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Why Do Police Need Military Vehicles? A Captain Explains

Why Do Police Need Military Vehicles? A Captain Explains

this armored vehicle will be used strictly for defensive purposes there's no offensive capabilities at all with our vehicle a strictly defensive vehicle used to protect our officers in the worst of the worst situations utilized to to protect citizens that you know as needed and officers as well that are in harm's way an immediate imminent harm's way well we don't expect to face any threats such as mines here in central Indiana there's the potential we could face significant other threats from an improvised explosive devices that has occurred here right here in these United States those are frequently specifically targeted at first responders these can help keep our first responders safe our philosophy is we'd rather have a vehicle of this capabilities and hope that we never need it rather than need it and not have it not have that capability plus if we were to purchase this on the open market it'd be anywhere from a quarter of a million dollars upwards of a half a million dollars to purchase a vehicle with this capabilities we got this one for a grand total sixty two hundred dollars

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  1. So the way I see it is police are getting off on the power trip even more with these military vehicles. Here's the deal folks and bottom line? This country is a prison state even outside of prisons which are over maxed! We are all what I call "free range inmates" or "free inmates" in an open range outdoor country that's imprisoned with yellow fringes abusing and using war law doctrine to circumvent the Constitution. Empowering the police state with heavy hardware is good business for the oligarchs. Here's their problem? Once it reaches the families of first responders in professional firefighters/EMS and their families it will all come to an end! It's all good now busting your drug gangbangers but when their police powers get to an abusive stage and it will, professional firefighters will save this nation once again? From evil abusive tyranny.

  2. I heard six of these videos of police departments getting MRAPs and they ALL start out the very same way! "This will NOT be used for an offensive piece of equipment! It's ONLY to keep people SAFE!"

  3. The truth is if we dont keep it in America, an enemy can get ahold of it. If it came to civil war i think the cops will be divided as well

  4. Police don't need these all its doing is costing the tax payer to maintain and operate and be used against them!

  5. 1033 protocols don't mention "protection" as a necessary need. It clearly lays out the use being for drug enforcement and terrorism…. Then SCOTUS ruled in 2005 that cops are not here to "protect" the public, but to "ENFORCE THE LAW"

  6. 6200$ is one hell of a bargain, they would be stupid if they didn´t take it … and I agree with his philosophy… 

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