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What Happened to the Nuclear Test Sites?

What Happened to the Nuclear Test Sites?

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  1. What to make sure you survive a nuclear attack? Just build yourself a homemade of the same stuff all those cameras are made of. 😉

  2. Have to say it but your first sentence was incorrect. British invade the continental US in the War of 1812. All other invasions were on U.S. territories.

  3. The governments all around the world are basically very evil . They have no problem killing millions of people world wide just so they can play with their toys we pay for. If you told me that I have to pay you lots of money just so u can make a toy you would kill me with after it was done I would say your crazy and walk a way from you yet that’s exactly what our mom and dad [the government] are doing to us. All we are is an expendable herd of live stock to them and of corse they will lie through their teeth to make us feel safe and wanted. There has bean way to many instances where the governments have done atrocities beyond comprehension and it’s all out there for people to learn about, Clinton actually apologized for what they did to people with the mind control crap they were doing in the 60s. The more I learn about people the more I realize how dumb everyone really is. We are like little children which have no experience living on this planet and instead of taking care of each other we do harm. I don’t believe that’s how this world was like before the greed took over in the 1800ds. Before there was a world with free natural energies for any one that needed it. People lived in harmony with this planet . They had technology beyond our comprehension that is starting to be known but hidden by our masters. I want the old world back and a way with this money hungry greedy driven ugly in human world .

  4. Amazing material I forgot how to dense the content on YouTube can be. What are your thoughts on HBO Chernobyl series?


  6. How Fricken Stupid….I bet the ground water ''still'' has ''not'' recovered from these vile Acts….This is ''OUR'' Government..WOW.

  7. I wonder if, 60 years later, we are feeling the effects of the explosions in the form of rapid climate change?

  8. I know the math (well, generally speaking), but I am still in disbelief that an explosive lensed container can actually compress something as dense as this material already is, to half it's size. The mind doesn't want to accept it as physically possible. The engineering challenges to making this work… materials and containment design, timing… it's hard to fathom for me. For reference, imagine trying to do the same thing with hydraulics. A fluids engineer would just laugh and tell you it's not possible. Just think of the pressures
    required to pull this off.
    Again, yea I understand it works and how it works, but's it's almost as hard for my brain to accept as infinity.

  9. What is happening @3:48 seconds just before the shockwave hits the buildings? It appears as if there is some weird smoke that rises up from all the objects just before the shockwave bowls them over. Can anyone explain this?

  10. its not hard to be the winner of the biggest bomb ever detonated when you don't care about even killing your own people Russia!

  11. Wrong! Giving bogus info right from the start. We were invaded by the English way back when. Oh, dont forget 911? Major attack

  12. I miss the tests of the French in Polynesia and Algeria; the British tests in Australia (where they couldn't be bothered to warn the Aboriginal population),

  13. Since the formation of the United States, it has never been invaded? I think he's forgetting about the War of 1812. What did the British do to the capital again?

  14. There is nor necessary to have enemies. The own military force can make ill and kill a lot of people. Their tests are irrational!

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