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Bria: Do you know what sucks? Chrissy: Google and YouTubes treatment of
our LGBTQ+community? Chase: They flagged our pride. They did not allow us to buy ads. They restricted us. They demonetized us. And they did not stand up for us. Lindz: and, they broke their promise of a
platform for free speech built off of our backs. Amp: then, they blatantly discriminate against
us, admit that their algorithm is biased and promised to fix it. They lied. Celso: and still, they claim inclusion and
even want to march in our parades Cameron: how dare they
Celso: that is why All: We, as a group, are suing Google and
YouTube Bria: Hi! We are Bria and Chrissy from YouTube
and this is why we are suing Google and YouTube. Crissy: Our LGBTQ+ content is being demonetized,
restricted, and not sent out to viewers, which has highly affected our ability to reach the
community that we strongly want to help. Chase: Hi, my name is Chase Ross with uppercasechase1
on YouTube and the reason why I am suing Google and YouTube is because I am fed up of the
discrimination that we’re getting in the LGBTQ community. YouTube is supposed to be a safe space for
us, I don’t feel safe at all. Things need to change, the algorithm needs
to change, we need to stand together because we are more powerful in numbers, and honestly,
standing here, watching our videos get demonetized, it’s disheartening, it hurts. And it needs to end right now. Lindz: Hi, I’m Lindsay Amer with Queer Kids
Stuff on YouTube. I’m suing Google and YouTube because from
day one, as an LGBTQ+ creator on YouTube, I faced discrimination on a platform that
tauts it’s support of my community. For years, it’s affected my mental health and my livelihood. I’ve suffered and I’ve watched first hand
as my community of creators has suffered. For a long time, I wondered why YouTube allows
this to happen. It’s simple, they don’t care. They use our important content to feed their
bottom line and they simply just don’t care about us. They don’t care about the importance of our
work, they don’t care about our mental health, and they don’t care about our livelihood. Only their own profits. It’s high time that we called their bluff. It’s times they pay for the damage they’ve
done. Amp: Hi, I’m Amp Sommers from Watts The Safeword
on YouTube and this is why I’m suing Google. Growing up, I was in a very religious household. I didn’t get any sort of gay education, let
alone queer education that applied to me and the sex that I was going to have. I made content on the internet that I wish
I had growing up. But, we’re finding it harder and harder to
create content on this platform. Google and YouTube continue to censor us,
and tell us that we’re not breaking any rules, but that our content is still not allowed
and going to be restricted on this platform. Celso: Hi, I’m Celso Dulay
Cameron: and I’m Cameron Stiehl. We’re co-hosts of San Francisco’s Celso: And we’re long-time creators on YouTube
Cameron: We are suing Google and YouTube because of blatant discrimination against
us as part of the LGBTQ+ community. Celso: and they refuse us advertising because
of “The Gay Thing” Amp: Together, we are the LGBTQ plaintiffs
in a class-action lawsuit against Google and YouTube. Lindz: We are not going to stand by any longer and let
our community gets dismissed, belittled, and discriminated against. Chase: You can help by sharing our video and our
message. Chrissy: We’re using the hashtag #LGBTvsGoogleYouTube
#DontBeEvil #BeEqual. Celso: For more information about our case,
or if you’d like to share a similar situation you’ve experienced. Email us at [email protected]

Reader Comments

  1. Bruh I'm not even going to point out everything that's wrong with this, except that… it's not just you guys who are getting demonitized.

  2. First of all, I'm pretty sure it's happening to all YouTubers that's why people can't curse in their videos for example: KidBehindACamera / DramaAlert / BlastphemousHD / PewDiePie /ect, almost every YouTuber so stop making everything about queers as like you guys matter more and shouldn't deal with the same stuff NON LGBT YouTubers deal with because of your sexuality.

