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what an awesome day

what an awesome day

hey what is up guys it's jack here and this is the first vlog on the jet Pittman vlog so I'm very excited and I'm also very excited because today is temple at war so I'm leaving in about 15 minutes so to get this underway and also get one guy Sara a template war I'm also with the nerd from hell yeah subscribe please do it has more subscribers to me than me so yeah we're here it's pretty big and there's gonna be a lot because you'll see a lot more action later ok why is that guy so I'm still with Harrison now but nerd from hell we're just going to find someone yeah so the powers gonna be at 1 o'clock I probably won't get any footage no the hell's gonna get some but yeah we're all gonna be in it and we'll get something but I'll get I'll get you guys some footage ok so guys I'm still with Harrison so I treated myself to a little shopping here and I spent a lot of money on more MTV stuff but I probably don't even need but I just love MTV stuff so yeah there's a gun gun I'm sorry the battle just happened which is pretty good and he'll be on again tomorrow and I'll try it on to film it tomorrow as well I don't care that'll be great so yes you guys in a bit I apologize points going on I just don't too bad anyway so yeah it's pretty much the end of the day now so I'm gonna end the vlog here and I'll see you guys again tomorrow Harrison what are you doing

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