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What I wish I knew before joining the AF | Elora Jean

What I wish I knew before joining the AF | Elora Jean

hey welcome to my channel and today’s
video I am going to be sharing with you guys a couple of things I wish I knew
before I joined the Air Force **PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION BOX** interested in my air force stuff so I’m
gonna keep pushing it out and hopefully give you a lot of helpful information
now of course this isn’t going to be the most detailed list this isn’t going to
be every single thing that you should need to know before joining the military
or the Air Force in specific that’s all I can really give you information on but
there are some key things I wish I had an idea before I signed the contract
the first thing being and reason I think of this first is because I complain
about this the most often I originally **PLEASE WATCH MY REACTION VIDEO TO SEE HOW MUCH OF MY MINDSET HAS CHANGED** I was going to sign and the day I was
going to be empty I was planning on signing a four-year contract the thing
is you go through this whole process the day you’re leaving and the final step is
like talking to one more person when you’re signing your contract and this
guy was looking at my contract with me and I was making sure it said everything
that it should and whatever making sure my rank was right so make sure your rank
is correct on that the dates on there is correct and he goes oh I see her
four-year contract hang on yeah and he goes oh I guess you don’t want to go
overseas in my head I was like no I want to go overseas I want to travel the
world I want to go all over and I was like no no I do he goes oh well you
can’t go overseas unless you have a six-year contract bye so I signed a
six-year contracts what I wish I knew at the time is you can absolutely 100%
without a doubt go overseas with a four-year contract plain and simple
you can it is possible the way he said it to me made it seem like I could not
what he probably was hinting at is you might have less of a chance because when
the Air Force is sending out people I guess they basically look at how much
money they’re putting into each person they’re in
so when they’re looking at sending a person overseas they’re thinking okay
how long is this person going to be in and how much money are we spending to
put them over there is it going to be worth it so apparently it’s better for
the Air Force to send a 6-year contract person to overseas rather than a
four-year contract because they get a bigger return however the Air Force is
going to send people where they need people to go if you are a four year
contract and they need you in Korea and they need you in Italy and they need you
in Guam that’s where they’re gonna send you plain and simple
the second thing I want you guys to know is the dream sheet they give you I
believe is absolute crap basically when you go to BMT they ask you to give them
a list of your top ten bases that your job applies for my job is a
photojournalist voice my job is a photojournalist pretty much qualifies to
go anywhere so I had a lot of options and for me being from California I was
like re I’m gonna put California South Carolina Florida Texas like all these
coastal states and I ended up getting North Dakota which is really frustrating
because I had Florida as my number one on my list and I didn’t get it but a
girl in my same class who didn’t have it on her list at all got it so it’s like
if you were looking at the thing that I would have got it so what’s the deal
Air Force Oh unfortunately your whole Air Force career is literally that the
Air Force career they don’t really look at you as a person they look at she was
an asset which it sounds really harsh because the Air Force gives so much to
their people they have great benefits they have so many good things because
they realize we are people but in the end it’s money they’re spending on an
asset that’s what we are to them so you could put your top ten states on your
list but if you do get one I guarantee it’s coincidence and not because they’re
looking honestly the third thing that I think people should know and it’s not so
much an actual thing it’s kind of hard to describe well it’s really not but I
have open trust for anybody who talks to me if you tell
me something I’m going to believe you I have no reason to doubt you so why would
I not believe you well this got me into some pickles because I figured out I
was going to North Dakota and I was like oh I don’t want to go
there that really sucks and somebody who had a lot more rank than me and a lot
more time in the Air Force was telling me oh don’t worry about it after a year
in North Dakota you can request to leave and I was like oh that’s not that bad at
all wow that’s great I get to North Dakota and I had this in my head Oh
after a year I’m gonna leave until I find out you can’t request to switch
bases until you’re 3/4 of the way done with your contract there’s this thing
called base of preference and what you can do is after a certain amount of time
on station after a certain amount of living at the base you’re at you can put
in some paperwork and be like hey you be I would really like to go somewhere
else and the Air Force will be like ok maybe we will maybe we won’t the thing
is I was under the impression that you could do that after a year the thing is
you can you just can’t if you are a first-term airman like me you’ve only
been in the Air Force for a year for two years you have to wait until your
contract is pretty much up to be able to request that and the reason reason they
do that is because the Air Force thinks about the money and they think oh if we
say that you can go to your most favorite base when your contract is
almost up you might redo another contract and you
there taking shit everybody does like I can’t trust these hoes like I’m not
trying to say that I’m trying to say do your research and learn for yourself
because there are nothing out there that will stop you from learning the
information you’re trying to learn but if you just ask the question and
somebody who is not an absolute expert on that tells you an answer and that’s
what you go is you could be learning the wrong thing they could be telling you
the wrong thing and you’re not even aware and let me tell you I’ve done that
so many times and it’s the worst when you think you know something and you’re
wrong and it just like it’s crushing so my suggestion let me reiterate because
repetition is okay don’t take anybody’s word if somebody tells you something
they might be right go and research it go and make sure they’re right if
they’re not right now you are the better person for that let them continue doing
what they’re doing correct them if you want to but now you know that’s the
important part another thing I think is important for people to know is rules
regarding military to military spouses I’ve seen a couple comments about how
somebody’s spouse is in the military and they’re about to go to be MTE or
whatever it may be I want to stress and I could be wrong
I’m not an expert on this so this goes back to the last point please check my
facts if you’re married and you’re both in the Air Force the Air Force does its
best you try and place you together but it might not happen right away that’s
what I want you to know there were some people who were really upset because