  3. But all of this is so stupid pewdiepie the biggest channel talks how everyone is descrimination about it the lgbtq+ has no description of really hate and this Is a lawsuit waiting to loose at any moment I'm not hating I'm just saying

  4. Pfft, everyone is getting demonitized!! Stop making everything about you. This yes what equality feels like.. Also, Chase????? The irony lmao!! 😂😂😂

  5. being demonetized happens to literally fucking everyone it’s been a problem since google purchased youtube , choose a different platform if you can’t handle not getting money for “helping the community”

  6. I've had a couple of my videos get flagged in the past as "adult content". One was simply my being shirtless and only visible from the armpits upward. Yet, there are other videos I've seen where a guy may be at a pool and only in tight speedo briefs, and that's not flagged. When I've tried their "appeal" process, it's useless.

  7. oh cry me a fucking river, you remained silent when it was happening to other people, not just conservatives but regular every day people with no political opinion at all and now you want our support against your "struggles" because you're professional victims? fuck outta here….

  8. Now you know how it feels. It's not discrimination. Its happened to the other side as well. Getting the same treatment.

  9. YouTube is for everyone not just for you lot, we get demonetised you get demonetised you wanted equality right? Not special treatment?

  10. And I thought conservatives were the only ones being targeted by YT. It appears no one is safe. Sue the hell out of them.

  11. YouTube aren't discriminating against LGBT people though, they're discriminating against everyone. Actually, it was the left that helped YouTube do this shit in the first place.

  12. You’re gonna lose A LOT of money buddy. EVERYONE gets censored on youtube. Not just your special snowflake ass. In fact, If anybody gets treated unfairly on Youtube its the people who actually give the platform value and meaning, unlike you who complains about everything and everyone offending you and “destroying your safe space”

  13. Hey ! I'm german/french and I was wondering if there was any copy of the class action available publicly to read more into it, especially the motivations and more specifically the legal aspects of it (idk if it's legal to make these public before the case went to court, but if it is, I would be glad to read them !). First YT comment ever, I believe, hope you see it haha.

    PS : the facial hair suits you well, in my opinion !
    PPS : have a nice day :).

  14. you're definitely right about discrimination, but youtube is a private platform so it can do whatever it wants to the content posted. hope i'm wrong

  15. Gays: don’t censor speech, even kids should be able to watch our sex tips videos

    YouTube: we filter the videos depending on how the user sets their account, also we can’t take down those videos that address you’re CONTENT.


  16. Chase only wants money…

    This is just a guess. People flag LGBT community YouTuber. Because of this; YouTube's algorithm decides to demonetized because of all these flags means it's bad content. Therefore many LGBT related content is demonetized.

  17. When you look at the videos youtube demonitised you will see that it contains sexual and mature content that the youtube policy clearly states will be age restricted and contained. They are trying so hard to act like the victims here but truth is they little crybaby that can't stand the consequences of their actions

  18. You guys do realize they demonetize everyone right. I’ve seen channels get deleted and entire channels get demonetized for seemingly no good reason. So no you’re not being “targeted”

  19. Goes to show you can never make the left happy they will always find something to whine about. First the cry about inappropriate content on youtube so youtube does the addpocalypse and now they cry that they were age restricted and demonitised.

  20. This addpocalypse and age restriction is happening to everybody not just you your aren't special. Stop trying to play the victim card.

  21. A little kid does not need to find sex ed lesson on youtube so the parent turns on restriction mode. You make sex related content of course its restricted

  22. And to top it off your making videos about kinks of course you'll get demonized lool at the guidelines. Sexual and sexually suggested content is not allowed

  23. Mr. Atheist covered your video and said he is a fan! Just to let you know you are doing an awesome job getting noticed with this cause.

  24. I wonder why YouTube doesn’t think that your videos are suitable for children. It can’t be because of the sex and kink can it?

  25. Your channel name is literally sex related. You will be demonetised and have your videos restricted if your videos are breaking the guidelines just like ANY OTHER YOUTUBER. stop with the victim mentality and stop making the rest of us LGBTQ+ members embarrassed.

  26. You're for free speech……. as long as its speech you agree with… pathetic.
    Your content isn't appropriate for everyone! What do you expect?!

