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Why The Surplus Gun Market is Dead – What Happened in 2012? The Most Political Video On This Channel

Why The Surplus Gun Market is Dead – What Happened in 2012? The Most Political Video On This Channel

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  1. 1. Obama, pelosi, feinstein really were coming after your guns…but their scrawny asses were never able to cash that check. 2. the industry 100% hyped the scare. I went to gun shows and the sellers were trying to scare everyone like a carnival barker trying to get people to go see the alligator woman or ape man. 3. many people saw it as an investment….if it's banned and i have 37 lowers…i'll be able to sell them for huge amounts (think Hughes amendment). 4. people bought in to the panic. 5. all of these things had a knock on effect on the previous thing….the snowball rolled down hill and got much larger. 6. F*CK you cheaper than dirt! 7. NRA sells fear but never wants to actually solve the problem because if they did solve the problem they would not be needed anymore.

  2. I could never find any 38 Special or 8mm or 7.62×39 for my weapons I ended up having 3 wall hangers for a few years. Ended up selling my Revolver and Mauser because of this BS.

  3. Gosh I remember the end of 2012 like it was yesterday. It was my senior year and I had been eyeing those feg amd 65s buds was selling for $360 I had finally saved up enough but as you can guess I was a day late and a dollar ahort. I woke up the day of Sandy hook ready to order but then I saw the price and was confused why then I watched the news and found out. I swore after that to never let any deal pass me by.

  4. Great video bro.
    People in rural areas were putting food on the table with their $100 Mosins. Now I see them at cabelas for 350. Breaks my heart.

  5. In 2012 I just turned 18. Coming from a nongun family I picked up guns I wanted by 2013 the only thing I wanted that I Could get my hand on was surplus rifle's, got a 91/30 for $90 and sold it when I turn 21 for my first handgun now wish I would have held on to it. All the " tactical gun" I got in the trump slump. It was crazy how things got so out of control so fast I didn't care about the guns I just wanted ammo to shoot.

  6. Locally it was the opposite. 2013 everyone was dumping surplus guns to buy "scary black rifles".
    My local gun shops, i would bypass the crowd around the modern stuff and the old surplus guns were untouched. I got most of my collection cheap because everyone was after ARs.
    Prices here ticked up a little bit until 2015, then jumped and every gun store put every cool on Gunbroker. Now Gunbroker is leading the way on shitty ridiculous prices

  7. I remember JUST getting into firearms during that timeframe (was still too young/poor to own any) and seeing all the forum commandos bragging about their crates of Mosins and magazines that they'd stockpiled in the basement. It seemed odd but didn't mean much to me at the time. Now that I'm old enough to actually buy firearms, I have to be careful and save up to mostly buy things on the secondary market at prices that aren't obscene. I still dig surplus, but it's not as comfy as it used to be.

  8. It's fucking obnoxious. I can't get anything as a 17, turning 18 on the 13th, New Yorker for a reasonable price. And leaving New York is a simple minded and stupid option. I love my family and freinds. I guess im cursed with the inability to find anything sub $900 for any longarm thats semi-auto or an SKS. Funnily enough, thanks to the inflation of the surplus market, laws, import bans and just sheer lack of genuine competition in the firearms market (which is one of my personal partial reasons as to why the market is so screwed atm) $400-$500 Sks is probably what im gonna end up getting. New steel case 7.62×39 in an sks
    works well and is dirt cheap compared to other ammo types. I feel bad for contributing to the inflation, but what the hell am I supposed to do? Im not blowing $900 or more on my first semi-auto. Anyways, great video as usual. And happy late 4th of July.

  9. It could be worse – Imagine if Hildabeast won. Now you *can * buy stuff at inflated prices, but its still there, surplus and modern stuff. In alternate universe, we would be England 2.0, GunBroker would be banned, no ammo PERIOD, you'd get arrested if a busybody neighbor saw you moving that 91/30 from one closet to another. Not saying this is good, just trying to inject some silver lining

  10. I really don't see any validation in the argument that "they don't make them anymore so you gotta pay what they're asking for" There's a ratty looking T53 mosin at my lgs that was priced at 275 and has slowly been dropping in price because no one wants to pay that much when a few years ago I saw similar rifles being sold for 300. Glad I picked up my 3 carbines and my 91/30 all for under 200 in 2015/16 at gun shows and auctions, even then some people thought I was stupid for paying that much. People dont seem to comprehend the word DEMAND in supply and demand.