they thought as soon as they got out of technical training or as soon as they
got on a PMC whatever it was that they were gonna be like right go into their
spouses place or they were gonna be reunited and whatever but ultimately the
Air Force kind of has to look at if they need you there and if they have room for
you and if they don’t then they have to find a place for your spouse to go for
you both to go so for example there was this couple in my Technical School and
they got married while they were there before they got married each of them
received orders orders is the paperwork telling you where you’re going to be
stationed one got orders to Japan I think or Korea and the other got orders
somewhere less cool I think my not which is in North Dakota
and then they got married and they were like cool we’re gonna go to
and it’s gonna be great your thing that’s not what happened though the
person who got orders to Japan or Korea ended up getting their orders revoked
and they were given new orders to North Dakota so therefore if you are in the
Air Force or you consider joining the Air Force and you you know are single
but then you meet somebody and you’re like I should get married and we’ll both
be in Korea or whatever that may not happen to you and please just go to the
base that you got stationed back you got orders to and then make decisions and
even then they might still move you so just be careful know that you might not
be with your spouse right away know that you might get your base switched if you
get married which is kind of scary like that’s the major stuff happening to your
life the next thing I wish I knew I wish I knew was how much of my life I would
lose control over and I’m not saying that to be dramatic that’s just me
explaining how I feel that’s me telling you my thoughts so if if this isn’t how
everybody in the world feels that’s fine this is me talking you right now
although I am able to pay bills and I can live on my own and I am able to by
dog and you know I can afford things now just because my paycheck is stable
doesn’t mean I am if that means okay for starters you get two and a half days of
vacation every month so by the end of one year you have earned 30 days now you
may save those days and choose to not go on vacation but if you don’t go on
vacation you’re working the entire year and for me that’s just not okay so I use
up my days as I get them which means I can only take a month’s worth of
vacation per year I might be just you know spoiled and dramatic and some
people get less than that anyways but for me to have somebody saying you
cannot go anywhere unless you have days is just like
what look I get it the military comes first in fact that’s one of the core
values service before stealth but I’m human I love my family I love being able
to go see them when I want where I want and to be restricted by that small
factor is just huge to me so I would say if you are a free bird like I am the
military might not be a great idea the military definitely helped me get onto a
path I wanted to go in but I feel I can’t always do what I want which is
kind of like an immature thing I suppose and some of you watching this may
disagree with me and find it really annoying but honestly this has turned
into a vent session and I’m just telling you everything that I am not loving
right now about the military to be honest really it’s just stuff like that
and I mean it’s it’s really simple it is and if you don’t really care about that
kind of stuff this might be for you if you are you know straight on to the path
of life and you work because kid stuff done this this might be your golden
ticket to life but for me I just feel trapped
I can’t live where I want to live I can’t even vacation anytime that I want
I can’t do certain things that I normally would I can’t quit if I don’t
like my job I can I can’t do anything because I signed a contract and I
understand that I respect it it’s my responsibility now it doesn’t mean I
have to tell like yeah the next thing I want people to know is just that you are
never guaranteed anything and I thought about this because I went to Taco Bell
the other day and the guys I was in my uniform the guy goes all you’re in the
Air Force yeah yeah although closely Manning oh that’s
that’s nice yeah you know I want to go to Japan buddy
I said this very kindly to him I was like oh don’t get your hopes up like you
can’t it’s not guaranteed nothing’s for sure like he goes oh yeah
whatever and that to me was just like I think when people go to a recruiters
office they expect to be told this is gonna change your life you are gonna
travel the world you’re gonna do amazing things you’re gonna do a B and C and
you’re gonna love it and you’re gonna like have the most American the most
patriotic feeling ever and people get pumped up on that I got pumped up on
that and it’s just not always what it seems
that’s basically it you’re never guaranteed anything heck you could
receive a paper that says you’re going to Japan and a week later you get
another paper this is just kidding you’re going to Oklahoma you know you
just can’t really believe anything until it’s actually happening like I’ve heard
a story of somebody who was on their way to the airport or at the airport to go
to Japan or something crazy like that and they got a call they’re like hey
sorry you can’t that’s just how it is I’m trying to think if there’s anything
else that’s just like burning in my brain right now that I want to get off
my chest and tell you all I think that I would just stress just do a forged
contract sign up for a four-year contract and see how you like it because
if you end up not liking active duty you can end up doing this thing called
palace chase you can totally look this up you can check it on Google fact check
me but after halfway through your contract you can request to switch over
to guard or reserves and it’s not guaranteed you know you have to apply to
it you could get denied whatever but at least it’s an option whereas like that’s
what I want to do for me I have a six year contract I have to wait on three
years in as opposed to two if I was at a four year contract if I was doing that I
could have applied for that and known by the end of the year if I could go and
move I want to move because if you switch the guard or reserve you get to
like pick what what base that you can work out so you know start small and do
your research that’s the biggest thing you can listen to a recruiter you can
watch people on YouTube but ultimately you need to research it you need to know
and that’s what’s gonna help you and that’s what’s gonna help you
decide whether or not you know it’s a good idea I’m just gonna stop there I
know this video is probably already pretty long cuz I’ve been talking a
while but if you have any unanswered questions or any sort of concerns go
ahead and leave them in the comments below and I will get back to them I’m
really really dedicated to answering Airforce questions because before I
joined that’s exactly what I was doing and I not always got the answer so of
course you have Google if I’m not helpful but I am here it’s what I’m
trying to say all right you guys thank you so much for watching I hope you find
it helpful I’m sorry it was kind of like a weird emotional thing maybe you can’t
even tell but I will see you all in the next video and until then go bye

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