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When Kangaroos Attack

When Kangaroos Attack

From understanding a symbol of Australian
wildlife to a series of shocking incidents involving it, this is what happens when kangaroos
attack What Is It? The Kangaroo is often symbolically associated
with its native country of Australia, appearing on some of its currency as well as on its
coat of arms. Kangaroos are best known for their powerful
hind legs, muscular tails and long, pointed ears. They are the only large animals that use hopping
as a primary form of locomotion. Kangaroos store elastic energy in the tendons
of their hind legs and it’s the springing of the tendons that powers their hop, rather
than the use of their muscles. They use their strong tails not only for balance
but also as type of third leg, pushing off it when they walk. The propulsion force of the tail is equal
to that of both legs. The best known kangaroo species are also the
largest and the ones people think of most upon hearing the term. These are the antilopine kangaroo, the eastern
grey kangaroo, the western grey kangaroo and the red kangaroo. The latter is not only the largest kangaroo
but also the largest extant marsupial and it can grow to be close to 6ft 8ins tall while
weighing over 200 pounds. Number 7 Greig Tonkins
The most viral kangaroo video to surface in recent years involved a man, a kangaroo, a
dog and a punch that echoed around the world. Greig Tonkins, a keeper at the Taronga Zoo,
in New South Wales, divided opinions across the Internet when he punched a kangaroo that
was attacking his dog, Max. At the time, Tonkins was on a wild boar hunting
trip, alongside several friends. The kangaroo had put Max in a headlock and
Tonkins rushed in to save him. As Tonkins approached the kangaroo, it let
go of Max and started hopping towards him. That’s when Tonkins punched the marsupial
square in the face. Although the animal appeared to be unharmed
by the strike, it was quite flummoxed by what had happened. Subsequently, Tonkins started receiving criticism
and even threats from animal rights organizations. Others defended his decision to punch the
kangaroo believing that it deterred the animal from further attacks. Quiz Question
Before we move on, answer this question. Which of these was a sideshow attraction in
the 19th century? a. Kangaroo Dancing
b. Kangaroo Riding
c. Kangaroo Juggling
d. Kangaroo Boxing
Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned to find out the
right answer. Where Is It Located? As previously mentioned, most kangaroos are
endemic to the Australian continent. They tend to prefer different habitats, depending
on the species. For example, red kangaroos are mostly found
in the rangelands of western New South Wales while antilopine kangaroos are found in the
woodlands of the far north. Kangaroos live in social groups, called mobs,
of 10 or more members. Like it is with most marsupials, the mother
carries the babies, called joeys, in a pouch as a form of post-natal development. Number 6 Jonathan Bishop
On March 7, 2019, Jonathan Bishop was paragliding near Canberra, Australia. As he was preparing to land in a clearing
in the Orroral Valley he saw a group of grey kangaroos. One of them suddenly started hopping towards
him. Bishop, who was recording his trip at the
time, thought the animal was being friendly. Just as Bishop was landing the kangaroo attacked
twice with its forepaws, before hopping away. Luckily, the man wasn’t hurt and the video
of the attack gained more than 2 million views online. Number 5 Attack on Cyclist in Queensland
A cyclist, only identified as Rebecca, was riding her bike in the Boonah region, on Australia
Day, 2018. She was accompanied by six friends, one of
whom captured on video the moment a kangaroo crashed into her. Amazingly, after knocking Rebecca off her
bike the kangaroo landed on its feet and hopped away. Rebecca remained motionless on the ground. Two other cyclists looked after her until
the ambulance came. The impact with the kangaroo left her with
a shoulder injury as well as stitches in her knee and right arm. According to one of her friends she was well
enough to laugh about the incident within a few days. How Will It Kill You? The features that make the kangaroo a fascinating
staple of Australian wildlife are the same that make it a dangerous creature, particularly
with larger species. Their combative spirit is not only evident
among incidents with humans, as ritualized fighting is a common occurrence among all
kangaroo species. While both sexes engage in fights for things
like drinking or grazing spots, it’s more common for males to fight, particularly as
