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why don’t I just give you guys a quick
apartment tour it’s not fancy okay this is just I don’t even know what’s called
this now before you forget go ahead and subscribe rushing out of the door I just
want to stay right here okay my travels here my trucks here I just don’t want to
stay right there huh glad you made it okay I see nothing right here oil first thing I need to do is give her a
wash thank you all right so my aunt is gonna
drop him off at the subway station he’s gonna have to haul it back to Arlington
because he drove my car from Arlington I don’t know if that’s like normal but you
know we’re gonna do a Good Samaritan deed today and not make him walk but I
say good morning already I don’t know if I say good morning good morning it’s hot
different kind of hot I forgot about the humidity it is so
like sticky my dad let us stay in one of the vacant units in his apartment
building so that’s where we are right now we just have like random furniture
in here make it work hey I just finished doing saris hair and
fitting her clothes on and the East Coast gave us a warm and awesome welcome
with thunderstorms and rain we’re supposed to be going to Whole
Foods right now I’m not going out here it is picking up and getting worse but
it looks like a tsunami out there you know we’re not used to this in the
desert and it’s want to go outside I don’t know we don’t have to like rain
jackets we don’t wear you had that’s a sweater why don’t I just give you guys a
quick apartment tour it’s not fancy okay this is just I don’t even know what’s
called this it’s not an Airbnb this is not like some professional renting
services this is just you know a vacant unit that my dad said that we can crash
for two weeks or like two and a half weeks until we get our house so let me
cut off with some lights and then we’ll show you guys around all right soon as
you walk in this is what you see the living room and sorry going to spin
attack oh my mom in my heart just like bought some furniture that they and
kind of put it in here for us it sounded like a side table and lamp
this was actually mine from like almost nine years ago this used to be my old
couch it’s like a little mini couch from Ikea and my mom just put this campus
tree over top of it over here we have saris little couch I ordered her another
one this place that I ordered it and ship it here like maybe a year in all it
was a year ago we just have some out Cheers inside another little side table
and some flowers for my wonderful husband because my birthday was
yesterday and I didn’t celebrate it I didn’t even mention it before make a
post or anything it was just a lot going on had my stage that I brought my list
Whole Foods here’s some cards that I have not opened I know my vitacost box
just came in let’s go in the kitchen my dad kept this this was original to the
building and I thought it would be really cool to keep it so we just
spray-painted it I think it was brass there’s like some more family furniture
and stuff that I shipped we have an instant pot here and this griddler this
is the kitchen my dad did all of the design working here like the painting
and everything very cool just the fridge it’s a regular kitchen and I’m like
super thankful because you guys know we pretty much make everything so you walk
out of the kitchen past the front door and you just have a closet and here I
just kind of threw some stuff out there bathtub from when she was little she
could still use and then this is the room that we’re staying in the closet
over here this is pretty mirror I belonged to my aunt I love this thing I
wish I can take it this is the bed set up right here sorry slept beside me last night this is
like a king-size so it was really big but she wants to sleep in her own space
tonight that’s what she said and this is just the rest of the room a little fan
in here over here is just like a little hall closet and I took all of our
toiletry items out and just threw them in here my mom gave us some time
and here’s just the bathroom toilet sink so then you walk back out here and
there’s the door and this is back where we started
this is home for like the next two and a half weeks or something like that hope
we can find a home I really do it’s just thunders all right watch my
bed tomorrow we’re gonna go check out a new house that popped up and it has a
small little piece of grass in the backyard which is huge you know if you
have dogs in the city I mean you just want a little bit of grass with the
fence like that’s everything so we’re gonna go check it out tomorrow
are you hungry yeah so that means you’re scared you’re right beside me I’m gonna
sing you a show yeah what song do you want what you hey guys we decided to go because
there’s a break in the storm so make it right here my car is so dirty though I
can’t see out that and that mirror okay I think it’s up
here on the left right on your right all right all right thank goodness for this
parking garage go get a cart sorry can sit in onion we all right let’s go can we do this tonight yes so we’re
gonna do some brown rice pasta I got this from invited cause and we’re going
to do some of this marinara and then I’m going to put some frozen spinach in it
and maybe we’ll have it with some flatbread I’m gonna show you guys will
be picked up today since we didn’t get a lot of stuff yeah oh so we have
mushrooms some baby kale vegetable stock salsa just gonna be like the world’s
fastest food haul hummus two containers the fire roasted one and the traditional
we have some fresh broccoli we’d have Brussels sprouts zucchini carrots pita bread this is no oil
fat-free lavash lavash bread I don’t know I just thought it was like a
tortilla and the ingredients are good grapes corn blueberries little vegan
chocolate chips sorry her bread you can cook on both sides nice even
cook and then a push flip the plates over and cook on the flat side then of
course it functions as a press all right so I just finished printing out the
pasta pasta sauce directly to everything I put spinach and a fire roast corn in
here and I did like half of a bag of frozen spinach and here’s dinner this is
a really big bowl super big bowl sorry answers is it good want to see more click to the left and
the right and if you’re still thinking about subscribing just go ahead and
click it and don’t forget to visit the description see you in the next one this
is home for like the next two and a half weeks or something like that people

Reader Comments

  1. You have me and my mom fangirling out about DC and we live here 🤣🤣 we live RIGHT around the corner from that Whole Foods, it used to be Murray’s lol I love DC too 😩 past and present.

