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What To Do With Your Surplus Ammo Crate

What To Do With Your Surplus Ammo Crate

all right spare time projects here and just got to think in the other day and decided to give it a shot but I've got these crates here and basically this is surplus ammunition for a Mosin Nagant and this is how it was packaged in the factory as early as the 60s 70s 80s anywhere in there and it's put in storage for years and years and basically you can buy this and it's a lot cheaper than buying new factory loads they're not as not necessarily as consistent or as clean-burning in fact it's corrosive ammunition but it's it's a good cheap alternative and you get this crate here if you order 880 rounds and it contains to spam cans and what you do is basically it's just nailed down twice here and it's kind of a rough metal hinge and you got this thing here that you open it and close it you bend it out of the way and you can open it up and you got to spam cans in here and each can has 440 rounds and yeah so the other day I got to thinking well it's kind of a cool looking crate you know it's kalus markings on it and it's you know convenient it can fit under a bed or store or anywhere so why not make it to where you can store other ammo in it when the surplus is gone you know it's it's a pretty solid little box it's it's fairly thick and kind of sturdy so I got to thinking maybe I should try to make a actual storage ammunition box out of it so I went to Lowe's and got a piano hinge 12 inches the the crates about 13 inches wide a little bit bigger than that got a little 12 inch hinge and clasps for shutting it now I probably only use one but decided to kind of give it a shot and maybe maybe I can make a decent little box out of it so what I'm gonna do so far here is you know I've got these things basically it's riveted you think that they look like nails but it's actually a rivet if you look on the other side so I was able to pry the metal off off around it so the top is loose and this thing here is kind of a pain I'm trying to get it off without really marring up the box well I got it off very very annoying then get the rest this rivet out yep there's a long winded rivet it's about the length of a 22 shell now I'm going to try to get these off the hinges off the other side alright there's the second one seconds off so now we have the box try to put a hinge in it all right well I got it all trimmed down I trimmed it right at the where it curved towards the top of the box doesn't look too bad it's not my prettiest job ever but it'll work and the hinge does fit so the hinge is just gonna go just like that Center it up and drill it in only problem I'm facing here that I know I'm going to have trouble with is that the top is pretty thin and the screws for the hinges not so much so basically they're gonna be sticking through about that much so I think what I'm gonna have to end up doing is drilling the hinge into the top and then filing that down it wouldn't normally be a problem except for the fact that it's going to be drilling into this the screws are gonna be hitting that so I'm gonna have to file the screw down once I get the hinge in I think it's about the only way I know to avoid that problem all right well after filing down the screws after I got them in the top I was able to get it to close down enough to get it on the back and it was a close call because without being able to without filing down those screws it would have not made it on to this part of the wood it was still been in the top or in that crack so it was a good thing I filed it down as far as I could and got it as flat to the top as I could so these bolts could actually grab the rest of the box but it's on there now opens up works fine so now I just need to put the hinge on the front of it okay well I got the hinge on or the top part of it anyway and as you can see it's kind of a close call because it did start to kind of split the wood a little bit and you can't really see it on here but it did kind of you can feel it kind of bulging on it but it's not terrible seems like it'll hold still as long as you're not terribly rough with it but one thing I want on here is that it hangs lower than the top so it will not let the top rest completely on the crate so I'm gonna have to file down the wood here right where that comes down to let it sit flush and now I got it filed down to where it seals pretty tight I may or may not touch it up a little bit it seems like it might go a little bit more but it looks certainly better than what it was so now we have put the rest of the hinge on and hopefully we'll have a functioning hinge box all right well got the rest of the hinge on and looks pretty good that works that's pretty good fully functioning hinge works pretty good everything's smooth and the hinge barely clears this handle here barely that much clearance perfect so we got the hinge on here works pretty well got the latch up here works pretty well the only modification I had to do was on the back here I had the notch out for the hinge to clear because I did not have a shorter hinge to fit between these two here so I just notched these two out but other than that really no modifications screwed everything on and you have a fully functioning hinged and lockable we like it here ammo storage or whatever storage you want to use it for stay tuned for more little spare time projects like and subscribe thanks

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