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White Death – Finnish Sniper Simo Häyhä – Sabaton History 028 [Official]

White Death – Finnish Sniper Simo Häyhä – Sabaton History 028 [Official]

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  1. This episode is one of the most frequently requested songs for Sabaton History. And while the story of Simo Häyhä is a compelling story, the Winter War was about much more than the deadliest sniper of World War Two. We have made an earlier episode about the Winter War, based on the Sabaton Song 'Talvisota', which is Finnish for Winter War. You can watch that right here: If after that, you're keen to dive even deeper into the history of the Winter War, I suggest you check out Indy's 'World War Two' channel, where he covered the Winter War (and everything before and after that) week by week. You can check that out right here:

  2. Any with the idea of sabaton doing a song on the batttle of letye glf? Espechialy the last stand of the tin can sailors

  3. That moment when you're huddling around the campfire and you hear the faint menacing giggle of a killing machine

  4. Most overused military topic, i mean he was good but who doesnt have video about Haya, there is probably pile of more interesting untold stories.

  5. This song is what got me listening to Sabaton.
    Some Modern Warfare montage video, recommended by the late TB, used it and got me hooked.

  6. I hope Sabaton writes something about the Continuation war, maybe a whole album about Scandinavia around WW2?

    My Grandfather passed away June 6th this year, he served as a child in the Winter War. Not as a soldier per se, but he helped civilians and their Cattles escpae the russians artillery and air raids.
    First the finnish veterans guild didn't want to earn him a Veteran title, but after some time they acknowledge him and many other children who helped behind the front.

    He saw plenty of death, and his last memories in life was of the bread crumbs he had in his pockets in that winter and told us to never stop feed the horses or they wouldn't follow because of the bombs. (He didn't have horses as an adult or elder).
    I know this isn't about Simo Häyä, and i loved this episode.

  7. sabaton should do a song about the battle of leponto. as a catholic it would mean a lot to me. the story is amazingly badass!!! PLEASE DO IT!!!!!!!!!!

  8. First of all hello from finland
    Secondly at one point Nidel at one point called "puukko" army knife
    Puukko literally means any knife in finnish

  9. Wonderful video, i just wanted to point out that the photo of a man lying down with the white mask, isn't Simo, but instead a soldier from the Swedish volunteer corps. Maybe you just used it to show of the snowsuits used, but I wanted to clear up any misconceptions, if there were any.

  10. Please do a song on Desmond Doss, the man who served in the Pacific without a weapon and single-handedly saved 75 men in 12 hours on Hacksaw Ridge on Okinawa. Hacksaw Ridge is one of my favorite movies

  11. Idea for a song: The battle of Shipka
    All in all this was a battle crucial for the result of the Russo-Turkish war which was also the war for bulgarian independence. The heavily outnumbered and unequiped bulgarians resisted the ottomans. If you want to do it (which probably won't happen) check the poem The Volunteers of Shipka by Ivan Vasov.

    Lets pretend that someone cares.

  12. The picture of the guy at 4:16 wearing the mask is actually a swedish volunteer during the winter war with a swedish Mauser rifle, and the standing frozen soviet soldier at 6:01 is claimed to have been deliberately planted upright by the finns either as a landmark, to scare soviet soldiers or simply as a joke to help cope with the horrors of war depending on the source, which I find very likely judging by his pose resembling that of someone laying on the ground. Also as an interesting sniper fact, Simo Häyhä said that almost all of his kills were from about 150 meter distance, his longest kill having been from 450 meters. Häyhä also personally essentially created the base for modern finnish sniper doctrine (which was practically nonexistent back during the winter war) with his methods and tactics, which are very much included in the modern Finnish Defence Forces sniper manual, according to the author major Tapio Saarelainen.

    Also big respect for your pronunciation efforts in these videos as well as at the World War Two channel. Really great hearing people actually pronounce finnish words correctly, or at the very least genuinely try to and get very close.

  13. Song topic maybe
    Kosovo war

    not the modern one but the 1389 one when serbs defended christian europe from turks and when both of leaders died in battle and how even Notre Dame bells (i think) struck in honor of Serbian defenders, some say that there were like 450k turks and 125k serbs but nobody knows, most of them died, serbs were not together, only few serbian tribes/counties sent their soldiers thinking other people would send more and they would not attack
    for more visit wikipedia (english one)
    or you can visit serbian one because it has a bit more

  14. 505 confirmed mosin nagant sniper kills, 200 confirmed soumi smg kills…
    Remember that mission in CoD 2? Endless waves with a sniper rifle and an smg backup… yep

  15. I really do enjoy getting these little snippets of how Sabaton evolved over the years, that bit about how writing “White Death” was in some ways the first step towards writing the “Heroes” album was very interesting to me. And again, you guys manage to teach me something I didn’t know before; I knew Simho Häyää survived being shot in the face (which is impressive enough as it is), but I had no idea he went on to live to the age of 97! Sad that he lost his home from the peace agreement, but I’m happy to learn that he at least went on to have a long and peaceful life after the war. Thanks again to Indy and Joachim for a great video, and to all the guys in Sabaton for a great song! 👍🤘

  16. That guy in 4.21 isn't Simo. I think that guy is some Swedish soldier. Picture is taken maybe in Salla front during the Winter war. Häyhä used M28-30 not Swedish mauser.