a display of dominance. Two combatants will often adopt a high-standing
posture and paw at each-other’s chests, shoulders and heads. They’ll also wrestle to grasp each other’s
necks with their forepaws. To deliver more impacting blows, they’ll
balance themselves on their tails and kick each other in the abdomen. Kangaroos have strong, well-developed muscles
which enable them to deliver punishing strikes. They also have claws on their forepaws that
can rip through human flesh. As one wildlife expert put it if you’re
standing up and they kick you it can “pretty much rip you open”. They are also a danger for vehicles and the
risk of death for the occupants is much greater if the point of impact is the windshield. Number 4 Jim and Linda Smith
Wildlife caretakers Jim and Linda Smith were feeding the kangaroos on their front yard,
at their property in Darling Downs, in southern Queensland. They’d cared for wild kangaroos for many
years without incident. A large grey kangaroo then approached them
and the elderly couple thought it was one they’d raised. Unfortunately, it wasn’t. The massive buck hit Jim in the head, then
the stomach and the legs. Linda, upon seeing her husband on the ground,
grabbed a broom to try and chase the kangaroo away. The animal knocked the broom out of the woman’s
hands and turned its attention on her, kicking her repeatedly. It only retreated after the couple’s son
delivered a few powerful strikes to its head with a shovel. The terrified family was taken to the hospital. Jim and his son suffered bruises and cuts
to the face but Linda’s injuries were more severe. The attack left her with a torn liver, a punctured
lung and three broken ribs. Number 3 Golfer Attacked in Sydney
In 2018, a golfer in west Sydney was attacked by a kangaroo right on the course he was playing
on. While it’s not exactly clear what caused
the animal to attack, the 52-year-old man was left with serious cuts to his legs, arms
and face. Paramedics were called to the Riverside Oaks
Golf Resort around noon and rushed the injured golfer to Sydney’s Westmead hospital. His condition was stabilized but the incident
prompted further warnings for golfers to keep their distance from wild kangaroos. Quiz Answer
So, what was once a popular sideshow attraction involving kangaroos? If you guessed d, kangaroo boxing, then you
were right. In the late 19th century, travelling sideshows
featured men fighting against kangaroos wearing boxing gloves. The boxing kangaroo ultimately became a symbol
of Australian popular culture, particularly when it comes to sporting events. How to Survive? It’s a rare occurrence but kangaroo attacks
can be fatal. That’s why it’s important never to feed
them and to keep your distance. Common warning signs of aggression include
growling, scratching their stomachs or standing on their toes. Never stand tall and face the kangaroo as
it will most likely take it as a challenge to fight. Crouch down and back away or try to get something
between yourself and the animal. They’re not predators so they most likely
won’t give chase if you just back away. Number 2 Debbie Urquhart
In January, 2017, Debbie Urquhart was jogging close to her home in Templestowe, in the north-east
of Melbourne. At some point during her jog a large kangaroo,
which was reportedly close to 6ft 6ins tall, attacked her. The animal started viciously kicking her and
throwing her around “like a ragdoll”. The woman had no other choice but to play
dead, hoping that the kangaroo would stop. She told a media outlet “I thought he was
going to come back and kill me”. Covered in bloodied scratch marks, Urquhart
was eventually able to run back to her home. She was taken to the emergency room and received
over 35 stitches in her shoulder, arm and buttocks. The 57-year-old personal trainer was reportedly
left traumatized by the attack. Number 1 Joshua Hayden
19-year-old Joshua Hayden was out hunting with his brother when he became the victim
of a brutal kangaroo attack. Hayden was leaning out of the moving car to
line up his shot with two kangaroos he had in his crosshairs. That’s when one of the beasts charged the
side of the car and smashed its front window. It then turned its attention on Hayden, started
hopping towards him, and headbutted him directly in the jaw. The teenager reportedly lost consciousness
for about 30 seconds and, when he came to, thought that his brother had hit him. He had to wait more than a week for the swelling
to go down before doctors could operate on his broken jaw. Thanks for watching! Would you rather…be attacked by a large
kangaroo or only get around by hopping for a month? Let us know in the comments section below!

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