Wild camping, cooking Goulash and getting drunk. Shoutout to MrSkooty1968 & Denbigh Army Surplus.

Wild camping, cooking Goulash and getting drunk. Shoutout to MrSkooty1968 & Denbigh Army Surplus.

no guys come out to disclosed location today for wild camp is five of us at the moment another one on the way so I thought I'd do a video and I'll take you around camp in a minute and show you some different setups and the fire and stuff and also on this video I'd like to do a little thank-you to Scott mr. scooty 1968 he sent me some timber for some pens I turned and he also sent me a fire steel which I'll show you in a minute on my knife and so yeah thanks Scott was amazing wicked timber amazing fire steel and anybody wants any fire steals just search mr. scooty 1968 and he'll do it does amazing fire steel so you know you can get what you want from him the other shout out I'd like to do is for Denbigh army surplus I've got one of their t-shirts on today that's 25 dumby army surplus is a 25 year anniversary and i nee done a camp a thing it was last year but i put a link on below if you want anything you have army surplus have a look you know got everything so great guys as well so i'm going to turn you around and just take you through camp and show you our set up some things with drinking and that's it mate alright so there's a couple of firm ground dwellers today there's a Tom's little possibly tumor two-month set up I'm in a hammock those wrecks this is camp this is our fire pit so friend of mine Tommy's Hungarian so he's going to be cooking traditional Hungarian Goulash today time is quartz two in the afternoon and grab dinner about seven so this is what he's cooking it on take you over to the table this time Adam so this is some alcohol that will be drinking and some other bits and bobs got some hungarian unique lung which is a spirit aged in oak barrels and plum some bum by bombay sapphire some other stuff kosher got the moonshine corn whiskey moonshine basically cider lager the run some more beer shop classes okay so this is my knife that you may have seen on Instagram Facebook this is a firesteel Scott made it fits perfectly in my new sheath that's mr. scruton 1968's mere desh so look a little bit the wood thank you Scott been using it as you can see she's okay so this is Rex is set up hammock top three by three DD usual DD hammock isn't set up his modeling at yet we has put this bit of timber across here just to widen the head end it sure which is a pretty good idea more ground dollars this is my set up the DD hammock and tarp is that up real being a multi net so this is where I'm sleeping tonight that's a self inflatable mat and also my new sleeping bag which is a snugpak elite four right guys Tom's starting to make goulash what I met on you can call that theta the smooth fat smoked facts oops interesting so looking forward to this mate so it's all about here's a small fire now let that die down and so that's the fat take a chunk out and leave the oil so i presume it and smoked oil there's our surroundings secret location 3 very sucky these trees are so sup coming over everywhere son just dripping out all the trees are very sappy which is good for fire started right guys this is Tom's tent it's a large one man tent small two-man tent but he had this from the car boot for two pounds it looks like it's never been used even the cord still wrapped up nicely but you look inside and it's it is really you know really nice nothing was bad and bags on what have you so um bushcraft doesn't have to be expensive or val camp in I say bushcraft my camp in survival just just camp in whatever you want to do them to quit car boot sale there we are cheap cheap little setup right and so onions are cooking and now we've got all the meat so looking forward to this goulash is that big enough I the model bye guys it's okay moonshine time sink in Lingle so we just wait for Toms but I will also do some shots all right the boys are here moonshine time to ten warmed me cockles

Reader Comments

  1. awesome vid basha goulash looked good from wot we sew lol camp looks awesome to looks like u guys have spent some time building the camp 

  2. Enjoyed watching this mate, makes me wanna go shopping for a tarp and hammock. Getting close to having enough gear to have a couple of nights wildcamping. Chris

  3. Still loving that knife & sheath, great night out and agree with denbigh army surplus guys being top notch ~Peace~

  4. Goulash and getting drunk. lol  Nice one guys, going by the title of your video It sounds like you guys all had a great time in a cracking looking camp. Atb Glenn.

  5. Followed some friends over to your channel. Man that looked like fun! Great spot, friends, food, booze. Deserves a sub! Cheers Mark aka DutchKnifeGuy.

  6. Nice camp set up , really liked the raised bed fire and the table ! looks like a great group of friends and a good time !
    atb john

  7. Great looking basecamp set up you guys have there! The goulash must have been tasty after that moonshine! Lol nice one

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