    I still say I live in DC because my moms house is there but my actual family is in Fort Belvoir because of my husbands orders. We don’t want to ever leave again though 😩

  2. Love my beautiful friend family ❤️❣️ Rain is nice , don't see it much in California. Dc New you needed a car Wash 😂😉😁

  3. Yayyy so happy dad had an apartment available and you’re able to have your own space. It’s looks nice comfy and cozy! I love the clip of Zari dancing with grandma while shopping. Such precious memories being made with family that you’ll get to treasure! Tyfs 😊❤️👍🏼

  4. Loved your video tfs. The apartment was cute. It is such a change for Zari and I guess she would be a little scared. But you are so good with her. 👍

  5. Your home!!!! Yay! Can’t wait to see what next for you guys! I so happy for you! 🥰 sending love and blessings to your family

  6. Im hooked,cant wait to see how things unfold….your daughter is so smart,she reminds me of my daughter at that age💖💖💖

  7. You are so blessed! Your father is a gem to provide you a safe, comfortable place to stay! And they have provided enough furnishings for you to make it comfortable. But UGH! That traffic! I could not drive in that! Praying that the Lord will provide the perfect home for your family. That meal looked amazing. Now I have to cook myself some pasta! Love and hugs!

  8. I am so happy you and Zari made it to DC safely. It's nice to have family support. Praying for Papa Bear 🙏 safe travels to be with his family… Much love💜💙

  9. Welcome back to the East Coast 🙂 I love those transitional times in life. Later in life you get to talk about "remember when…" hope this goes as easy as possible for you guys. Looking forward to your reunion video ❤

  10. Welcome back to DC & all of it's changes. You're literally right down the street from me lol. Such a blessing to have a supportive & loving family. Zari is so intelligent & cute. Love watching her grow. Many blessings to you & your family.

  11. I so wish I could stay with you for 2 weeks, so I could learn how to shop and cook right. I also have fibromyalgia very bad and I want to start feeling good again. You are sooo Blessed. I'm happy when watching your videos.

  12. So happy you are back with family! Welcome back to the East Coast (I’m in Florida)! I like you cozy, boho little temp home. Love to you and Zari and Papa Bear too❣️

  13. I’m truly happy for you guys.. Glad too see you back with your family and for sure family has a way of bringing the best out of us. Or just bringing once was back and it truly feels amazing. I’m glad you have a place to stay till you find a home, nothing like your mom&dad they will always look out for ya.. Can’t wait too see where this journey takes you guys… Wishing you guys the very best… Miss Zari I hope you make tons of new friends which I know you will… Love you guys!!!!

  14. It's so nice that your family has the means to help you with your own space! That has to take off such a huge stress, and be a nice quiet space at the end of the day. So hope you find and get a place you all love soon!

    Ohh, How do you use your jack fruit? How is it?! I've been dying to try it but haven't been able to find any in my area just yet (admittingly, I haven't stopped at Whole Foods yet either… I do most of our shopping at Aldi and they're opposite directions of each other). I have so many recipes pinned to try with some though! lol

    Hope you and Zari enjoy your visiting time, and don't get too stressed house hunting… Hope Papa Bear is holding down the old fort with the pups okay, Sending the best of wishes to you all! ♥♥♥♥♥

  15. So glad ya'll made it. And have your own space. That will make the transition easier for ya'll. Love and prayers from Oklahoma

  16. Welcome home, Rymingtahn. Good to have you and the family back. Yes, this humidity is serious, but the Fall will more than make up for it…it's absolutely beautiful. I was born and raised in DC, and still can't get used to the heat. I'm sure you've seen the change in our city, and it looks nothing like it did when you left. I am from here, and most of it, I don't recognize. Still, it's beautiful, and I look forward to your journey here, and lots of adventures!

  17. Our God is a Awesome God🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 Amen and Amen….You have a Beautiful Family👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾❤🤩🥰💖🤗💛🌞

  18. OOOO where did you get that pasta pot??? What a super supportive family you have!! This is a great adventure for your family – the time will fly by and Papa Bear, Muffin, and Chase will be there before you guys know it!!! God Bless you!!

  19. Hi guys . U made out like bandits lol. That food done made me hungry. Now it's time for my dinner . Zari is loving grandma I see . Glad ur vehicle made it . And u are finding ur way to and from the stores . We here in KS have had some pretty bad storm,s are self this year with lots of flooding and tornadoes and hell the size of baseball s . . Lighting storms that seem to light up the sky for hours . But we are dealing with lots of heat now . And it's so humid u can't breathe . I do lots of my shopping late night it's cooler . Looking forward to fall and cooler weather. I love fall the leaves will be changing colors soon . And football season is apron us . Kids will be going back to school next week . I will miss there little voices playing at the park in the mornings . I sit outside and drink my coffee and watch the nature and work my flower beds until it gets to hot then I am pooped out . U can say old age is settling in and I have to take a nap everyday . Lol. With depression and anxiety attack,s my life is good some days and bad others . I learned to take one day at a time . But not to take it for granted because life is too short . So I live like its my last day on earth everyday . Just me and my fur baby and hubby now are kids are grown . So when I came across your channel I was hooked the very first time . I love how u keep it real . And I love seeing the love u have for ur beautiful family . U and zari take care and tell papa bear and fur babies we said hi and safe travels . See you all soon . Much love . Peace out .

