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When Tiger Sharks Attack

When Tiger Sharks Attack

From the physical features of an apex predator
to a series of brutal encounters with humans, this is what happens when tiger sharks attack. Today’s video was requested by our instagram
subscriber Josh Cobbold. If you have any other topics you’d like to
learn about, subscribe and let us know in the comment section below or head on over
to our instagram page and let us know there. The tiger shark is one of the largest shark
species on Earth, second only to the great white in terms of fatal attacks on humans. It’s the only member of the Galeocerdo genus
and draws its common name from the dark vertical stripes on its back, similar to those on a
tiger. It can reach lengths of up to 18 feet and
weigh close to 2,000 pounds. There’s almost nothing in the ocean that
can escape the jaws of this ferocious beast. It will feast on seals, birds, dolphins, fish
or crustaceans and is even known to take on injured or ailing whales. Tiger sharks have a notorious reputation for
eating anything, including items thrown away by humans like oil cans, tires or license
plates. Their size, strength and predatory attributes
make these creatures highly dangerous. Swimming in areas known for tiger shark presence
can result in serious injuries and even death. Number 4 Dylan McWilliams
In April 2018, Dylan McWilliams survived a vicious tiger shark attack off the coast of
Hawaii. The 20-year-old was body boarding when something
hit his leg. As he looked in the water, he saw the apex
predator underneath him. He started kicking the shark repeatedly and
swam to shore as quickly as he could. The tiger shark left distinctive teeth marks
on McWilliams’s leg, which required seven stitches to close. This wasn’t, however, the man’s first
bloody brush with the animal kingdom. In the past he survived being bitten by a
rattlesnake during a hiking trip to Utah. He also survived a bear attack by poking the
beast in the eyes, even though it had clamped its jaws on his head. When asked about a potential fourth encounter
with dangerous wildlife, McWilliams said, “anything could happen”. Before we move on, answer this question. In what region is the tiger shark believed
to be sacred? Is It
a. Hawaii
b. Australia
c. Indonesia
d. Gulf of Mexico
Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned to find out the
right answer. Tiger sharks prefer temperate and tropical
waters, particularly around islands in the central Pacific. They tend to follow warm currents and their
behavior is generally nomadic. They mostly stick to deep waters but will
move into shallower channels, in order to pursue prey. Tiger sharks can be seen in the Caribbean
Sea, the Gulf of Mexico, coastal parts of the Americas as well as off Australia, Africa,
India or Indonesia. Number 3 Missing Sailor
In 2010, investment banker Humphrey Simmons and a few of his friends were on a fishing
trip in the Bahamas. Simmons was fishing for grouper but caught
a heavy tiger shark on his line. He said that it was roughly half the size
of the boat. As he was trying to pull the beast closer,
in order to cut it loose, the tiger shark regurgitated a decaying human foot .That’s
when one of Simmons’ friends shot it a few times in the head. The animal was subsequently brought ashore
and examined by a team of morticians. The contents of its stomach revealed a partly
decomposed, headless human body. Analysis indicated that, as the shark attacked
its victim, it nearly severed the torso in half. The head had either been torn off in the attack
or eaten whole and regurgitated later. The body was subsequently identified as belonging
to a sailor who’d gone missing. The tiger shark is one of nature’s most
efficiently-designed killing machines. A nearly terminal mouth, strong serrated teeth
and broad, heavily calcified jaws enable the shark to go after large prey. These elements, combined with its size and
strength, mean it would make quick work of you. Every bite that a large tiger shark lands
on you is a potentially fatal attack. Even if it doesn’t devour you, the attack
may result in drowning or bleeding to death. They’ve been known to attack divers in shallow
waters and to chase them to the surface from the deep. Tiger sharks may appear sluggish, but they’re
among the strongest swimmers of their kind. Once they approach their prey, a burst of
speed enables them to reach it before it can escape. Tiger sharks can even hunt in conditions of
low visibility by picking up the vibrations made by their prey in the water. An acute sense of smell enables them to detect
even faint traces of blood which they can then follow quickly, aided by their excellent
eyesight. Number 2 Jordan Lindsey
In June 2019, 21-year-old California student Jordan Lindsey was mauled to death by three
tiger sharks right before the eyes of her mother. At the time, the young woman was snorkeling
with her mother, Kami, in the Bahamas. The rest of her family and her girlfriend
were on the same trip but on another part of the island. The brutal attack unfolded quickly and without
warning. Jordan suffered devastating bites on her legs,
left arm and buttocks. Her right arm was completely torn off, but
she still tried to swim away to safety. Kami was only a few feet from her daughter
as the sharks were biting into her. She tried to punch the beasts to save Jordan
but was powerless to stop the attack. The last thing Jordan said to her mother reportedly
was “Mom, there’s another shark coming”. All Kami could do, in the end, was to drag
Jordan’s bloodied body ashore as the sharks swam away. She was later pronounced dead at Doctor’s
Hospital in Nassau. So, in what region is the tiger shark considered
sacred? The right answer was a, Hawaii. Some native Hawaiians believe the tiger shark
to be ancestor spirits or na ‘aumakua. Their appearance is considered an omen and
there are many stories of aumakua intervening in animal form to save their descendants from
harm. There’s also the belief that a tiger shark’s
eyes have special powers of perception and that they can peer into the spirit world. A tiger shark will typically start circling
you before it attacks. Maintain eye contact, as you need to know
which way the attack will come from. Don’t try to swim away, unless you’re
very close to the shore or a boat. Don’t make sudden moves and get into a defensive
position that will minimize the shark’s chances of attacking you from behind. If the shark attacks, the only way out is
to fight it. Playing dead definitely won’t help against
this apex predator. If all you have is your bear hands, punch
or claw at its eyes, gills or snout. Use short, strong jabs rather than winding
punches. It’s quite literally a fight for your life,
so don’t stop hitting the shark until it swims away. Your next priority is getting out of the water
and seeking medical attention for any injuries you sustained in the attack. Number 1 Bethany Hamilton
In 2003, professional surfer Bethany Hamilton was attacked by a tiger shark that severed
her left arm just below the shoulder. Only 13 at the time, Hamilton was out on a
morning surf along a beach on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. She was with her best friend and fellow surfer
Alana Blanchard and her family. While in the water, Hamilton felt a tug on
her board and knew right away what was happening. The 14-foot-long tiger shark clamped on her
arm and tore it off before swimming away. The Blanchards took Hamilton back to shore
and fashioned a tourniquet around the stump of her arm. She was rushed to the hospital, in shock,
after she’d suffered over 60% blood loss. She had surgery and ultimately made a remarkable
recovery. Within a month of the attack Hamilton was
back on a surf board. Not only that, but she continued to surf professionally,
placing first numerous times. Thanks for watching! Would you rather face a single tiger shark
in deep water or several tiger sharks in the shallow, with the shore nearby? Let us know in the comments section below!

