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  1. Iam currently thinking about going. Does anyone have any advice? Should I be nervious or change my mind? Lol

  2. Why is there a person with a foreign accent leading the US navy boot camp? He couldn't have grown up in the US. This is a real question. Is this common? Are there Americans leading boot camps in other country's military?

  3. I'm not saying Navy boot camp is anywhere near as hard as the Marines or Army, but I can tell you in 93 it was WAY harder than what this shows. I remember them screaming and cursing and flipping desks over and threatening us with bodily harm if we didn't pull our heads out of our asses. I guess things
    have changed.

  4. There was way more yelling in my night of arrival but either way hoo-yah the worlds finest Navy. People who want to make fun of any branch and haven’t served should stay quite.

  5. Lol this video is a strait up lie its way crazier than this watch making a sailor that video is way closer to the truth

  6. Hot dam too much pampering. Come one really Doctor Scholls machine for a slipper comfy fit. Please.

  7. Man i will say that being both Navy and Army its pretty crazy seeing how easy it was in the Navy lol

  8. Marines are Pussies! When they need AIR support who they call: Air Force. When Marines nees intel who do they call: DIA Army intelligence and on and on. Call them sisies but they are smarter than Marines that is a fact. Seals, Socom JSOC that's a whole different level. Maries what a laughing brute stock.

  9. Boot camp has changed greatly from RTC Orlando Florida in 100 degree heat and humid plus bugs! Bugs crawling all over your face. Don't Swat at the Admiral bugs God Dammit! Inhale it and swallow!! Ahh! Those where the days! July 13 1982

  10. Guy I work with was in the Navy during the 80's in the sub fleet. Said they marched everywhere in their blue corduroy dungarees. Naturally it rained so the blue dye washed into their underclothes and skin. They even still wore the old steel pots and carried M1 Garands. The 'old' Navy I guess. I went Army green.

  11. the Navy does not protect freedom in the world it instead protects the trade routes that make bankers rich!

  12. USN 75-81 active RE-R1 RM1 @5yr just to see how it looks these days. Mixed genders. Wheels on racks.

  13. Should do a video from another persective. People that didn't like thier experience in the US military.

  14. Thanks to MM1 Byron Dittamore who saw me Boot Camp. I entered under his tutelage on 2/2/82. He saw me through when I didn’t deserve it. That female said door? There is no door in the Navy. It’s called a hatch.

  15. We got yelled at on the bus, had to run off the bus, had POs telling about everything when we got inside, no phone calls, and lots of telling and had a really cool old black gentleman who was a civilian telling us we were getting took behind the wood shed….All at 0300 lol and that was just the beginning…..bootcamp was really easy though

  16. After watching this, I know that Boot Camp back in the 70s was harder. Seems too soft today. U.S. Navy 1978-1998.

  17. We the people need to remember these are KIDS going to train and fight for our freedom we are not worthy of what they do and sacrificed I am grateful and very blessed to have neighbors and friends like these WOMEN and MEN. THEY ARE THE TRUE AMERICAN HERO..THANK you men and women for everything

  18. Exactly like L.A. County Jail. The entrance, the different color stripes and marks on the floor, sitting on the floor in lines, the phone calls using pay phones, the handing out if cloths, the actions of the staff, and the lies like we're here to help you.

  19. Who owns the Navy? The Air Force is owned by the Queen of England. The U.S. Corporation that is pretending to be our Government sold the Air Force. The U.S. Air Force's address is in England. How about that? Research it.

  20. It sucked when you found out the first week didn't count towards graduation lol….Good memories of Great Lakes

  21. I was at Great Lakes in '63 and it was nothing like this – looks like they went soft on us
    Hopefully there is more to the story

  22. Division 015, USS SEAWOLF Oct-Dec 1997, 9weeks 6days of boot camp craziness and I'll never forget being at the Great Mistake by the Lake Training Center and especially the lack of sleep during service week ( 5th week ). Oh fun times…

  23. been there…..done that…..outgrew the t-shirt yeeeaaaarrrrrssss ago!!!

    man great lakes has changed since 1969!!!

  24. What happened to boot Camp? There isn't anything being thrown or no push ups? Wheres the Company Commanders telling you that if you didn't like it, start doing sit ups until you do! Lol This isn't boot camp. The is high school!

  25. Things have changed since I was in. I went to RTC Great Lakes in 1982
    All Male Bootcamp. Female Bootcamp was in Orlando

  26. Went threw this at 17, 30 years ago last march. Was a great time of my life i learned alot in my time in service and also seen alot of the world and had a great time. Hope these kids the same. EM3(SW)

  27. Anyone else coming back to this video after graduating boot camp and seeing what it was REALLY like?

  28. I went through Great Lakes RTC in 1979. They didn't treat us like retards, as they do with these kids. They only gave us boondockers, pants, shirts, ball caps, underwear, shower shoes and towels, for gear. Our dress uniforms came later. It was Zumwalt's Navy so we wore "Chief" style dress uniforms. My RCC was a 1st class (former Chief) SeaBee, Heavy Equipment Operator. We called him "Sir." It was only him and us (about 150 in our Recruit Training Company). Good times. At that time, first year enlisted personnel attrition rates in the Navy were 10-20%. Drug use was rampant. It was a very difficult time to be in the U.S. armed forces.

  29. I went to navy boot camp sum., 1963. I'm very glad now that I served a hitch in the navy. Good luck to all enlistees in boot camps all branches of the mil.—it's a privilege to serv. (you'll be glad you did).

  30. Team effort that's new concept in public school the person sitting next to you is flunking out and you could care less. In the navy you are going to get in trouble. The Chief is going to punish everyone.