  27. Getting demonetized restricted and other things other YouTubers are facing the same thing and YouTube is not homophobic someone can turn on restricted mode manually so you just all playing the victim for no reason

  28. Youtube following their own policy (that they transparently and clearly line out) is NOT discrimination. Stop looking for things to be offended over, because in the end, you aren't going to win this lawsuit. Youtube has done nothing to your precious little community other than follow its own rules.

  29. Aren't they demonitizing almost everyone? Doesn't seem like discrimination when pretty much everyone is getting screwed

  30. there censoring you because it's part of there community guidelines there not demonetizing you cause your gay but rather cause of the stuff you post like sex education or people kissing i know censorship isn't fair but stop making it seem like cause your gay.

  31. So you post sexual content then are surprised when you get demonetized? You know people with get their vid demonized for say one cuss word but you expect YouTube to do nothing when you constantly post videos about sex related topics. YouTube isn’t homophobic your just a retarded gay guy who’s realizing he’s loosing his victim card because he has equal rights so you are trying to get that back pretending YouTube is homophobic. Your a disgusting person

  32. I own Gay Life Television which is ROKU official LGBT channel yet YouTube has always discriminated against the content we create from day one….how do I get involved?

  33. Do you really think you can win in court Google pays a shit ton of Money more than you will ever make, now I get it you have the right to sue them for “Censorship”. Good luck you’ll need it. You restrict your videos, you are not the only ones being demonized, you are not the only Victims because of your LGBTQ Personality and Sexuality. When will this stop? When LGBTQ has more power and rights than a straight person does? We are all Human, Only LGBTQs are making the gay community look bad and is just a bunch of babies. Again good luck.

  34. Demonitization and addpocalypse happens to everyone. You crybaby leftists didn't seem to have a problem with infowars getting censored, james allsup or hunter avallone or steven crowder getting demonitized. Not to mention even the channels that had no controversial topics whatsoever and just said 1 or 2 bad words in a video getting demonitized. Been a long time subscriber and watched your videos for a long time but i gotta say im unsubscribing and wont be back to watch. Let us know if u ever grow some of those balls u talk so much about

  35. Suing for uploading inappropriate content? Your content should be marked as mature and unavailable for children. If you think it's o.k. to sexualize children you have much in common with pedophiles.

  36. damn if only the black community could sue america 😤. i mean no one stands up for black people but ya know i support this period.

  37. Amp, I just want you to know that this video didn’t show up anywhere, not in my recommended, not in the side bar on your other videos, I only saw it because I went to your channel. The algorithm is against you. I wish you and all the other creators the best of luck and I truly hope you can make a difference

  38. i do enjoy your channel you showed some of the first ties i have ever used
    im gonna tell you the same thing i told chase
    i am sorry but there are so many content creators affected by demonitization that it is a mute issue you claiming discrimination and more is just you playing the victim card i have watched videos about people losing there entire income over demonitization and guess what it wasnt a gay couple sorry its not just the LGBTQAAIPPTGHJKLMNOP community okay

  39. I think censorship shouldn’t exist on YouTube but in the same breath you are a kink channel so it’s kind of a given that you are going to be censored regardless of your sexuality.

  40. You are being treated fairly, everyone get's demonetized, but no when it happens to you, it's hate and when it happens to other and especially conservative youtubers it's ok. As a gay man, this seems very ignorant from your side.

  41. Google/YouTube needs to put their money where their mouth is and stop merely paying lip service to their allyship. I'm really proud that the LGBTQ+ creator community is coming together like this. Thank you guys for giving us small fry a voice.

  42. Most of your content isn't safe for advertising. Don't like that? Then here's an idea… Stop talking about sex and fetishes on your channel, make it more child friendly and boom! There you go. You can now get that tasty Google money. It's not YouTube being anti-LGBT it's you idiots refusing to play by the rules cause you think the rules don't apply to you cause reasons.

  43. I'm glad you can be restricted for some of your content. Has nothing to do with you being gay…smh..get over yourself.

