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Why Military Surplus Is Worth The Buy!

Why Military Surplus Is Worth The Buy!

hey everybody this is wills Berg guy here today and today we're gonna talk about why surplus is actually really cool in that you should probably think about buying some surplus items now a lot of surplus is usually considered anything after I would say the Korean War in 1953 so basically anything after 1953 and my book it would be considered Cold War surplus military surplus you know his military items they can get for really cheap because they're just a surplus of them and so people are just trying you know make an extra buck here and there most the time they're not real collector items now of course that is changing with more people buying surplus prices to go a little higher so you should get in when you get in but here are two examples of why I think surplus items are really cool and they are worth the buy even though they're not 1945 or before that so first thing here is we have a Swedish m39 I'm kind of confused because there's amps there's a Swedish m39 and the Swedish m39 – 58 this one I think is just mmm 39 but yeah so just a really cool Swedish wool coat these things are perfect for winter so you have that that everyday use plus a collector's piece but look at this let's bring you in closer now let's see if I can get that you see the date 1941 so oh those Sweden was neutral during World War two it's still a wool coat that was made during World War two early World War two as well that's really cool you get this for a very good price you know cheap it's considered surplus so it's not in the hundreds of dollars and it's dated well it's a world war to date so that's really cool that's really neat all right another example we have here is a Bulgarian m36 model B helmet now I've already said it I love these helmets so there's that but look on the inside you have the unit there and I believe a name here so that's really cool you get a Bulgarian helmet a model B so it's already a World War two production helmet and it now has personalized information on their city and a name and you get it for the same price as your regular Bulgarian helmet that has no markings so there's that two simple examples on why surplus military is still really cool to get and that you should consider buying some military oh if you liked the video drop a like write a comment share and subscribe but besides that you guys have a great day

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  1. I am agree with you World War Guy! I have a swiss jacket dated 1946 and his matching trousers dated 1941. They have an unique look, as well Switzerland have an interesting history as a neutral country during WWII. Also I purchased both for a cheap price.

  2. back in the 80's you could fined some great deal before the auctions were on line. I need to check out our local surplus stores

  3. Investing into surplus items is typically a terrible idea. The return profit you will get, if you make anything at all, would be so small it wouldn't be worth it.

    I would never recommend people to invest money into this type of stuff.

  4. For next impression idea I think you should do a us medi cor a german medic. Also I think you should paint your m1 garand! Your channel is awsome!

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