  11. Fortunately in Wisconsin we do not have to suffer through a lot of gouging.If I want that I'll suffer through some of the chumps on armslist looking for a sucker.I don't do surplus at all because of all the reasons you discuss. I buy most of my modern guns from one place only and they've never disappointed me

  12. I remember when an SKS was 200$…now your not touching one for under 600$. Smdh…I was always waiting to get on till I had a little extra money in my pocket–guess im waiting a bit longer bec im not giving 600 for that Chinese p.o.s.

  13. Thank you. So very true. There are indeed those firearm part of the problem with driving up the cost for the rest of us. Knee jerk reaction on both sides is just dumb.

  14. My father is wishing that he got a some Mil-Surp before 2012. Now we have to wait for years until possibly the prices come down. As I once said, It may be due to the economy tanking.

  15. I still hate Cheaper than dirt for their predatory business practice after Sandy Hook. Haven’t bought from them since. I was pleased when they shut down their retail store in DFW a few years ago, even though their online store still does exist. Spot on Mike. Politicians and hoarders are to blame for the horrible surplus market we see today.

  16. It sounds like you just want us all to go quietly in complete gun confiscation and total cooperation with the left , and I now know you are on the side of confiscation!

  17. This is pretty much what I have witnessed in the milsurp market as well. It was an affordable hobby. Neat stuff at a resonable price. I as well have stepped away from searching and buying. Look, when milsurp equaled and passed new gun prices you can't help but bow out. I feel very fortunate to have collected what I did when I did. Over time prices were going to go up as stock dried up. Dirt cheap through the 60's and 70's. Still great pricing but rising 80's and 90's. 2000's after 2013/13 the skies the limit! I think reasonable people will sell at reasonable prices so a deal can still be had and found though less frequent. You are going to have to work much harder to aquire certain milsurp guns. The days of readily available stuff is really gone forever. I'm not much on buying online but have a few times. I miss holding and inspecting and deciding if I want something over luck of the draw, sight unseen, ya get what ya get kind of deal with online sites. So it's keep an eye open at local shops and shows and knowing what you might like and at what price. The hobby is still here however I'm afraid the afforability of the milsurp market may be gone forever.

  18. Price gouging cunts are still a problem for the milsurp community.

    If we dropped the sanctions on Russia and China and changed our import laws we could see cheap guns flow back into the country.

  19. I'm so glad someone isn't on the bull shit train, i blame the gun owners for what happened for the last few years to.
    Awesome video mike

  20. The NFA Ban needs to be lifted and the NRA and GOP have done NOTHING to remove it and in fact want it in place so the American gun companies can make money selling brand new weapons and not allowing used and foreign guns on the market.

  21. I paid I think $80 at Big 5 for my Mosin. It was such a good deal. If I knew I would of bought a couple. They came with everything like ammo pouch, cleaning kit, oil, etc.

  22. I feel sorry for all the people that were buying basic AR15's for up to $1000. No I don't. lol They are now only worth $3-400.

  23. I remember when you could get a 91/30 new in the brown was paper for 39.95 Hex head, bent bolt etc.. Now they're waaaaay more than 40 bucks, damn shame. I used to hit the pawnshops & old ladies yard sales get all different kinds. Thats gone too 🙁

  24. All ammo dried up around that time too. 9mm, .45, 5.56, 7.62 all gone. I was in the south at that time and .40 was the only thing available.

  25. Back in 1980 I purchased an M1 Garand for $125.00 through the NRA CMP it took 2 years to receive it due to the waiting list that was a real bargain at that time

  26. In 1962 their were many WW2 surplus stores in the Virginia area I purchased a 1917 Colt 45 revolver with moon clips for $ 35 a Colt 45 semi auto was $ 45 but the wage back then was like $ 100 a week or less, you could feed a family of 4 for about $ 20 a week thinks have changed.

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