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What Happens When You Stop Smoking?

What Happens When You Stop Smoking?

with over 7,000 chemicals released each time you light a cigarette it’s no surprise that smoking is one of the leading causes of preventable deaths worldwide but with 1.3 billion people actively smoking what actually happens when you stop smoking within the first 20 minutes of quitting your blood pressure and heart rate return to normal this is because the nicotine in cigarettes released epinephrine and norepinephrine which increased your heart rate and narrowed blood vessels these effects also caused smokers extremities to feel colder but by now your hands and feet have returned to their normal temperature 2 hours in and the nicotine cravings begin causing moodiness drowsiness tense feelings and even difficulty sleeping because nicotine also releases more dopamine than normal these are expected physiological responses to the decrease in its release eight hours after quitting and the inhaled carbon monoxide clears allowing oxygen levels in the bloodstream to return to normal carbon monoxide and oxygen compete to bind to hemoglobin in your blood which stretches the circulatory system so as it clears there’s more room for oxygen however for long-term smokers this carbon monoxide exposure causes red blood cells to increase in size making the blood thicker and causing higher blood pressure and increased chances of developing blood clot surprisingly 24 hours after quitting coughing will actually increase which is your body’s way of clearing out all the toxins from the lungs additionally at this point the risk of developing various coronary artery diseases decreases all within 24 hours after 48 hours when nicotine and its metabolites are completely eliminated from your body damaged nerve endings begin to regrow the tar and other chemicals and cigarettes leave fewer taste buds that are flatter with less blood vessels they now begin to regain their sensitivity making food tastes better although chronic smokers may often have irreversibly damaged taste blood at the 72-hour mark nicotine withdrawal peaks with headaches nausea and cramps as well as emotional symptoms like anxiety and depression these symptoms can be seen by most addictive substances cluding caffeine but after this period the worst is officially over after one month the risk of developing type 2 diabetes cancer and cardiovascular diseases has already decreased in three to nine months the damage Celia and the lungs are almost fully repaired which are hairlike structures that help sweep away dust and debris and as a result symptoms such as coughing and shortness of breath are almost completely eliminated and around one year the risk of developing heart disease as a direct result of at the Roma formation which are deposits of fatty material or scar tissue from deteriorating arterial walls decreases by almost one-half in 10 years the chance of developing lung cancer decreases to half of someone who did not quit smoking and in 15 years time the risk of heart attack decreases to the same as someone who has never smoked their entire life of course this guideline is not definitive and the average amount you smoke per day or year will play a role in how well your body recovers unfortunately there will always be some irreversible damage to the lungs and increased susceptibility to developing various lung diseases and while quitting may be difficult the benefits greatly outweigh the initial withdrawal ultimately the best way to prevent this from happening is to not begin smoking at all need some extra motivation check out our videos to your lazy people which might give you the boost you need to kick your habit or focus on other goals you’re hoping to accomplish ask us your burning questions in the comments or on social media and subscribe for more weekly science videos every Thursday

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  1. Is it just me or who else noticed the cigarette in the thumbnail is reversed more filter than actual paper

  2. You made me so depressed I want to quit but you said there will be always bad effects on my lungs and more possible to having cancer… what can I do ? I already smoked 4 year ! Even I quit I will have diseases… You guys made me so depressed. You gave me so much fear..

  3. I'm turning 16 in 5 days and have been smoking since I was 13. I could easily stop at any time if I really wanted and I just don't understand how it's considered so hard.

  4. quit smoking almost 4 days ago. I’ve smoked for about 5 years and this is super hard but it has affected my health a lot so it’s my time to quit now

  5. Smoking cigarettes doesn't cause  cancer- it seems that everyone is extremely pleased to cite it as a scape goat…  but sometimes it is wise to quit; your chances of making the correct decision to do so are better if you'll eschew the silly and meaningless, popular idea of using the filter tips innovation!  With respect for the herb, you could make a strong tea infusion, which you could sip; or perhaps you want to stop using it altogether…  The herb is warm and dry, which means Southwest and Indian Summer.  I say it's ordained for us by the goddess Kamala- sacred in that sense- and yet it may be approached with some caution.  Those who don't live like dharma warriors; and/or have trouble with Temperance-as certain gurus would put it- shouldn't be too quick to appoint scapegoats… Also, as it is therfore a very Vata herb, one may naturally feel the need for something sweet, such as a soda pop… For the New Aeon, the ideas of both social smoking and social drinking could be reexamined- skeptically, I think…

  6. Started smoking when I was in school, gradually increased & was addicted to smoking & also use of tobacco in beetle leafs (called paan in India), also was addicted to guthka's.(30-35 years approx) HAD QUIT EVERYTHING, though without any health problems. Its been more than 2 years now. FEELING as if FREED from SLAVERY NoW.

  7. Here my question when I wake up an have my coffee that the first thin I do help an body my bad my kids tell me to quite I want to it hard

  8. 4 months without a smoke

    For about a year was on a roller coaster ….go a week without smoking get stress-out then smoke a cigarette or two ….then go a few days without smoking get stressed out then smoke a cigarette or two…but now has been 4 months straight 🤣🤣

  9. I started smoking cigarettes at 12 and did Weed at 14 and at 15 I did Xanax. I’m now 18 and coughing and very addicted. When my birthday comes at 5th August I’m quitting (it’s 21st July now)

    I hope nobody goes the same rout as me, if you don’t smoke or drugs, Don’t Do Them Or Quit if you do then.

