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What are dog tags

What are dog tags

these are dog tags in fact these are my dog tags and what are dog tags will they're basically identification tags ID tags and every member of the Armed Forces are issued a pair of ID tags they do differ a little bit from different branches so we're gonna be talking about army identification tags or dog tags the name dog tags comes from simply they're worn around your neck and it's kind of similar to how you would have an identification tag for a dog you have a color with a identification tag of you know if lost you know contact whoever this doesn't have anybody phone number to contact but it does have some information on it that I'll explain so on an ID tag or a dog tag in the United States Army it has the first last name and usually middle initial of that individual it will also have their blood type and the religious preference and if they don't have a religion then it has no preference or something like that written on the ID tag now it used to have your social security number in fact mine still have that because after 2015 they did away with putting socials on the ID tags and now they have the g.od ID number for that individual stamped onto the ID tags so there are two identical tags on your chain you have a long chain and then a short chain so basically this is worn around your neck and if a soldier was injured or killed in action or whatever they would have the possibility of leaving it around their neck but pulling off the short one to bring back for identification of the soldier that it found may be killed on the side you know somewhere is in combat and they be able to you know use that to identify them it also has these little silencers around the outside just kind of keeps them from clinging around then I have this extra little tag that has the Army Values because in my last unit we were required to have the Army Values autumn so these are required for soldiers to wear sometimes doing inspections to make sure you have them and if you don't have them on you have to use some push-ups so these are dog tags thanks for watching

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  1. Nice… now I know what the second one is for. This is EXACTLY what youtube needs. Videos like this are fucking amazing, they're quick and educating

  2. Never take your dog tags off! I had a Gf who went to Auburn university when I was stationed in Ft. Benning. I left them in her place and went back to Monday PT. Our company did a health and welfare check. I had to take a taxi to town and get new dog tags lol

  3. They're also for counting days as a POW. The long chain has 365 beads and the short chain has 52.

  4. There is actually an indentation on the tags so they can be placed in your that when rigor sets in the enemy has a harder time taking them… 92M Mortuary Affairs Specialist

  5. Mine have a small noch at one end; rumor has it that this was to facilitate driving one tag between the teeth of a dead soldier, to stay with the body, if it couldn't be retrieved at once.

  6. Hey Chris. My son told me that at basic at fort Jackson if you got caught with them outside your shirt you got smoked pretty bad 😂😂😂

  7. I like these two minute videos they disseminate good info, funny that I still have mine after 40 years, it’s weird how you keep this stuff.

  8. Dog tags always had a different font or style of lettering, depending on the post where they were made.

  9. Hi Chris! I have a question- my son is at Fort Carson and reception will be over with there tomorrow. I talked to him last night and they had a briefing yesterday and they were told that they would deploy next month to Afganistan for 9 months. I mean, he just got done with 88M AIT at Ft. LW. Is this normal to deploy so quick? Is he accurately trained enough?

  10. I'd add that the dog tags were rumored to have 365 separate beads on the neck chain then 52 beads on the smaller band for captured US troops to document their POW time or track time behind enemy lines but some soldiers disputed that. It sounds real, but no DA rule or SOP ever proved it.

  11. Good video. I read & heard a few rumors the DoD & DA or US Dept of the Army, were T&Eing new format dog tag systems with RFID chips, soldiers medical-unit data, training information etc. I'm not sure if these new high tech chips-ID tags were too expensive to produce or if the system was deemed unsafe-un reliable. The concept seemed good but I could also see just having basic metal tags, 🇺🇸.
    In my day, early 1990s, soldiers would buy black metal tags or add OD 550 cord around the neck chain. Some combat arms & SOF guys would tie a dog tag to their combat-jungle boot or on some ops, not wear tags at all: 😎. I added clear plastic resin covers to my GI dog tags to prevent rust & reduce noise.

  12. I know what those are. In case your dog gets lost and someone finds him/her they can contact you and you get your dog back. Right?

  13. I spoke to soldiers who told me to put one in your boot in case your head gets blown off and you lose the one around your neck.

  14. Know a dude who took a couple rounds in his plate carrier. Of course his fog tags were underneath. He ended up with a bruised sternum and a black and blue imprint of part of his dog tags.

  15. I know that USMC is different from the Army dogtag. The Corps has gas mask size on the tag. Army doesn’t. 🇺🇸🦅

  16. Still wear mine. Its been almost thirty years now. We used to put "hunert mile an hour" tape around them so they wouldn't rattle.. before they came out with those mufflers. We were issued two sets. I don't know if it was an "order" or an SOP or not, but.. some of the fellas used to put one on each boot lace and tuck them into their boot in case they got their legs blown off, or.. in case they got their head blown off and their tags were lost. I never did that. I always knew that my body could be easily identified.. by my MASSIVE BALLS.

  17. You had to have the army value on your dog tags? Well how ate the fuck up was that unit to require such a thing

  18. Mine was unique tag with a serie of holes in the midle to cut it in 2.
    This way it was not noisy and big than yours.

  19. I’d like to say this whether you practice an organized religion or not always get a belief on your tags! That way your remains will be handled accordingly.

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