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Why Are American Troops in Ukraine? – Russian Roulette (Dispatch 108)

Why Are American Troops in Ukraine? – Russian Roulette (Dispatch 108)

300 military trainers isn’t going to change the situation on the ground in eastern Ukraine so is this a sort of consolation price for the Ukrainians because Obama is unwilling to give them lethal weapons to the contrary we’re in Western Ukraine about as far away from Donetsk as you can get and a whole bunch of American soldiers have just arrived and we’re going to find out what their mission here is so our mission here is to train and partner with the Ukrainian forces really with the end state that is – that once they leave they cannot help increase the sovereignty of their nation and how are you going to help them increase the sovereignty of their nation so we’re training them at a team level all the way up to the company level so that they can command and control their companies and operate as a collective team in a collective organization and up until now they haven’t had those skills are not able to operate as a collective thing no I think they certainly have especially the company I’ve been attached to I’ve only gotten to speak with them for the past 3 days that they seem like a great organization and I think we’re gonna learn a lot from them as well and how many instructors it’s 300 roughly that are here right now and we’re gonna rotate command teams in and out as as we go so you’re looking at about six months what is the purpose of your training mission here is it to help the Ukrainians counter the pro-russia forces in eastern Ukraine no we’re here to Train Ukrainian National Guard right with the National Guard they just came back from the frontlines in eastern Ukraine fighting the pro-russian forces is that correct I don’t know dudei well your commander said that they just came back from the ato zone um personally I don’t have such information I can say no yes okay so you haven’t been told whether you’re training them so that they can better fight the pro-russian forces or not no we train them too so they can encounter and be efficient in any situation uh-huh but you’re aware that there is a war going on in Ukraine you’ve heard the news of course okay the US Congress has approved giving Ukraine weapons lethal aid as they call it but President Obama hasn’t signed the order yet so these trainers here are kind of like a consolation prize for the Ukrainian military we supposedly Suniya to assist our service and so we do meaty politics Estonian with policemen a committee cancer-free later roaster Picasso had recover stolen Maricopa mogul crying it’s not a kid lepakqueen us to poke a drama queen supplies immunotoxicity little arrows Moscow ejection Uvas Buddha taboo cha-chang vomit a newsmen esto vino vino a super Tammany Sousa soy yo Picasso estas Lopo casa es la sua Munir’s Pena Nieto 300 military trainers isn’t going to change the situation on the ground in eastern Ukraine so is this a sort of consolation prize for the Ukrainians because Obama is unwilling to give them lethal weapons to the contrary you know I was just saying to the colonel the most valuable asset of the US Army are the men and women in uniform and one of the most powerful tools that the US military has developed over the years is the training the doctrine the skill set that our military enjoys this program here at yavari and the series of training exercises that we’re going to be involved in over the next few months is about helping to impart some of those lessons these troops that are getting trained by the American army they’re former interior ministry forces now National Guard 90% of these guys were on the Maidan protecting the former regime why were these specific units are chosen for the American program we have been supporting the move of the interior ministry – first of all mainstream these volunteer units to ensure that the summit Barona which we all remember from the days of the Maidan and then the various volunteer battalions are brought fully under interior ministry commands but these aren’t volunteer battalions these are the battalions that were protecting the former regime on the might on their former interior ministry troops they’re part of a new institution this is a new National Guard which is very much part of the new Ukraine and something the United States is helping to bring abroad thank you everybody to get you asked oh don’t you later Peter you don’t say can’t eat the pizza all in one bite okay we have two strokes um so if you start with this information and it helps permeate around the formation that’s creating success well to continue the pizza analogy are there gonna be a lot more pizza deliveries coming soon well there’s two more rotations in this ok so there’s gonna be a total of six companies that received this and what the Ukraine government decides to do with them after this training mission is up to them yeah I may take these elements in either disseminate them work throughout their ranks yeah and they keep them together but that is not remembers the scale of the training though if you compare it to what was done in Iraq and what’s coming off here I mean we’re probably talking about like a hundred pizzas in Iraq in one slice of pizza here in Ukraine so much like I said you got to start someplace and I don’t know whether just because we’re starting like such a status it’s gonna be the end albeit I think in aspect this is just to see if it was president ukraine a will home the open the command register easy Luke rainy Petro poroshenko dear our American friends and partners welcome to Ukraine real nice prime here she would be here much visit in ashes from a hostage yes no vents imbel the war at Apple still practice his greener is pollution image started memory so long intros evoke rainy snowy firstly spread America progenitors the shoot prevention and all the other much of the doctor is life Lamia team to shot a sir L am erotic or human protein of chitester inability reduce you names Kazakh to show servitude so horny for Louisa know via bleacher greens new listen please can we go home now you know bearable evening there’s the president doing a photo opportunity that is definitely not going to play well in Moscow but to be honest this group of American trainers who are here it’s just a drop in the ocean for a military that for the past 23 24 years since the Soviet Union broke up has been neglected they’re going to need a lot more help than just three hundred US Army trainers if they want to become modern and professional army

Reader Comments

  1. Russia helped Novorussiya, ahhhh Russian imperialist aggression. America helped Ukraine, emmm defender of freedom. What hypocrisy…..