  31. As a 1989 Graduate of Navy basic training, ( the old RTC San Diego) it may sound a bit strange for brand new recruits. But you will look back on this particular time in your career, and realize that it was one of the best things that could ever happen for you. Dean M. LaDue, RTC San Diego. Company 122.

  32. I'm an older squid. I went to Navy boot camp in San Diego in 1990. My company commanders where always in your faces. Not like that.

  33. After I got through boot camp in USNRTC San Diego and met guys who went through Great Lakes, I couldn't believe we were in the same Navy. From the first hand accounts I heard, Great Lakes sounded like a vacation spa.

  34. When I met my RDC for the first time he walked in drunk, with sun glasses on at 2200 and said with a strut "I'm Joe Cool and I'm the coolest".. And we had our first sit down for RDC instruction he asked "WHO LOVES THE UNITED STATES NAVY!!" We sounded off with fervor and he looked at us and said "You're the stupidest bunch of morons on the planet, the Navy will F**K you, the Navy will screw you dry!..frigging morons!." We PT'd 6 times the entire boot camp.. Division 289 was more like the division in the movie Stripes than anything else, I had a blast!

  35. I was fortunate to go to boot camp 1977-164 San Diego and while we had challenges, after the two months, was great and worth it. You do not know how much work your Company Commander (Red Ropers) worked so hard to change your life from civilian, to WORM (REMEMBER THAT GUYS) to SAILOR. The USN was the greatest achievement of my life, not just boot camp but my career on board USS CONSTELLATION CV64 (AMERICA'S FLAGSHIP) and more. I also saw the other posts from our MARINE BROTHERS. That's who they were. If you really understand courage, comittment, loyalty, honor, then you know that the MARINES and SAILORS are in this effort together. We learned this going overseas. There was no whites, blacks, hispanics, marines, sailors. When overseas, it was BROTHER. God Bless America, Bobby CV64, 757.846.4352

  36. We didn't have Petty Officer's wearing the Chiefs Khaki shirt! We wore the prison dungarees, and chukka boots, not tennies. All the time. Orlando, Fla. 1982. Our RCPO was in Vietnam, Army. Wore his medals, Combat Infantry Badge on graduation. Had more ribbons than our Company Commander. We didn't know until graduation. RCPO Distler. Still have my Blue Jacket graduation book.

  37. The Bald Filipino Instructor needs some English Grammer classes, just saying. Filipinos on board ship usually work in the Mess Hall or as Yoemen. I had a friend that was a Boy Scout, means he made Chief in 7 years, because he was in a rate that just opened. Celebrated by getting High, and back down to E-6. And discharged, sent back to the Philippines because he didn't follow through on his Immigration.

  38. Big group of nervous kids milling around in an airport. Far from home, wondering what they have gotten themselves into. This is the beginning of military life for all branches.

  39. Learning to kill for a living some career choice. but a great place for people who cannot think for themselves.

  40. why would anybody compare branch boot camps? Of course they are going to differ in intensity and goals and the people taking part. I take my hat off to all recruits and members of all US branches past and present and i say that as an englishman and ex serviceman.

  41. For me, Boot Camp was 13 weeks of learning to be a teammate, learning to trust your teammates, lots of sweating, lots of exercise, and, being the only designated Fireman in Company 366, where both of our Company Commanders were BMC’s. Then MM6YO School, LMET, and orders to the USS Haleakala AE 25, at NWS Port Chicago, Concord, Ca. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world!

  42. Lol, That one dude is brainwashed. so basically he is saying, he enjoys freedom but is happy to take someone elses.. WTF!! The rest seem to be a pretty cool lot✌🤘

  43. Nov 12, 1969, Great Lakes Il. 11 weeks of Bootcamp. shoveled lots of snow from one part of the grinder to the other.

  44. I came in as an E-1 recruit, and retired as an O-6 Captain.
    Could have made Admiral but I had to put in a minimum of 2 years in Baghdad then 2 more years in DC.
    I said no.
    I wasn't about to serve in that crazy war zone DC.
    Where if you want a friend, buy a dog.

    Better buy two of them because one of them will turn on you.

  45. Boot Camp in San Diego, where over on Worm Island, you could see the Marine Corps field out our window on the 3rd floor.
    Watching the abuse we took vs the abuse the Marines took, made us glad we were in the Navy.

  46. Three most useless things in the Navy.
    1. A Corpsman with a GUN.
    2. A Boatswains Mate with a PENCIL.
    3. And an Ensign with an IDEA!
    I'm allowed to say that because I was all three.

  47. GL looks a little different now than when I went thru the gate 29 January 1965. Quite the life experience , looking back 5+ decades now.
    My hat is off to these fine young recruits, but it saddens me that they will never get to savor the joy of Liberty in OLONGAPO…

  48. I went through RTC Great Lakes in 1987. We arrived late and were met by seamen 3rd Class that were assigned to a THU barracks for various reasons. The marched us to our barracks in Division 11. The following morning we were awakened at 4 a.m. by one of the two 1st Class P.O.'s assigned to us as company commanders. I was in good shape entering boot camp. I can remember our entire company hunched over from all of the gear stuffed into our sea bags on that first day, unlike the rics in this video and our racks had to be left over from WWII, unlike the modern one's in this video and I can remember when someone screwed up too much we were mashed. Part of which was you and your rack mate picking up the racks and the entire company running around the perimeter of the room and not stppping until we reached our original starting point. Putting the racks down for a few seconds rest and repeating for a good 30 minutes, dog tag pushups and grounding arms and staying in that position as per our CC. Mind you, I thought it was good conditioing exercises. I just didn't see any of that in this video. It appears the rics of today are coddled these days.

  49. Before boot camp I asked an old shipmate of my father for advice, he told me to leave whatever made me….me, at home, they cant get in your head if you're not in your head. For six long years I was Mac, nobody used my given name.

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