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  1. just came here from the American marines boot camp training video; I think it's sufficient to say that I would much rather go through the relaxed Swedish military training.

  2. It is special Cuz they learn How to become pussies who dont fight in foreign countries against people who are a threat against there nation

  3. So BTW i live in sweden and if im ever goona join the army here then this is goona be what im goona go thru?!

  4. Ska utbilda mig till stridspilot, ska allt visa amerikanarna va skåpet ska stå när det gäller Jetflygplan att stealth är inte allt;)

  5. I'm contemplating weather to join the Swedish military since I have a swedish passport because of me being born there. However, I moved out the country at the age of 7 so I do not know how to speak the language anymore lol, for someone who has been would i be able to get by a year with speaking english? or do I NEED to absoluty pick up swedish again.. pls someone let me know. thanks

  6. I heard people in SWEDEN are nice, but what you doing with immigrants is not nice. kick them out and keep your identity. lets keep the country as it was. LOVE FROM ASIA.

  7. The norwegian army did not like me. I scored among the better on these training tests like push ups, sit ups, hang/pull ups, running, etc. However, ton of alergies and a snapped hamstring and biceps femoris a year and three months before, I did not get in. It is said they really, really hate people that are alergic to nuts. Like ffs, who eats nuts in the military in Scandinavia?! Makes no sense

    Looks good big brother Swedie, greetings from Norway

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