  20. Im new to your channel. What type of schools have you had Zari in since she was old enough? She is exceptional!

  21. When I was Zaris age, thunderstorms scared me too. Until my Mom told me it was just Angels in heaven bowling and the really loud thunder was them getting a strike. Did the trick! 😂😂🤣

  22. I LOVE it..Your Dad is the real MVP…Look, can you DM me if he has some AIRBNB properties, cause well you know when visiting DC, finding a place to stay is not fun..LOL..You'll will find just the house you need..

  23. So happy you guys made it safe to your family. Girl you are so blessed to have the love and support from your family. I am loving the vlogs!!!

  24. that's a BIG nice apt. take some time you and ladybug, to rest up ! good luck with the new house, and i'am glade you'll had a safe trip.

  25. Such a blessing that you have parents that can assist with temporary housing. You will make it comfy enough. 😍

  26. I was so happy to see a vlog up! Yes, you're truly blessed to have family and a supportive one at that. I cannot wait to see the journey. Oh that rain…man, I haven't seen rain like that since I have been in this high desert.

  27. Girl, you have a wonderful fam…you may think it's not the best but it was put together with welcome back and love…I thought your hubby was pretty thought with the memory jar.

  28. Welcome home. Don't worry before you know it things will be back to normal. I'm so happy you're with your family again. 👍🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻❤❤❤❤❤❤🙋‍♀️

  29. You are an awesome mom and have taught Zari to eat such healthy food. She couldn’t be cuter if she tried!! ❤️ Fantastic!!!!!

  30. I'm copying your recipes, so please keep sharing! The other day, I was like…hmmmm… let's do a sweet potato steak bc I didn't have zucchini or squash 😆❤

  31. I enjoy watching you and your family. Zari is so intelligent, with a great vocabulary for her age. Dinner looked delish and I plan to try it. I will have to travel 40 mins to get to a Whole Foods store, but it will be fun to shop their, and see what they have. Thanks for sharing your recipe!!! 😍

  32. I COMPLETELY feel you on that humidity thing! Just moved back to Michigan from Washington State, and 85° here with humidity is waaayyy hotter than 85° with low humidity in Wash State!! I DO NOT like the humidity and did not miss it, even though I was born and raised here!
    I also had not heard thunder while I was in Washington State, so I actually was glad to hear it once I got back! That tripped me out that I was excited to hear it!!.
    So happy for you guys! Hopefully you have found your home by now and are getting settled in, though I do have to get used to seeing you guys NOT in the desert!!! And hopefully Papa Bear will videotape his journey across the state with the fur-babies!!

  33. Glad you guys made it back to the east coast ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️So awesome that your dad gave you a kool place to chill until you find something of your own ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️god Is good & Zari is adorable as always ❤️❤️❤️😊😊😊

  34. What a wonderful birthday gift of finally being home with your family! I'm sure the only thing to make it better would be having Zonie and the pups with you. Won't be long now. You and Zari will be busy househunting, etc. I can feel your "lightness of spirit" and it's awesome!! I bet your parents are so happy to have you nearby. TYFS 👍👍👍🤗🐶🐕🐾😁🇺🇸

  35. Girl that apartment is fine! I'm trying to come through & cop a squat 😂😂😂😂😩😩you will find a whole foods no matter where you are 😩😩😂you don't be playing

  36. This is WAY better than most of the places I lived with my oldest 2 kids. We would have been in heaven. Lucky.

  37. My boyfriend gave me a cuisinart panini maker for Christmas it is still sitting on table from Christmas day. Lol

  38. Forgive me for not mentioning tour birthday on the last vlog…Happy Birthday 🎂🎉🎉🎉🎉. Thank God for FAMILY!!!!

  39. Glad you all made it safe. Waiting to hear update once Papa Bear arrives safely. Looking forward to seeing your new home tour. Love me some Vitacost…let me see if I still have that 20% off code. LOL

  40. I was a military wife and we travelled all over the world but always glad to be home with my mom, dad, siblings & family & friends; be blessed girl. Lovely family & supportive!

  41. Hi My Two Suga’s I Am So Glad You Guys Are Settled…
    My Worries Are Over You Both Are In A Peaceful Environment W/Family!!
    I Hope You Both Have A Happy & Bless Weekend…

  42. Usually people moving/unpacking grab quick bite-drive thru but it’s so impressive to see how you shop and cook. It’s motivating.

  43. Welcome back to the East Coast! 🙂 Glad you have a place and family that can help you until you find your permanent home. Wishing you the best with your continued search.

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