  44. Oh Please stfu. You guys aren’t the only ones getting demonized. Your videos fall in Sexual content which isn’t allowed. So please stop bitching about you guys demonized

  45. This about the dumbest shit I’ve ever seen 😂 they’ve been doing this to others for years now and they don’t even make any good points 😂 dumb asses

  46. All creators get demonetized, quit trying to get special treatment because you happen to be gay or lesbian. Nobody seems to give a damn when conservatives are demonetized but when Liberals are, it’s “ discrimination” I have no problem with the LGBT community. But you guys are getting as fair treatment as people like Steven crowder, Hunter Avalon. So I would quit complaining.

  47. This happens to everyone, not just LGBT people. This is equality. Isn't this is what you want? Besides, when conservatives were being demonetized and discriminated by Youtube, where was your outrage? Why are you only outraged when this happens to the LGBTs? Also, no. Youtube should not be a f*cking safe space. That literally goes against Youtube's purpose: free speech, which is what you want. F*cking idiots. Good luck getting past google's multitude of lawyers! Good luck finding a lawyer that gives a crap about your stupid goal!

  48. This was posted 5 days ago, and I'm only just now getting a notification for. I'm sick of YouTube not sending notifications when you guys first post, and most of the time not even getting a notification. I love this channel and all the stuff I've learned about different kinds of kink, and it's even helped me learn different kinds of kink that I'm into and didn't even know it. I fully support you guys in your endeavor and hope YouTube will answer for their discrimination.

  49. Stop complaining you bunch of entitled losers!! Whinning because your videos are being demonitized? Buried in Restricted Mode that by the way is a VOLUNTARY DECISION BY THE USER???

    Half your videos are about PENISES; FISTING; MASTURBATION!! What were you expecting?

    You don´t want fairness! You want money!!

    No one is denying your free speech! Look, all your videos are up.
    You don´t like mean comments? Suck it up! That´s life.

    Just follow Twitter ToS and guidelines for a chance!!

  50. I honestly don't understand. They are acting like YouTube is personally attacking them because they are LGBT. The algorithm is something that all youtubers have to put up with, especially when it comes to politics. The guidelines clearly are against sensitive topics and politics are about as sensitive as it gets. YouTube is a website and it's not their job to care about your mental health either. The restrictions only apply to people who manually turn them on, so it's not like your entire YouTube channel will perish if it happens. Just take a look through Chase's videos and you see extremely sexual videos that very clearly go against the guidelines but it's somehow because he is LGBT???

  51. Here is the issue I have with this. When you guys are given a voice, you complain about people like Alex Jones having one as well. Now that you can't make money off of your message, you claim you're being censored. YouTube has the right to restrict monetization to anyone they deem not ad friendly. In my personal opinion (and as a person who is Bi-Sexual), targetting child audiences with content about consent and sexuality is not appropriate to do. Queer Kids Stuff should be outright banned. Especially after the recent music video they put out with little kids in drag. It simply isnt appropriate. These are topics that should be discussed with parents, counselors, and teachers. Not youtubers. It drives me nuts that you guys are complaining about something that is affecting the entirety of YouTube. It seems rather selfish.

  52. I'm not against lgbtq+ people but YouTube is Google's sight. Not yours. They put it out to the public. But again they don't have to do what you guys want. It's thiers, if you don't wanna accept that don't use YouTube. YouTube is Google's sight, they can do with it what they want. That's like saying I have a toy but I want one person to use it and the other not to. ITS MINE. ITS NOT GONNA BE THE END OF THE WORLD SCREW THOOSE PEOPLE WHO MAKE FUN OF YOU. If Google says they will take a video down of something and not do it then that's different but I mean it's Google. It's thiers. I got nothing on you I'm just sick of this

  53. Im sorry what?
    Im sorry to burst your bubble but THIS is the Equality on youtube! Everyone gets demonitized EVEN YOU. So stop acting like this is a problem only YOU face. everyone over a 1000 subs faces this problem.
    (I am a supporter of this Community but enough is enough. Yes, Youtube is very weird, I mean HELL I have seen Corpses and warvideos a while back where bodyparts were exposed, which dosent seem to be a problem for youtube in this very moment. But every creator suffers from this problem… By the way, Are you really sure you guys can win against a multi billion dollar company? I highly doubt that. The only thing that will happen is that you guys will come across as people who complain about "Little Stuff")

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