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What can you do with geography?

What can you do with geography?

LONGENECKER: I work on hurricanes, I work
on earthquakes, I work on tornados and floods and a lot of other natural hazards. Geography
is really important because we have to have maps that communicate very quickly what happened.
I’m a senior physical scientist with Federal Emergency Management Agency, FEMA and my name
is Gene Longenecker. MASBACK: You’ve got to care about geography.
In the intelligence world, to understand that something happened is very exciting. But it
really isn’t valuable unless you understand where it happened. I’m the president of the
United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation and my name is Keith Masback.
FAYANJU: When I want to be, geography was very much a two dimensional subject. Now with
Google Earth, we can fly into a city. I’m an economic analyst at the Environment Defense
Fund. My name is Oluseyi Fayanju. LARSEN: Being an explorer is basically being
a geographer because you’re trying to understand what our world looks like. I am a polar explorer,
mountaineer and expedition guide. My name is Eric Larsen. For me, the crux, where
there so many things that can go wrong despite your best efforts. On an expedition, I really
rely heavily on a map to better understand where I’m traveling and knowing if I need
to get here, some of the obstacles that are in the way.
And that name, Seyi Fayanju of New Jersey is the 1996 National Geographic Bee champion.
Congratulations. FAYANJU: Studying geography, it makes you
more appreciative of the world as a whole and of being a global citizen. And if you
have from an early age been accustomed to thinking of yourself as a global citizen in
addition to an American citizen did not really gives you an advantage.
MASBACK: By simply understanding the physical geography, you have to truly embrace and understand
human geography as well. And that provides things like culture, history, religion, language,
ethnicity. LONGENECKER: Where hazard occurs and where
people happen to be is something that’s very important. We need to know if it’s a big earthquake
and it’s been shaking a lot. Did it shake a bunch of people? An earthquake that happens
on the desert doesn’t shake people. LARSEN: Once we’re on the expedition, from
the field I can send an email and sends out my blog post, a picture and my GPS position,
my latitude and longitude. And that goes right into a Google Earth layer that marks out on
the map. So, people can zoom in to Google Earth. They could see roar in Everest all
the way up to the summit. It allows us to be able to understand our planet and be connected
one another in a way which we’ve never been able to.
MASBACK: The highlight of my career was certainly what we did in support of the aftermath of
hurricanes Katrina and Rita. To take all these systems that we had built for national security
purposes and apply them to be able to guide the rescuers to their door in time to save
them was absolutely a wonderful, wonderful thing.
FAYANJU: When we think about the geography, it shouldn’t just be viewed in a vacuum as
like a childhood hobby that just sort of ends there. I think you really should look at it
as a path that can lead you in a lot of different great directions in terms of your career,
in terms of what you think of.

Reader Comments

  1. I agree with you on this. The message is good, but that doesn't mean there are jobs in that field. My sister and brother both have master degrees and don't make as much as I do. That doesn't make sense does it? I have a two year degree, currently working towards the rest but seriously, its quite ridiculous. Sadly, luck plays a large factor in money these days, more than it should. Good luck! 🙂

  2. Then what do you suppose they use as the base projection? We live on a sphere, and no matter which way you look at it, you're going to distort either shape, area, distance, or azimuth if you're creating a flat map.

  3. Will never happen due the coverage needed from satellites.
    And even than it will not happen, imaging how that will help criminals or terrorist.

    Would be nice though

  4. That´s kind of extreme don´t you think ? I mean we already have the ability to know when someone is home or not using Facebook. Get an a alarm and it´ll go fine ? 🙂

  5. What, real time google earth wouldn't be a problem. People are the problem, people are fucking idiots.

  6. Yes, distortion is inevitable, but that's no reason to use a projection so egregiously skewed. Most people have no accurate conception of how huge Africa is, for example: In reality, it's 14 times the size of Greenland, but on Google Maps they look the same size. Scandinavia looks bigger than Mexico, but Mexico is really over twice as big. There have been plenty of projections invented that mitigate these ridiculous distortions, and their usage would improve people's common perceptions.

  7. the problem with size distortion is that the earth is round and trying to put it on a flat screen would be like trying to put an orange peel flat on a table, some places will tear and you will need to enlarge them to join it up again

  8. I'm a GIS technician and I use google earth along with my ArcGIS, Erdas software and it has become one hell of a important tool. e.g. to buy new aerial photos is costly and only to use it once too look it a new building has been build is pointless, so just use google earth. Sure it's not multi-spectral images but it works.

  9. I'm a peruvian geographer, in my country geography is a subestimated science, in addition my family is not in a good economic conditions, but I can say "I'm very happy to be geographer". My teacher always say me: "Geography is a difficult knowledge, because we work in both, the social an the phisycal sphere". I think the life of a geographer is hard but very satisfactory. Be a geographer requiere so much work and passion. I recomend "Geographer at work" by Peter Gould as initial book.

  10. I'm sorry for your job problems. It's not that much better in the US. When it comes to geography, it's one of those subject where you have to be very open and flexible. There are jobs out there which even indirectly relate to the science of space and place. Even in retail, if you work your way up the food chain, geography can become useful in terms helping to run the business and promote sustainable practice. We can blame the system until the cows come home but you have to work with it.

  11. Maybe people don't just study geography for a 'good job'. Geography isn't just about nobility or knowledge! You acquire a vast range of skills and understanding with Geography which is highly desired by employers. In fact, geography graduates experience one of the highest rates of employment! FACT. Geography is also not just about 'saving the world'… its about understanding the world or viewing the world through different perspectives.

  12. It is very important. Sadly, many people don't understand the importance of geography. That is why I started my youtube channel.

  13. Geography is a great field of study, however, imho if you want a career in it your best chance is to go into geoinformatics/GISc. Basically the more technical skill you acquire (computer science, GIS, Remote Sensing, statics, mathematics) the more valuable you are to employers in today's economy. If all else fails you at least have knowledge in computer science and math; two valuable fields that many people lack skill in. The problem is finding a good school with a decent GISc degree program.

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  15. You can go back in time……. Over here at Bravura Media Company… we have birds-eye maps that display architecture, factories, ships and landscapes of the past.

  16. Geography's important because its a way of life, it's the earth that's molded into something new and will keep on changing. Geography can help us get around and it fits into a lifestyle with people around the world, like back then people would live in caves or the forests. Humans and animals have adapted to the worlds geography over time.

  17. I wish there were internships here in Austin, TX. I am thinking in majoring in Geography because I enjoy seeing what changes around the earth, but I want to explore more an see if this is what I really want to do. #Help

  18. By myself i know 182 out of 192 flags of earth im addicted on them and i know all the maps of earth btw im albanian and not english so sorry for my bad english) my room is full of drawn countries, flags and my addiction to this wont stop it made my life better… now im the best kid of my school an class i am a kid just 10 years old becoming 11 on january and seriously im happy i can help my mates and others!

  19. The idea for this video is good. I would share it with my class to highlight careers using geography but minorities are under represented and no women are represented:(

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