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What to Call Your Drill Sergeant | Boot Camp

What to Call Your Drill Sergeant | Boot Camp

What do I call my drill sergeant? Each branch of service has a different name
for that person that’s yelling at you, so let’s go ahead and review them now. The army calls them drill sergeants. The navy calls them recruit division commanders
or RDCs. The air force calls them military training
instructors, they refer to MTIs or just TIs. And the marines call them drill instructors;
do not call them drill sergeants, they do not like that. Well, they don’t like a lot of things, but
really, don’t call them drill sergeants. The coast guard calls them company commanders. And they all have a common goal — to make
you never forget them, and they’re good at it. They’re responsible for training you to military
standards in terms of discipline, physical fitness and weapons training. They are all non-commissioned officers too,
so sergeants. Treat them with respect, but don’t expect
any in return.

Reader Comments

  1. Wait so since a drill sergeant is not an officer I wouldn't call him sir I would call him drill sergeant or sergeant correct?

  2. When I went through Army basic in 1993, at Ft. Leonard Wood. At least back then? You called them Sergeant. They said "Our rank is Sergeant. Not Drill Sergeant" But I did advanced training at Ft. Bliss, Texas, and there you call them Drill Sergeant. Last I heard? Ft. Leonard Wood was the only place that did this?

  3. don't call him sir lol… if you do, please tell me so that I can see how he'll make you do 100's of pushups

  4. When i was 10 minutes into basic training someone was already getting fucked for saying "sir yes sir". It was scary as hell because he was in my platoon, but looking back it was hilarious.

  5. We call this one Drill Sergeant of mine the terminator because he looks exactly like the terminator. I shit you not i'm tell the truth

  6. Not sure i'm going to take advice from someone who isn't following Army regulations. It is against DOD and Army policies to be in uniform while promoting or participating in activities outside of the spectrum of your military duties. This is true whether or not it is a "good cause". By wearing his uniform in the course of filming these videos for Howcast he is implying some form of Army support for their organization. You can't even do the "ice bucket" challenge in uniform. I doubt this is authorized.

  7. Need some help on this one. Why would an Army soldier be we wearing a 1st Marine Division patch (Right Shoulder)?

  8. Seriously though… what is with that patch man? I mean. Your credibility is fleeting after seeing that. Please tell me there is a reason and that you are not just some dude making videos for shits and giggles.

  9. "Do not call them Drill Sergeant's, they don't like that. Well they don't like a lot of things, but really, don't call them Drill Sergeant's." Hahahaha best line of the video! Semper Fi! Oorah!

  10. According to Army regulations, soldiers who serve in a combat environment for at least 30 days are authorized to wear the insignia of the unit they support. The patch is worn on the right shoulder. Officially the patches are called "shoulder sleeve insignia indicating former wartime service," but they're more commonly known as combat patches.

  11. In the marines some drill sergeants (or instructors) want you to call them sir I’m kinda confused on that

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