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Why Did Korea Split in to North and South?

Why Did Korea Split in to North and South?

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  1. When thinking of Koreas – what comes to your mind first – Kim Jong-un of the North or the tech companies of the South?

  2. In social studies today, we watched a 2 hour documentary of North Korea, and how much they hate us Americans. 🙄

  3. A lot of error in this video. South Korea was a military dictatorship till the 80s and not democratic didn't espoused individual freedom. In fact North Korea was more developed than south before the 80s. And south were oppressed by military and there were many coup which will explain the instability in the political system.

  4. I know this is like SUPER simplified history but I have learned so much more watching your videos than any semester long class, Lol

  5. South is really nice
    But in the other side
    North is really aggressive
    but i saw that south give north 10 huge balloons 1 balloon has 10.000 choco pies
    do south doesn't hate north anymore?

  6. With the vacuum of power immediately after independence, Korea got caught right in the middle of Soviet-US Cold War.
    War could be cold for the Soviet Union and the US because blood was spilled in countries like Korea, Vietnam, and Afghanistan.

  7. I'm not really sure about USA turning SK into democratic country. SK was under military dictatorship for a long time. Their situation wasn't better than North until 80s.

  8. 'Second Class Citizens' that would be much better… the real definition is 'Slaves'…. they did so many bad things to us and some of them are even unbelivable. I'm not joking or exagerating, it's just the truth…. I hate Japan as a Korean…

  9. Had to restart this vid two times before even starting it and once i got in the way……"This video is sponsored by WIX…."

  10. "The Japanese had defeated the Russians in 1905, So it made the Soviet union want to control korea"

  11. 1:11 Just wanna say that Koreans don't exactly SAY Yeoboseyo while conversing but only on the phone…

  12. Its not 여보세요 thats talking in a phone this is the one 안녕하세요 that word means when your talking to someone not on phone

  13. This video contains so many inaccurate informations.
    History by itself is maybe a subjective matter, but chronicle is not. So many errors from starts from an end.

  14. Is there any one who watched the vedio called "truth about north korea "….if not must watch….. 😢😢
    (feel bad for the people and that girl)

  15. Can we all just appreciate for a second how smooth that transition was from this video's topic to the advertisement at the very end

  16. I am angry because I am Korean. It is not the Sea of ​​Japan, but the Korea Sea and the East Sea. The sea is located south of Japan.

  17. South Korea has the 11th largest GDP in the world. North Korea is 113th. South Koreans are 2+ inches taller, have a longer life expectancy and actually have electricity at night.

    It’s pretty obvious who won and would have been better leaders for a unified Korea.

  18. The south did not won the war. It could be said as draw or stalemate. The North korean did not have clear stategy for diplomacy and war despite their military superiority over south in first months of war. Also other factor is that Soviet Union decide not to involve in war directly

  19. One fact that makes Korea angry is that the Soviet ran into war with Japan only few weeks before WW2 ended. They declared war on Japan right before Japan got nuclear-bombed and surrendered. That's partly because the Soviets knew Japan's defeat is obvious and they wanted some crops out of east asia after the war. But the reason why Soviet did not declare war on Japan at the early times of the war in the first place is something else. They did not want war with Japan initially. Germany was enough for them. But when the war was closing to its end, the US and the allies found landing on Japan was too risky. Japan's defeat was so obvious, but Japan did not surrender believing the Japanese people's samurai souls are so strong that it can overcome economical and mechanical inferiority. They kept the war longer and longer than they were capable of. That's why the US finally chose to bomb them with nuclear weapons. But the decision they made before the nuclear bombs was making Soviet declare war on Japan so that they could fear another additional enemy, and then surrender to the US to protect itself from communist Soviet. So Japan's irresponsible and irrational hesitation of surrender made Soviet invasion right before the end of the war, making an excuse to the Soviet to demand something in Korean peninsula. So Japan is partially responsible for the division.
    What is worse is that Japan tried to destroy institutions and manufacturing basis they built on the Korean peninsula as much as possible before they surrender and leave the peninsula. Reducing future risk of Korea becoming strong and invading Japan is understandable, but not acceptable. Colonizing a neighbor country massacring people and drafting all the golds out of it devastated the country. When they leave the country, they destroy everything because they hate them? That's worst. Korea started from the bottom after the Korean war. Unlike how Japan claims they contributed to Korea's modernization, Korea started from stone age all over again in the 60s.

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