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What’s inside a Fidget Cube?

What’s inside a Fidget Cube?

(ticking) (engine revving) – Welcome back to what’s inside. I’m Lincoln, this is Dan, and
today, we have a fidget cube. – Fidget Cube, what’s
a Fidget Cube Lincoln? – I don’t know. I think you just push buttons? – [Dan] Push buttons? This has been one of the
most requested videos over the last month. So this is for somebody
who likes to fidget. So it’s a very good name. What does fidgeting mean? It’s like you take a
pencil and you always are rolling it in your hand. You take a piece of paper and
you fold it up in your hand. And you’re always playing with it. You probably know people like
that, maybe you are like that? At times, I’m like that and… – I like holding a penny and just like, moving it around in my hands. – Yeah, so you like to
fidget, that’s good. – Last year, this came out as a kick start and it was one of the most
successful kick starters. It raise 6.5 million dollars. The problem is, they had
a bottle neck in their manufacturing and there’s
a guy, they named Jack. I don’t really know his name. He makes a living off of
finding things that are popular on kick starter,
and then he goes and hurries and makes them within
like three or four days, he had a company in
China make some of these, and he was selling 100 a day. He’s made 350,000 dollars off of selling knock off fidget cubes. I hope you like the history of that, I thought it was super interesting. And so what the heck is it? Let’s take a look at it. It has a nice plastic case around it. This is the black, with the green knobs. – [Lincoln] Woo, look at that. – [Dan] Fancy, woo, there’s the top. – [Lincoln] Fire, that was fun. – [Dan] Three of them
are supposed to click, like a pen and two of them are silent. Oh, that one doesn’t. So those two don’t click,
but the other one’s _ [Lincoln] Those three.
– [Dan] …click like a pen. – [Dan] This one just has a little mark, it looks like a finger print mark. It’s like a soothing stone,
so you can put your thumb on their and it just
feels relaxing and nice. – [Lincoln] I just like going like this and scratching it for some reason. I just want to scratch it, it’s weird. – [Dan] This one, you just
can spin that around, okay. – [Lincoln] And the little joystick. – [Dan] Okay, a little
joystick, what’s the next one? – [Lincoln] A switch. – [Dan] A switch. Do you like pushing switches,
you can just switch it back and forth, back and forth. – [Lincoln] It’s the rolling ball. – [Dan] Okay, so that
ball rolls, it’s metal. And then what do those switches
do, you just spin them? A combination lock almost. Overall, what do you think, after holding just for the first time? Do you feel like it’s something
you would like to hold, while you’re sitting
in class, or something? – This feels like something that, I don’t know why, but when I hold this, I just want to throw it for some reason. Like it feels like something
that fits in my hand perfectly, that I could just throw it so far. – [Dan] Okay. – That’s what I think. I don’t know why, I really do like this. – It’s nice. If you know somebody that fidgets, we’re gonna put a link in the description where you can get these, where
you got them off of amazon. I do like it. – I know. – What the down side is to it, you can’t really put it in your pocket. I can see people losing these very easily. Fidget Cubes are pretty cool. Lincoln one of them has to die
for science and for you guys. Which one, which one? – Uh, let’s do the blue one. – The white and blue, “the
what’s” inside version colors, really? – Yeah. – Okay, what’s inside colors. And the big guns now. This is going to hold the fidget cube, while we take this knife and
take it right down in it. This is like surgery here. – [Lincoln] Oh, look at that. – [Dan] It’s starting to pop off, I wonder if we just go around and undo it. Yeah, look at that. – [Lincoln] Oh wow. – Whoa.
– Whoa. – [Dan] The ball just came out. Wow, did you see that? The ball just rolled away. – [Lincoln] I thought
that that was a magnet. Is that a magnet? – [Dan] Is it? – [Lincoln] No, it’s not a magnet. – [Dan] It’s just metal
to keep it on their? Look at this, these little
spools have this metal rod that go along it, and
that’s how you spin it. Weee, and then they all just came off. Let’s put the ball back in
here, look at the back of it. This, here’s, oh… – [Lincoln] There it goes. – [Dan] There goes the buttons. So here’s your buttons
that go on the other side. – [Lincoln] That looks cool though. – [Dan] That does look cool. Oh right there, there it is. – [Lincoln] Those are the buttons. – [Dan] So there you go,
you can see the buttons. – [Lincoln] You can
just tell that this one makes that clicking noise,
when you tap into it, and these one’s just push
down with nothing below it. – [Dan] Yup, there’s the
three buttons right there. That’s some very strong
plastic right there. – [Lincoln] Oh, you’re
doing that (mumbles) now. That’s gonna break something. (screaming) Okay, this is the metal piece
that fell out of right here. If I can get it in there. – [Dan] So that’s the one
that was like the weight, it was under the finger stone thing. Okay, so right where you rub your finger is metal… – [Lincoln] This is where you
rub your finger, right there. (loud knocking) – [Dan] Yes, finally. Okay, here’s your spinney… Here’s your spinney part right here, see how it spins on that side? – [Lincoln] Just some gears, – [Lincoln] as simple as that.
– [Dan] That’s pretty much it. – [Dan] Yup, there’s the other side of it, just spinning around. It’s still not telling us much. – [Lincoln] Just that it switches. – [Dan] Oh, okay, just
popped that right out. It just goes right in there like that, and you can just take it right out. Here is your little
button that you can spin and push and it was connected to this ball on the bottom. So that ball kept it in there, so you could push it in… I like this toy, if you
find somebody that you think needs this, not a bad gift. – Not that metal ball, this. – This, yeah. So thank you guys for
all your comments to say, “cut open a Fidget Cube.” We wouldn’t have known about
it unless you guys commented, so keep your comments coming,
keep your suggestions coming because it’s fun to just
do some videos like this where we get to find something cool. A cool new product and take
it apart and see how it works. That’s what’s inside a Fidget Cube. – There it goes, I almost caught it, I was off like by an inch. – Oh, just missed it. – Just barely.

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  1. ughhhh you're talking super fast and then your audio is horrible. I can't even focus on what the hell you're saying.

  2. I brought mine from a two dollar shop but my parents are really paid for it and it's actually a really good quality one

  3. The joystick side if I use that a lot then it would make me get better at fortnite be I am bad at fortnite if u wanna 1v1 me your gonna win:(

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