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What Military Branch Should You Join? | Boot Camp

What Military Branch Should You Join? | Boot Camp

Let’s review some of the basics about each
branch. First of all the marines, they are considered
riflemen first. They have more marksmanship training than
any other branch, and it has the most difficult basic training regimen. They have the incredible ability to convert
dollar power into combat power, as they have no big budget like the Air Force, but they
also have lots of military pride. Let’s talk about the army, which has the second
most intense basic training regimen. They have about three weeks of marksmanship,
and recruits can pick from hundreds of different MOS’s, which stands for military occupational
specialty, and those MOS’s translate well into civilian jobs. The navy: deep rooted with tradition, and
if you like to travel this is the branch for you. Family men might want to consider the time
they are going to spend away from their family though, given the fact that all of the time
you are going to spend on ships. Also, if you are claustrophobic, it might
not be a good idea to join the Navy, as you are going to be spending a lot of time in
tight quarters. If you like large vessels and ships, the Navy
is definitely the way to go. They have an awesome inventory of powerful
ships. Let’s talk about the Air Force. An impressive compilation of machinery and
technology. If you are good with computers and technology
this is definitely the branch that you should join. It also has the best housing of all the branches
too. It’s also the most difficult to get into as
far as education requirements. The Coast Guard, Uncle Sam’s little canoe
club. If you like search and rescue missions, if
you have an interest in maritime law, if you like environmental protection this is gonna
be a good branch for you. You are going to need a high school diploma,
and you are going to need to love to swim in order to join the coast guard. And that’s it. Think long and hard about your decision because
it is difficult to change once you have committed to a certain branch.

Reader Comments

  1. COAST GUARD got my attention but does not guarantee being in the BM's as that's what I liked , aka Maritime specialist. Also noticed is the only branch besides the airforce that dosent have infantryman. And at my age of 32 almost 33 next two months chances slim down. Only M.O.S for me is electrician, mechanic, or cook. Looks like i should have look into this a couple years back.

  2. I'm only 15 right now but I'm thinking of joining a combat position. I was wondering if you have to be very tall and strong to join or if they will make you strong in boot camp?

  3. Thinking about joining but I think the marines may be to tough, big difference in basic training between the two? Also I'm not completely in shape

  4. Truthfully I'm a coastie they have the second hardest basic and unless your a rescue swimmer u don't touch the water so who ever did the video needs to learn so more facts

  5. Still haven't made up my mind but now I know that I'm not being a part of the chair force

  6. Join the coast guard if you are stuck on what force you want to join. I've saved 2 people and helped out 20 so far in only 6 months in. Reply if you want to know a little about it

  7. I talked to a USMC recruiter but I've been told many times that they'll say anything to get you to join. Does that involve lying and maybe twisting the truth ?

  8. Speaking as a fellow army person this is straight BS Sargent. I scored over a 110 on my GT and they still have me infantry. If you want to join the military talk to an army E4 they won’t tell you any BS.

  9. Confused on which branch to join. Deciding either between Navy or Army. I just gotta lose 20 more lbs to hit my max weight! 😩

  10. This is very hard to choose like I'm in Community College and i want to go to the military which could be the Navy or Marines but a university is very needed. I think i should give the milltary a halt for me because university and time. Its not my time yet

  11. I decided on army because I have a long family tradition of men in my family joining the army which made me like them more than other branches. Marines were my second choice.

  12. The coast guard is acctually really good and help out alot don't know why people always compare them to the other branches because that's not what they are for they don't fight they only save, they are basically fire fighters, And EMTs.

  13. Hi, I want to join the military after college and be a military nurse; which branch would be the best fit? I'm stuck between army and air force

  14. I want to serve, but I'm not sure which to join.
    I learn quickly, and want to travel, but I don't want something extremely intensive physically.
    I'm thinking Navy?

  15. I’m joining the marines choosing mp (military police) as my MOS. After that I’m going to the police academy and become a cop. Taking online classes while I’m a mp. Any advice?

  16. The military is now a homosexual organization. If you are a Christian, you should not join the armed forces. It is an ungodly force.

  17. How about GETTING A LIFE and NOT becoming a murdering TOOL for greedy corporations and the CIA?

    don't be a sucker………this is a SCAM to make you a SLAVE and turn you into a machine to murder women and kids.

  18. TRUMP DODGED MILITARY SERVICE AND LIED dozens of times to Weasel OUT…….and you want to serve under scum like that as commander in chief/ ?????????????

    think LONG and do lots and lots and lots of RESEARCH



    you THINK that it is for only a few years but the FACT is that they can keep you in FOREVER in "wartime" against Afghanistan or some other shithole


  19. Correction: Coast Guard has highest academic requirements. You do NOT have to love swimming to join the Coast Guard.

  20. Here's the route I took: I looked at the Navy, as my dad is a retired USN CPO, but the Navy didn't have any moss's I was interested in, and then I looked at all the other services. And then someone suggested I try the Army National Guard before going active duty (which I did). I did 3 years NG, and then 4 years on Army active duty (91w, combat medic). Best decision I've made for myself. It also helps if you come from a family with one parent that is a service member so you have some kind of idea what to expect.

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