  17. THANKYOU! I hunt wild boar here with iron sights for the same reason. I learned to hunt from indigenous friends in northern Manitoba. My dad told me about Simo when he gave my first rifle on my 12th birthday. A direct relation wrote the Finnish national anthem. THANKYOU for showing a great warrior who embodied the peaceful but indomitable and relentless spirit of the Finnish people. I sharp salute from a veteran…and yes, I was a sniper.

  18. After the winter war, Finland ( at the behest of Germany ), made the mistake of going on the offensive ( the finish army was not designed for this), which is known as the continuation war.

  19. On April fools next year i want them to do a video about the Nazgûl cause that is what their song shadows is about

  20. A couple of good subjects for a new song would be John Basilone, recipient of the Medal of Honor, or Joe Beryle, American paratrooper that was captured in Normandy, presumed dead, escaped on a train to Berlin, got captured and sent to a different camp, escaped again, joined the Red Army, liberated his old P.O.W camp, made it back to the States, and got married in the same church his funeral was held. It's your decision whether or not you do them

  21. WAIT WAIT WAIT "typical Mosin Nagant Reliability and Accuracy" So NONE whatsoever!? Wasn't this thing called, from a technical standpoint, one of the worst bolt action rifles ever created!?

    I thought one of the things that made Simo great is that his aim was impeccable, Despite the Mosin.

  22. Wonder if they'll do one about Mad Jack Churchill? Longbow and Sword in World war 2 is something that'd make a epic metal song.

  23. One thing i wonder, is do they have any songs on the battle of Stalingrad? Cause I don't think that battle has been covered yet

  24. I shall salute this video! From the bottom of my heart I thank you!! Simo is legend and we can thank him for awesome work he did!! And big thank you for our veterans who fight and gave us our independent ♥️♥️♥️ so proud to all soldiers!!💕

  25. We seriously not talking about the rumor of a Russian commander ordering the bombing of an entire forest just to get Hayha? After which he supposedly walks out of the smoke with nothing more than a rip in his jacket!

  26. Please perform White Death along with Talvisota & Soldier of 3 Armies at Hartwall Arena in November! 🇫🇮🤘

  27. Gör en sång om Jack Churchill aka mad jack aka fighting Jack han gick i strid med en säckpipa bredsvärd och pilbåge. Kolla upp han han är väldigt intressant.

  28. I do hope someone with sabaton can see this.
    But i have a idea for a song dealing with the US civil war.
    (technically two actually)

    IT be a duo of songs about the same event.

    One from the Norther (USA) and one from the South (CSA).
    To show both sides of the conflict through song.

  29. This is a huge internal conflict for me, a Russian. The truth is, Stalin controlled all the opinions in the USSR and manipulated Soviet people into committing invasions. Some of them inevitably were violent imperialists, but only as an exception. Soldiers thought they were doing good. To avoid repeat of that we need to be regularly searching for information on our own. That's why we need the internet!

  30. Yo Sabaton could you help a channel known as Knight SGC. He makes excellent music videos for your songs but YouTube has taken his channel down twice and has deleted all his videos

  31. I wonder if they'd make songs on either the American Revolution or the French Revolution? Both are rather similar in concept, but one involved a war that ended with a declaration while the other focused on the executions of millions with an absolute uprising. Yes, both revolutions happened in the same time, practically, but what's funny is that King Louis XVI helped the American revolution by funding them, and then a little while later, got his head chopped off as a result of a French Revolution. Very interesting topic to make music from.

  32. I love this channel. I like how Sabaton turns the spotlight on national heroes from all over the world and all sides of conflicts. Brazil, Finland, Japan, Swedes… I love it. Finland's struggle with the USSR is absolutely glorious. The Finns earned their nation for sure! As a Canadian, though, I am extremely proud that Sabaton chose not a glorious Canadian battle (there are a few!) or famous Canadian warrior or unit (again, there are many. The Maple Leaf Forever) but closed The Great War with In Flanders Fields. It's the definition of reverence. Thanks for making this channel happen. I'll see the Sabaton guys in Vancouver in October!!!

  33. They need to a song about Nobunaga Oda The Demon King and Zhuge Liang the sleeping dragon. The battle of Nagashino aka the first record of volley fire for guns in Japanese history

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