  10. The best way to stop smoking is to smoke the last cigarete and then go to sleep for more then 8 hours and its gonna be a bit easier. Thats what i did. Ive stoped smoking almost 7 months ago

  11. I was a heavy smoker smoking almost a pack a day I quit cold turkey I’m now 5 month cigarettes free 😀

  12. If I get 1 billion dollars for quiting smoking, I am 100% positive I can quit it, so do 90% people who smoke.

  13. Should we stop smoking right away? Somebody told me i die if i dont smoke 1 or half the cig i used to smoke when trying to quit

  14. I would almost die and go crazy without a cigarette tried many methods at last succeed with cold turkey…if you fail its ok to start over but never quite fighting….Cold turkey is the best method to stop smoking free app on playstore and you can add motivations too

  15. Smoked for more 13 years, tried and failed at quitting several times. I havent smoked since jul 25, 2019 aftet reading Allen Carr's book. I also gave up sugar and caffine since they were big triggers. Also because they were just addictions. Anyways, it been more than 120 hours. Extremely glad that i started this process.

  16. smoked for 6 years, I am 24 now. I finally quit 2 months ago all together. I quit smoking cigarettes 2 years ago and I vaped for 2 years and I finally quit vaping. I wish I never even started though. Wasted a lot of money and wasted a lot of years of my health. It's never too late to quit though. If your trying to quit cigarettes, switch to vape and lower the nicotine each month until you hit 0. After you start smoking 0mg nicotine, you'll eventually forget about smoking and quit. Easiest way to quit, I'm telling ya guys.

  17. I stopped smoking for almost 6 weeks cold turkey now feels like a horse is now sitting on my chest. It seems that aids substance is being put in tobacco to promote the deep inhalation of smoke. through the lung vesicles to relax

  18. im 19 and i started smoking ever since freshman year, its the worst thing i ever done but i havent smoked in like 3 weeks

  19. Transitioned from cigarettes to vaping almost 2 years ago. I don’t know if it is really “healthier” than smoking but I do know that I feel so much better. I was a smoker for about 15 years of my life and regret ever starting.

  20. Yeah , I’ll never smoke. It’s gross! And I don’t understand what’s the pleassure in it. Just killing your body with smoke. 🤢🤢🤢

  21. I hope that my lungs completely recover.
    I'm 19 now and have been smoking 5 1/2 Years.
    I quit 3 months ago and smoked about 12-20 cigarettes per day.
    On weekends about 30/day.

  22. I’ve been smoking for 10 years and just decided it was enough and I feel better but at times get irritable and anxiety.

  23. I quit smoking 40 hours ago. Started smoking in 2016. I'm feeling nauseous, breathlessness, cramps, body ache, anxiety, etc. I cried a little yesterday cz I was so depressed. But I'm feeling relieved as well cz I know its gonna get better. I used to feel so dirty when I used to smoke. I started stinking, esp in the privates despite maintaining hygiene, developed tonsil stones, whiteness on tongue, bad breath, darkened skin, a sensation of buzzing all over my body, pins and needles, all due to smoking. I'm suffering right now, but I know this is it, this is the worst. The world on the other side of nicotine is beautiful. If it helps, the first 6 hours after quitting are hardest. After that, your urges decrease but coughing and other symptoms come up. 3 days max you gotta deal with this and trust me, it's gonna be OK and better than before.

  24. I started smoking when I was 13 almost 14 I was an 8th grader, I will steal cigarettes from my dad so I’ll smoke for free. I would smoke like 2 cigarettes each 1 or 2 months to not get addicted I stopped smoking on December also my parents told me I got asthma problems when I was lil, now I’m 15 almost 16 a sophomore, I wonder how my parents are going to react when I’m 18+ and they find out I’m happy I quit smoking

  25. I really wanna stop smoking, I need some encouragement but my parents and siblings don’t know, my friends all smoke which isn’t helpful- I have half a pack left… please help me not to smoke it

  26. Natural versus cold Turkey are not the same. All these side effects are fear tactics created by health professionals who want to make money on quit smoking devices. The only true way to quit is " "progress not perfection." No side effects. Stop promoting fear tactics about quitting.

  27. Guys, you can quit. YOU CAN! I belive in you. It's time to save your health. I understand that everyone has different story why he start to smoke, thats ok, but it's time to throw that cigarette from your mouth and fingers. You can do it!

  28. Yoooo dont even get me started iM like 15 and I vaped and smoked 4 a year its trash cuz once U stop cuz U ran out of supplies U start to be not sleepy at night and etc and if U ever feel baad just go play some csgo surf while listening to lil peep. Trust me you gonna feel relieved

  29. when i quit smoking i didn't said that to my body so my body was not known i have quited cigarette..and now i dont even remember that i was a chain smoker..!

  30. Am on 6 hours without a cigarette now, and want to quite cold turkey again. Started 3 times in my life now, but always managed to quit cold turkey. Hope I can quite that way again, and than hopefully remind myself never to touch a cigarette again. Though it's gonna be extra hard having a girlfriend smoking… My biggest withdrawal symptom; tiredness. And I feel it very strongly already. These are gonna be some very hard day's if I don't end lighting up. But alone the opportunity to be able to answer ;no I've quit weeks already, when relatives would ask me for a lighter, or that I'm the only one smoking in the family, should be motivation enough. Let alone money wise, health, the smell and so on.

  31. been smoking since i was 16 years old, now I'm 23 .. i need Some motivation in Comments, ( while quite Smoking what Gonna change physical and mental )3 days not 🚬 smoke..

  32. It's been 24 hrs since I've smoked I don't know why I feel nothing I feel totally normal I feel so happy. I haven't had any nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Which happend before when I tried to quit.

  33. Stopped smoking like 6 days ago. Why do I feel so…. uneven? I feel as if my motivation and interest went right out the window. This is horrible but I don’t crave a cigarette at all.

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