  2. USA in Ukraine, because the fascist helps the fascist. American fascist to teach the Ukrainian fascist how to die for American interests.

  3. Americans, Germans, Estonians, Georgians, Italians, among others arrived. And according to the veteran Ukranian soldiers, Russian soldiers began to die for a lot. until reaching more than 4000 thousand. something good they did then for ukraine to defend their land, their country from the horrendous Russian intervention.

  4. Obama was the weakest representative of the free world in the entire HISTORY of the west. I'm an American, nothing with his race however look at his voter base? Never was my commander in chief.

  5. Russian meddling..aahhhhh so thats where it came from.
    Obama was here….and they thought hillary would be next. And now Mr Trump doesnt want to pick fights.
    I understand now. Go Trump
    Pizza… vice guys are funny.

  6. how stupid ukrainians are believing that 300 us troops will get sort situation…why obama didnt sent weapon to them its another sign americans dont give a shit about crimea

  7. Obamanation the fraud in chief did nothing legally and nothing to help our allies or our own military. He should be hung for treason, the only problem is the POS was never an American to begin with. The damage he caused is going to haunt America and it's allies for decades.

  8. AHHAHAA look at the colonels face at 3:40 when he says the trainers are a consolation prize

  9. every time i see someone dressed really extravagantly with those gold ropes and big ass medals on them i always think man they probably didnt do shit for any of that

  10. funny as soon as simon started in on the consolation prize to the ambassador the officer started knee jerk reaction shaking his head no

  11. We need to support Ukraine more, Russia has no place in Ukraine and we need to help the Ukrainians push them out once and for all. Long live Ukraine!

  12. Nooo.. the most powerfull tool of US army is its weapons, unless they think that some basic training makes an ultimate war machine..

  13. This reporter is absolutely terrible. He constantly wants to bait these soldiers into saying something he can create a headline with. He's such a tool. He's trying so hard to attack these soldiers as if they are the ones who decided to help the Ukrainians on their own. Vice, u need to lose this guy. He makes your company look like nothing more than cnn on site preschere

  14. I spoke to a Serbian woman she said "WHERE WERE YOU GUYS" WHETE WERE YOU when our familys wete dying your almost too late. Politicans.

  15. You see the difference in professionalism here. US troops aren't feeding the reporter with the story he wants. Ukrainians just give their opinions freely. Not much discipline

  16. I'll tell you why US of Assholes are in Ukraine….is because they wanna turn it into a war zone should it break out and keep their backyard safe. Ukraine society are totally misled with such a manouveur…I am surprise that they are too blind to see US are encouraging and promoting terrorism.

  17. US further encircling Russia with threats of pre-emptive aggressive wars, while we protest the alleged invasion of Russian troops in Eastern Ukraine. How much longer can Russia restrain itself from conducting a pre-emptive attack in self-defense, starting a nuclear WWIII?

  18. it was actually put there so russia wont touch area that they are deployed, or else its US citizen killed by russian, = U.S are now legal to do things :3 as self defense and for their ally, as of now is bringing more troops is war this is to atleast make other backyard think

  19. Bunch of kids teaching mature army with combat experience how to fight? I've expected hardcore "Kosovo' US commanders with at least two war zones behind them.


  21. Four years later and the situation is still the same. Still war in Donbas, still Crimea in Russian hands. The only thing that has really changed is the people’s interest in the west. Nobody gives a damn anymore. That’s why you rarely see any news on Ukraine nowadays.

  22. It is bitter to see how Ukraine caved in first under the Maidan, and after and under the USA ……….. overthrowing the old regime they brought upon themselves great evils. Eeehhhh at the USSR, we did not allow so dismiss the hands of the United States

  23. This is racism. Not a single non- white American soldier.

    Few American lawmakers with no knowledge of the old world
    and oppose Russians for no reason. The modern day American people is naive, and
    think just like the native American past leaders, such as Pocahoncho and
    Sitting Bull and Pontiac. . Few American lawmakers are upset with Queen
    Catherine the great the she created a country called Ukraine in 1783 in the
    villages surrounding Kiev, while putting predominantly Russian speaking Crimea
    into Russia in 1783. I think she did the right thing by putting Crimea in
    Russia. I think that some of us Americans should support the Crimea being part
    of Russia, as the majority of locals want. The reporter is a
    war monger, i think, and up to no good. I am originally from Batesville in the
    deep south.

  24. How stupid of them …They will get fucked too
    Well if citizens of Crimea describle themself as Russians and want to unite with them why they couldnt?
    Just like Kosovo remember? When terrorist do it it s completely okay and even give them weapons and airstikes?
    But when Russia do it they send troops do defend themselfs?Oh how great
    US again play stupid game

  25. well done USA. help Ukraine step into civilized world and escape from hundreds of years of mongolian oppression.

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