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  1. Hey Vee, just set down and watched this old video of you guys and your Alice pack set-ups…some really cool stuff. I know after 5 years ur upgrades to ur Alice pack are fine tuned but I wanna offer u a set of brand new MOLLE II shoulder straps and waist belt?, no cash but maybe something u have to barter with? Hit me up if this could help you.

  2. some more ideas to ad or repack for less wheight,loose the tent use only a tarp and a hammock, superglu in the medicpack, spare sock and untherware would be nice, lipbalm. prepwalk the rote youre planning to use fully packed. try it. nice vid well thought over bags, both are good because there personal.

  3. Awesome video brother. Finaly a real down to earth bug out bag, not a high priced store bought one. Keep up the good work, stay prepaired and safe

  4. if your feet are getting chaffed and uncomfortable, get some good wool socks. smartWools and Covert Threads are amazing. they will wick the sweat right off your feet, and maybe invest in some good boots. I use Adidas GSG9s and they are AMAZING. Other than that, you guys are doing great. Keep it up

  5. I do now have water filer system and have a couple flashlights. I have also made some homemade packed food for weight reduction as you mentioned. Thanks.

  6. water purification system and flashlights. You might consider mountain house instead of the MRE's. The MRE's are really heavy.

  7. I enjoyed your video, It's cool to get views and opinion's of two different mindsets and Bug out Bag-contents…Thank's Guys!

  8. I am sorry for your loss. Thank you for your comment. There is a great book, Building the Ultimate Bug out Bag. It is a great book on this subject. If there are any subjects you would like me to cover just send me a personal message.

  9. Thank you so much for this video.
    I am a 16 year old male without a father, and I've been preparing a bug out bag for me and my mother. This really helped with what gear to pick. I've been really into survival for years, and once my dad passed I knew I needed to get serious about helping my mother. This gear may save her life when the time comes. Thank you.

  10. If the infection took time to take over, try to fight as long as possible. Once it took over, would have to put them/me down. It would be very hard if with family, probably near impossible. Until they try to harm you. A lot of people probably not be able to take down family. It would be terrible times.

  11. with accent,if soomeone has a huge cut and is gonna die can you use the sewing kit to try and saave their life

  12. What do you think about keeping the water canteens in the freezer during summer that way you have cold water to drink on the hike to cool yourself down with which could be a lifesaver. Just making sure you dont fill the canteen full because water expands and would bust the canteen if too full. Thanks for the video.

  13. I keep trying to reduce the weight but end up keeping a lot of the same items. I do not know if I am just a gear nut or am looking at the overall set up wrong.

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