Reader Comments

  1. Would YOU rather face a single tiger shark in deep water OR several tiger sharks in the shallow, with the shore nearby?

  2. Tiger sharks are actualy not apex predetors. Killer whales are in fact. Killer whales will attack and kill sharks and they have no enemy's, which make them apex predetors

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  4. So few years ago a surfer on Africa’s west coast somewhere was attacked by 2 great whites at the same time. He didn’t get hit,there is video you can look it up. He was sitting in the middle of a group of surfers,but the sharks attacked him. After a investigation it was found that the surfer was pissing more then usually. The point of this story is the lady that was killed by the three sharks as her mother stood in the same water feet away. Maybe it was her time of the month. My wife and I live few blocks from the beach,she won’t go in the water when it’s her time of the month and a lot of her friends are the same way. Always Respect the Mother

  5. I remember when i was in the 5th grade one of my classmates have somekind pointy stick thats black i said to him that in can be use to attack a shark to survive it but he laught and told to his other friends that this can only be use for fishing then they laught i warned but they dint listen than after 1 year they were attack by a shark they were carrying the sharp stick and they dint use it but they still survive althought they lost about 50% blood ( they kinda deserve it cause they were bully back then and even now)

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  10. I had one swim between some friends and I out surfing off Oak Island NC. About a 12fter. We were taken completely off guard. Was just there all of a sudden and disappeared just as quickly. Scared the wits out of us. Was a long time before I got back in.

  11. This is one of the reasons i take a 9 in knife with at all times in the water.
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  15. They Will Kill You I have a suggestion for you. It’s quite a simple one, too. When you make a video about a specific type of shark, please make sure that you are showing that shark and that shark only. You were showing us photos of Great Whites and Sand Tiger Sharks as you were describing the Tiger Shark. I mean, you even showed a magnificent photo of a Whale Shark when describing the Tiger Shark, for crying out loud! I can even help you out with a clear description of each that I’ve mentioned. Obviously the Tiger Shark is massive. It has a lot of stripes (as you mentioned), a short rounded snout, and a fairly distinctive shape. Now, the Great White is quite obviously different as they have a very pointy snout and a very distinct white underside. As for the Sand Tiger Shark, they’re quite different from both of the others I’ve listed so far. Sand Tigers are a brownish gray and have an even pointier snout than the White. Their teeth are also immediately seen as hugely different from the others. One thing stands out on the Sand Tiger that no other shark has, and that’s a humped spine. Their spines, over time, always ends up being crooked and humped. It’s something that researchers still haven’t figured out the why of. It happens in the wild and in captivity. Now, for the last one you showed. The Whale Shark is a beautiful creature that doesn’t even eat other fish of any kind. Their diet consists of mostly plankton. They’re filter-feeders.
    I’m sorry if my comment is too lengthy, but Sharks are my passion and it gets so frustrating when people don’t do their homework before posting videos like yours. I hope you have learned something useful from my book of a comment. Have a great day!!

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